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September 20, 2021




Slovakia: Luník IX housing estate as documented by Michelle Coomber and Dana Wilson

Prague, 5.7.2011 1:13, (ROMEA) An interview with the filmmakers about talented children who can handle more than others.  full story

Hearing at Europe’s human rights court into Roma woman’s sterilisation

Strasbourg , 25.3.2011 13:40, (ROMEA) A hearing took place on Tuesday at Europe’s human rights court concerning the case of a Roma woman in Slovakia who claims that she was unjustly sterilised on the basis of her ethnicity.

 full story

Killing Spree in Slovakia Taps Into a Troubled Vein

Bratislava, 3.9.2010 11:18, (New York Times) As Slovakia held a day of mourning Thursday to honor the victims of Monday’s violent rampage in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, a picture began to emerge of the killer, an unemployed loner who the police said had participated in shooting contests and may have harbored resentment against his Roma victims.  full story

Slovak government urged to end segregation for Romani children

Bratislava, 2.9.2010 22:41, (ROMEA) Amnesty International has urged the Slovak government to immediately end the segregation of Romani children in the country's education system. This practice leaves thousands of Romani pupils in substandard education in schools and classes for pupils with "mild mental disabilities" or ethnically segregated mainstream schools and classes.  full story

When You Write About Us: A Dispatch from a Village on the Margins

Letanovce, 13.8.2010 13:49, (ROMEA) “Me, me! Now it’s my turn!” the local kids clamor to try my cell phone camera, taking pictures of each other, of me, of their fingers in front of the lens.  full story

ERRC Opposes Ethnic Boarding Schools in Slovakia

Budapest, 11.3.2010 22:38, (ERRC) Today the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) sent a letter of concern to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Robert Fico, condemning his 8 March 2010 statement that ethnic boarding schools are the sole solution to the lack of development in Romani communities in the country. In its letter, the ERRC recalled that discrimination against Romani school children is well documented and widespread across Europe, including Slovakia, and stressed that segregation of Romani children in special schools was held illegal by the European Court of Human Rights in the case D.H. and Others v. the Czech Republic.  full story

Slovakia plans to remove Romani children from their families

London, 8.3.2010 21:40, (ROMEA) Amnesty International has warned that establishing boarding schools for Romani children “and gradually detach[ing] them from the way of living they currently experience in the settlements“ is discriminatory and a blatant attack on the Roma way of living.  full story

Slovakia opens its first permanent exhibition on Romany minority

Martin, Central Slovakia, 19.2.2009 11:23, (ROMEA) he first permanent exhibition on Romanies in Slovakia was opened in the open-air museum in Martin today, Hana Zelinova, from the Slovak National Museum, told journalists today.  full story

Slovak Romanies do not return to nomadic way of life

Bratislava, 10.11.2008 10:24, (ROMEA) Romanies in Slovakia did not return to the nomadic way of life after the ban issued in then Czechoslovakia 50 years ago was lifted four years ago, ethnologist Rene Luzina, from Trnava University, has told CTK.  full story

Demolition of houses in which three Slovak Romanies died starts

Kosice, East Slovakia, 16.9.2008 13:21, (ROMEA) The Slovak construction company that won the tender for the demolition of blocks of flats at Kosice's Lunik IX housing estate in which three children died in a fire this year started to prepare their demolition today, executive Julius Lapdavsky told CTK.  full story

Romany protest not to be organised in Slovak Leles on Saturday

Kosice, 12.9.2008 17:11, (ROMEA) Michal Zurbola, mayor of the municipality Leles, said a Romany protest against bad social conditions planned for Saturday cannot be held as the organisers did not announce it in accordance with law, Zurbola told CTK today.  full story

Romanies to demonstrate against poverty is southeast Slovakia

Kosice, 11.9.2008 12:01, (ROMEA) Slovak Romanies will organise a demonstration against their bad social situation in the village of Leles, east Slovakia, on Saturday, Mikulas Horvath, head of the United Romany Political Parties association, told journalists today.  full story

Slovak Romany's murderer sentenced to five years

Kosice, 11.9.2008 12:00, (ROMEA) The youth who beat dead with an axe a Romany, aged 14, in a street in Jasov, East Slovakia, was sentenced to five years in prison today, court spokeswoman Marcela Galova told CTK.  full story

New secondary school for talented Romanies opens in Slovakia

Kremnica, Central Slovakia, 3.9.2008 9:47, (ROMEA) A new, eight-grade special secondary school for talented Romany children from all over Slovakia was opened in Kremnica today, Jana Tomova from the eMKLub, a civic association that has founded the school, told CTK.  full story

Billions needed for Slovak govt to help Romanies - experts

Bratislava, 20.8.2008 9:49, (ROMEA) The life of the people inhabiting Romany settlements in Slovakia can never be improved unless the government earmarks billions of crowns in support of the Romany minority, experts surveyed by CTK have agreed, adding that the money should mainly be spent on better education.  full story

Slovak Romanies plan demonstration against govt social policy

Kosice, East Slovakia, 13.8.2008 21:22, (ROMEA) Romanies in southeast Slovakia prepare a demonstration this month to point to their bad social situation, Mikulas Horvath, one of the organisers, told reporters today, adding they expect up to 1500 people to take part in the protest.  full story

Slovak Romanies to learn about euro from songs

Bratislava, 6.8.2008 18:51, (ROMEA - AUDIO) Slovak Romanies will be informed about the exchange of crowns for euros as from January 1, 2009, when Slovakia adopts the single European currency, also from songs recorded on a CD that was presented in the Slovak National Bank today.  full story

Slovak Romanies in vicious circle - press

Prague, 6.8.2008 9:59, (ROMEA) The Slovak government has launched a number of programmes for the improvement of Slovak Romanies' lives, but they have encountered an insurmountable obstacle as the Romanies refuse to change most of their habits, Czech paper Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes today.  full story

Slovak secondary school for Romanies to continue in Kremnica -TV

Bratislava/Kremnica, 26.7.2008 11:09, (ROMEA) The eight-year secondary school for socially weak children in Lucenec, central Slovakia, attended mainly by Romanies, which was to be closed down, will in the new school year continue in Kremnica in the vicinity, Slovak commercial TV Markiza reported today.  full story

Slovakia preps isolated Roma for switch to euro

Kosice, East Slovakia, 26.7.2008 10:41, (EUbusiness) Slovakia, which adopts the euro in six months, is putting its money where its mouth is with a drive to help its long-neglected gypsy minority with the switch to the official EU currency.  full story

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