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January 27, 2020
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Czech Police reconstruct murder of Romani man, shooter faces 20 years in prison if convicted

14.8.2017 12:25 Czech Police performed a reconstruction during the night of Friday 11 August of the May murder of a Romani man at a housing estate in the town of Chomutov. The re-enactment involved the 37-year-old man who has been accused of the murder, supervising State Prosecutor Vladimír Jan told the Czech News Agency.  full story

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Czech prosecutor says death threats and racist abuse committed through Facebook not necessarily crimes

2.8.2017 9:32 The ROMEA organization filed more than 10 reports of suspected crimes at the beginning of this year against persons who used online social networks to post racist verbal attacks against Romani people and members of other minorities, including threatening them with physical destruction. The Prague 1 District State Prosecutor subsequently sent just four of those reports to the Prague 1 District Police Directorate for investigation.  full story

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Czech Police say assault on Muslim women in Prague by aggressive woman was a misdemeanor

27.7.2017 18:51 The case of an attack on two Muslim women as they were on their way to the Divoká Šárka aquapark in Prague has been assessed by police as a misdemeanor. The Muslim women were chaperoning 13 children on a trip when they were photographed by a woman who then assaulted one of them both physically and verbally when they asked her to stop taking their picture.  full story

Protest for Philando Castile in St. Anthony, August 19, 2016 (PHOTO: Fibonacci Blue,

videoUS: Police Officer Shoots African-American Man and is Acquitted of Manslaughter Charges

23.6.2017 13:00 US media are reporting that Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez  was acquitted of all charges on Friday 16 June 2017 in the shooting death of Philando Castile, a 32-year old African American man, on 6 July 2016. Footage of the incident retrieved from the dashboard camera of Yanez’s police car was released to the public on Tuesday 20 June 2017.  full story

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Analysis: Czech Police say situation after Chomutov shooting not tense, locals say otherwise

16.6.2017 6:56 In Chomutov the funeral is being prepared of the 34-year-old Romani man who died there on the night of 27 May as a consequence of a gunshot wound. The shooter, who is not Romani, is in custody and facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted.  full story

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Czech youth faces three years in prison for Nazi salute and swastika

15.6.2017 10:23 A youth wearing a Nazi swastika on his back was arrested on Zábělská Street in the Czech town of Plzeň on Sunday morning. He had consumed alcohol and drugs and was giving the Nazi salute.  full story

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videoGreece: Non-Romani residents attack Romani ones after Romani man accused in shooting death

13.6.2017 21:40 Greek media are reporting that the Roma community of Menidi has been targeted with violence in response to the death of an 11-year-old non-Romani boy there. A Romani man has been accused of causing the shooting death of the boy on Thursday, June 8, when a stray bullet struck his head during an end of school celebration.  full story

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videoSlovakia: Romani residents of Zborov tell that police beat children, pregnant women, threatened retribution if video released

12.6.2017 8:16 News server has visited the settlement of Zborov, Slovakia to investigate how police officers there performed a recent intervention against its Romani residents. On 16 April, officers were filmed using their batons to assault young children and others there.
 full story

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Slovakia: Romani residents of Zborov give testimony about police brutality

1.6.2017 7:03 On Wednesday, 24 May, video footage of the disproportionate police intervention against the Romani residents of Zborov, Slovakia, made the rounds of the online social
networking sites. The intervention happened on 16 April, when police were called to the scene of a brawl.  full story

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Stano Daniel: Slovak Roma have to let themselves be beaten up now, otherwise the fascists will be elected

30.5.2017 8:00 Among Romani people in Slovakia the feeling is prevailing that the biggest threat to their future is the fascist party chaired by Marian Kotleba. It is quite possible to agree with their sentiment.  full story

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Slovak Police President defends intervention against Roma, says batons were brandished but nobody was struck

