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November 17, 2019
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Czech Republic: Nonprofits help unemployed Roma, save the state millions

Prague, 27.3.2015 23:51, (ROMEA) Last year, within the framework of a project run by the ROMEA nonprofit (the publisher of news server and the Slovo 21 NGO, 59 Romani clients in Prague succeeded in finding jobs, saving the state budget more than CZK 6 million (EUR 218 000). "We are glad that last year we succeeded in helping almost 60 Romani residents of Prague find work, and we managed to change their life situations. That is no easy task and I consider it a big success," said Jelena Silajdžić, director of Slovo 21.  full story

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Czech Republic: Two demos tomorrow, one against "Islamic immigration" and one against xenophobia

Prague, 30.1.2015 22:40, (ROMEA) Yet another demonstration against Islam is planned for tomorrow at noon on the Old Town Square in Prague. This one is being called the "Demonstration and March against Islamization and Islamic Immigration".  full story

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Czech Republic: March against racism cancelled in Prague

Prague, 9.12.2014 18:00, (ROMEA) Andrej Lučka, a well-known Romani activist from Rokycany, called for a demonstration against racism in Prague today in response to the assault on a Romani youth in Ostrava. The event was scheduled for 11 AM on Wenceslas Square and was originally supposed to march through the center of Prague to the Office of the Government.  full story

Czech Republic: Demonstrations against racism planned in Duchov, Ostrava and Prague

Duchcov/Ostrava/Prague, 1.12.2014 19:17, (ROMEA) Romani people in the Czech Republic are planning to respond to a recent assault on a Romani youth in Ostrava through several actions. The youth told his rescuers that he had been attacked and beaten by a small group of football hooligans in front of a supermarket in the municipal department of Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz.  full story

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Czech bands boycott club in Prague that supports neo-Nazi group

Plzeň, 22.10.2014 23:12, (ROMEA) The website Plzeňské reports that three bands from the Czech town of Plzeň - Donnie Darko, Emmett Brown and Positive Mind - have decided to cancel their 1 November concert at the Kain club in Prague. The venue is planning to support the neo-Nazi band Ortel by letting it perform there.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani girlfriend of assault victim speaks out

Prague, 11.9.2014 23:12, (ROMEA) A 17-year-old boy who may have committed a brutal assault on a 15-year-old boy at a bus stop in the Malešice quarter of Prague has identified himself to police. The boy claims the entire event took place differently than has been described in the media and says his actions were committed to defend a friend.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani film festival Čačikano coming to Prague

Prague, 16.8.2014 0:11, (ROMEA) This fall the Světozor cinema in Prague will be welcoming the first-ever year of the Čačikano film festival (, which focuses on Romani themes. The festival will take place on 26 and 27 September 2014.  full story

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Czech LGBT festival to feature Romani evening

Prague, 14.8.2014 4:01, (ROMEA) On Friday, 15 August, an evening called "Hot Chocolate" will take place as part of the Prague Pride festival, focusing on the issue of LGBT people in the Romani community. The event will offer an exhibition of photographs, music, a debate, fortune-telling and a counseling center.  full story

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