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May 28, 2022




Czech Television reports case of successful Romani integration in France

Aubervilliers, France, 8.2.2013 0:54, (ROMEA) Czech television reported last month that the municipality of Aubervilliers in France has "found the formula" for integrating Romani people there. For five years the administrative bodies of the Paris suburb have been trying to correct various problems linked to the municipality's rising population of Romani immigrants from Romania.  full story

Survey shows Poles like Czechs most, Romani people least

Warsaw, 5.2.2013 17:25, (ROMEA) The results of a public opinion poll released yesterday in Poland show that the Czech nation is so well-liked that it was the only group to receive more than a 50 % approval rating. The Czechs came in first at 51 % and, according to the Polish Press Agency, have done so for the third time in a row.  full story

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Situation of Native Americans similar to that of Czech Roma

Portland/New York, USA, 2.2.2013 0:37, (ROMEA) David Beňák, Patrik Banga and David Tišer, three civically active Romani men from the Czech Republic, are participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the United States of America. Their visit will last approximately three weeks and will include several American cities where they will meet with representatives of organizations implementing interesting projects in the area of human rights, community work, and minority rights advocacy.  full story

Romania: Police investigate group offering Romani women money for sterilization

Bucharest, Romania, 15.1.2013 17:15, (ROMEA) Agence France-Presse reported today that the prosecutor in Timisoara, Romania has begun investigating a nationalist group called NAT88 for soliciting Romani women to undergo sterilizations. The group will be investigated on suspicion of "public promotion of a fascist and racist ideology".  full story

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Advisor to Romanian PM: "Romani people must change their mentality"

Europe, 21.11.2012 19:04, (ROMEA) Romani people must change their mentality and financial gifts don't help them. Those claims were recently made by the head of the Romanian Government Office for Romani Affairs in an exclusive interview for Czech Radio.  full story

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Romani people deported from France say they are starving in Romania

Timisoara, Romania, 21.11.2012 18:09, (ROMEA) Czech Radio reports that Romani people who have been deported from France to Romania are saying they will die of hunger if they stay there. They blame the Romanian authorities and view the decisions of several EU countries to forcibly deport them back to their native country as based in populism  full story

Book on ethnic Roma important persons was published

BUCHAREST, Romania, 5.2.2007 17:27, (DIVERS) The book "Elite rome" (Ethnic Roma elites), recently published at "Balcanii si Europa" publishing house, was launched Friday, February 2 in Bucharest. The book was signed by publicist Mircea Bunea, with the contribution of Dana Lascu, and presents various ethnic Roma important persons, past or future, some of whom are notorious.  full story

International Romani Art Festival

Romania, 1.2.2007 18:25, (IRAF) International Romani Art Festival with the theme „So keres, Europa?" aims at revealing a new perspective upon a delicate subject of present interest. It is time to say no to prejudice and racism.  full story

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