29.5.2017 10:19 The President of the Police Corps of the Slovak Republic, Tibor Gašpar, gave a press conference on 25 May about the recent police intervention in Zborov and, contradicting his first statements about the video of the incident, said the only behavior he now assessed as disproportionate was when an officer pushed an older woman who then fell to the ground. The Police President said he believed the officers had had no choice but to behave as they did and that they used their batons just to threaten people, not to actually strike them.  full story

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Slovak Interior Minister, Police President agree filmed intervention against Romani residents must be investigated

29.5.2017 8:42 Speaking on 25 May, Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák said he did not yet want to assess the intervention undertaken by police officers in Zborov recently during which they were filmed assaulting young children. The minister explained that there is no video footage available capturing the conflict among the Romani people there prior to the police arriving at the scene because officers forced some eyewitnesses to their intervention to erase the video footage from their mobile phones. The Interior Minister said he considers the only correct step to be for the Police Inspectorate to investigate the incident, which Slovak Police President Tibor Gašpar said would begin immediately. "I have no opinion because half of the video is missing," the Interior Minister told the Slovak press.  full story

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Czech Republic: Shooter of Romani man faces between 12 and 20 years if convicted

29.5.2017 6:55 The non-Romani man who shot a 34-year-old Romani man dead on Saturday, 27 May in the early morning hours was charged with murder yesterday. A detective was also
scheduled to send a motion to the Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem for him to be remanded into custody.  full story

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videoSlovakia: Romani politician says if video of police brutality did not exist, authorities would probably have never investigated

28.5.2017 13:19 Peter Pollák, the former Rapporteur to the Government of the Slovak Republic on the Romani Community, said at a press conference on 25 May broadcast through his Facebook page that it is essential that video cameras be made part of police officers' uniforms in order to assess whether officers have used force without grounds. The Romani politician said that four years after promises by Slovak Police Director Tibor Gašpar and Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák to introduce such video cameras, it has still not happened.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Non-Romani man shouts racial abuse at 34-year-old Romani man before shooting him dead

27.5.2017 21:01 Czech Police spokesperson Daniel Vítek told the Czech News Agency today that in the early morning hours today in Chomutov, Czech Republic a 34-year-old Romani man died as a result of being shot. Police officers arrested the suspected shooter at the scene.  full story

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Slovak Rapporteur for Roma on police brutality in Zborov: The intervention was inadequate

27.5.2017 19:00 Ábel Ravasz, the Rapporteur to the Government of the Slovak Republic on the Romani Community, issued a statement on 25 May about the brutal police intervention in Zborov last month. Among other matters, he said "police officer interventions at the scene of the conflict were inadequate and targeted children and elderly people"; news server is publishing his statement below in full translation.
 full story

videoSlovakia: Attorney for abused boys says acquittal of police officers was illegal

20.5.2017 10:48 Vanda Durbáková, an attorney working with the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Slovakia, considers the recent acquittal of the police officers who abused Romani boys at a police station and were captured on film doing so to be illegal. "The District Court has just reiterated its decision of February 2015," the attorney said.  full story

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Serbia: Romani couple allege police beat them and forced them to confess to insurance fraud after their car was stolen

18.5.2027 19:22 The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) in Budapest reports that a married Romani couple was allegedly assaulted during a police interrogation after they called to report their automobile had been stolen. Serbian Police officers are alleged to have detained the couple for 13 hours.  full story

Second acquittal from Slovak lower court for police officers filmed abusing Romani children at police station

18.5.2017 14:16 News server reported yesterday that the District Court in Košice has again acquitted the police officers suspected of abusing Romani boys in March 2009 at a police station there. The lower court has simply reiterated its verdict from 2015, which was overturned by the Regional Court last year after the prosecutor appealed.  full story

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Czech state prosecutor rejects complaint from family of Romani man who died in presence of police

28.4.2017 6:54 The Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem, Andrea Janáková, has rejected point by point all of the reservations expressed by the attorney for the family of Miroslav Demeter, Jr., who died on 18 October in a pizzeria in the Czech town of Žatec after being pacified by a group of men in the presence of municipal patrol officers. Janáková has now said she identifies with the criticized conclusions of the supervising state prosecutor and with the approach taken by the police.  full story

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