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August 13, 2022




Czechs fathering children with non-EU mothers could face DNA tests

Prague, 27.2.2013 23:48, (ROMEA) Czech men who father a child with a foreign woman from a non-EU country may be required to undergo DNA testing as of next year. If they have not married the mother of their daughter or son and want their child to have Czech citizenship, they may first have to prove their paternity. A draft law on citizenship under discussion in the lower house has proposed the measure.  full story

Ilustrated photo: Wikimedia Commons, Zereshk

US clinic keeps black staff away from white newborn

Detroit, Michigan, USA, 23.2.2013 20:28, (ROMEA) Several black nurses recently filed charges against a clinic in the US state of Michigan after its management acceded to an illegal request to ban black staff from coming into contact with a hospitalized patient. The Associated Press reports that it is an "open secret" that health care facilities in the USA often make it possible for patients to refuse treatment by doctors and nurses who are not of their same race.  full story

Czech Republic: New advice bureau to replace defunct Romani NGO

Karlovy Vary, 20.2.2013 20:57, (ROMEA) News server reports that the recently appealed conviction of Ladislav Bílý, the leader of the Romani Civic Association (Romské občanské sdružení) in Karlovy Vary, has now left a gap in the services available free of charge there, but the counseling center that operated for years in the association's offices should be replaced by a similar facility within half a year. The Prague-based leadership of the Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaus (Asociace občanských poraden - AOP) is already taking action to provide substitute services.  full story

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videoRomani rappers: Avoid Czech practical primary schools

Praha, 12.2.2013 0:08, (ROMEA) "Send him to a grade school/so he can be somebody/he may be a Gypsy/but he's not dilino" ("Pošlete ho do základky, aby z něj něco bylo – i když je Cigán, tak není dilino") budding Romani hip-hop artists from Prague's Žižkov neighborhood rap in their new music video "Nebuď dilino!" (“Don't be stupid!"). The four young Romani men have broken through with their group United GipsyCrew online and a single in which they proudly declare their Romani origin.  full story

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Commentary: Slovakia's TV Markíza misinforms viewers about "activation jobs"

Detva, Slovensko, 9.2.2013 19:22, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic they've elected a president. Lawsuits are being planned against the Slovak President. In Syria the murder continues. In Somalia 29 000 children have died of hunger, while another 300 000 are expected to die there soon. The world is spinning in a crazy dance and the economic crisis is conducting the music, but Slovakia lives for its own domestic problems. No one here is much interested in the war in Syria or famine somewhere in Africa.  full story

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Czech Republic: Social Darwinists humiliating the poor

Prague, 8.2.2013 19:25, (ROMEA) The situation with respect to housing and work for impoverished people in the Czech Republic is serious. Social housing practically does not exist here. There is often not enough work for middle-class people, to say nothing of the socially vulnerable, be they Romani or "white".  full story

Czech Television reports case of successful Romani integration in France

Aubervilliers, France, 8.2.2013 0:54, (ROMEA) Czech television reported last month that the municipality of Aubervilliers in France has "found the formula" for integrating Romani people there. For five years the administrative bodies of the Paris suburb have been trying to correct various problems linked to the municipality's rising population of Romani immigrants from Romania.  full story

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Housing for All: We charge the system with failure and incompetence

Ústí nad Labem, 4.2.2013 23:46, (ROMEA) An improvised press conference of the Housing for All initiative (Bydlení pro všechny) took place this afternoon in front of the residential hotel in the Krásné Březno quarter of Ústí nad Labem. News server is publishing in full translation below a declaration that was read at that event.  full story

Czech initiative: Residential hotel tenants need rapid assistance

Ústí nad Labem, 2.2.2013 20:38, (ROMEA) News server is translating in full below a press release from the Housing for All (Bydlení pro všechny) initiative on the current situation at the residential hotel in the Krásné Březno quarter of Ústí nad Labem. According to information from one of the Romani tenants, everyone occupying the residential hotel must move out by Tuesday at the very latest. Of course, everyone is now sleeping in the cold at the property because the heat has been disconnected.  full story

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Housing for the poor a social time bomb in Czech Republic

Czech Republic, 29.1.2013 22:50, (ROMEA) The situation of the poorest people in this country is critical and neither municipalities nor the state are resolving it. There is no work for them, no equal education for them, and not enough dignified housing for them. A social time bomb is ticking here. Once it explodes, municipal and state representatives will "wash their hands of it" and make alibistic statements, as they always do on such occasions. The atmosphere in society is set for asocial behavior on the part of politicians. Poor people, including Romani people living in the ghettos, are indiscriminately considered parasites feeding off of the rest of us.  full story

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Czech extremists across the board want Zeman for president

Prague, 23.1.2013 17:28, (ROMEA) Both left and right-wing extremists have expressed their support for candidate Miloš Zeman in the upcoming presidential election. The ultra-left Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická strana Československa - KSČ), led by the pre-1989 communist boss Miroslav Štěpán, has given Zeman its backing. At a party congress this past weekend, the leader of the ultra-right extremist Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS), Tomáš Vandas, expressed his support for Zeman as well.  full story

Drahomír Radek Horváth (photo: Saša Uhlová)

2012 in the Czech Republic: The Romani point of view

Prague, 29.12.2012 22:42, (ROMEA) It's the custom at this time of year to take stock of the failures, possibilities, and successes of the year that has passed. I will, therefore, briefly reflect on the matters that drew my attention this year. There were rather a lot of them, but nothing much that was positive, and that's why in closing I have to dig deep and look closer to hand so as not to succumb to skepticism during this holiday period. I will even talk a bit about my own work.  full story

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Romani scholar: Czech press reports on Romani origins oversimplify, promote stereotypes

Prague, 5.12.2012 17:57, (ROMEA) The Czech Press Agency has published an article on the genetic origins of Romani people in Europe which seems to be very imprecise. According to the wire service, Romani people in Europe are descended from the "Dalit caste" in India, which reportedly represents the lowest level in the professional caste hierarchy there. The ancestors of today's Romani people are said to have left the Indian subcontinent 1 000 years ago. The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has also reported that these claims have been proven by a new genetic study.  full story

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Czech Senator Tomio Okamura's antigypsy words of wisdom

Prague, 2.12.2012 20:43, (ROMEA) It is simply not possible to put together a list of all of Tomio Okamura's immortal remarks. News server Aktuálně.cz tried publishing a selection of the raciest of them recently. We at borrowed some of those and added others so as not to deprive our readers of the experience of following the words of this senator who claims he is neither populist, nor racist, nor xenophobic.  full story

Czech ministries, municipal govt pass the buck on Přednádraží street

Ostrava, 30.11.2012 17:20, (ROMEA) The ProAlt Ostrava organization and the SOS Přednádraží collective have issued the following press release, which news server publishes in full translation below:  full story

The Open Society Foundations is holding an exhibition of photographs of Romani children and their parents, accompanied by their stories.

Exhibition shows Czech hypocrisy on education of Romani people

Prague, 29.10.2012 18:24, (ROMEA) The Open Society Justice Initiative has supported the creation of an exhibition of photographs of Romani parents, accompanied by their stories, entitled "Failing Another Generation" (in Czech, "Jak vztratit další generaci"). The exhibition will open on 13 November 2012 at 19:30 in the arcade of the Lucerna Palace in Prague.  full story

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