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September 29, 2022




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Scholarship for female Romani students at Czech pedagogical secondary schools open until 31 August

22.7.2017 13:08 The Roma Education Fund is still accepting applications for the scholarship program designed for female students accepted to Czech pedagogical secondary schools for the
2017/2018 school year. The program activities are focused on supporting female Romani students at pedagocial secondary schools studying in the field of "Preschool and
extracurricular pedagogy" or the "Pedagogical Lyceum".  full story

They didn´t believe he was a university student, but he didn´t give up. Baruvas helps young Roma grow.

15.6.2017 8:57 During the first weekend in June, the third meeting of Romani students in the Baruvas program ("We Are Growing", in Romanes) - part of the Roma Scholarship Program offered by the ROMEA organization - happened in Prague. The aim of this regular event is to give Romani students room to get to know and motivate each other and support their identity and personality development through various activities and workshops  full story

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Czech Republic: Third Romani student meeting "Baruvas" begins in Prague tomorrow

31.5.2017 6:43 From Thursday, 1 June 2017 through Sunday, 4 June the third "Baruvas" meeting of Romani high school and university students will take place in Prague. Participants in the Baruvas program, which is run by the ROMEA organization through its Romani Scholarship Program (Romský stipendijní program), will have the opportunity to attend an intensive program full of experiences and realizations once more.  full story

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VIDEO: Romani students spend the weekend in Brno's Cejl neighborhood

21.3.2017 9:33 A video has been produced of the Baruvas meeting of Romani college and high school students to show what the atmosphere and course of such a meeting is like. Romani college student Tereza Heková, who attended the meeting, contributed to filming the footage and to its postproduction processing.  full story

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"Baruvas" Romani student meeting in Brno, Czech Republic confirms that education makes sense

14.3.2017 7:11 "It was a brilliant feeling to see Romani people around me who are interested in education, who are motivated, who have dreams and vision. I am glad that none of us are alone in this now. Personally, it gave me a lot of new energy and appetite to work on myself even more, because I have the hope that it makes sense to do so," says Martin Dudi, a student of Philosophy and Religion at the South Bohemian University who attended a meeting of Romani college and high school students, "Baruvas", that took place in Brno during the first weekend in March.  full story

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Czech Republic: The English College in Prague fundraises for Romani student scholarship

18.2.2017 10:41 Students attending The English College in Prague are holding a benefit concert for the school's Václav Havel Scholarship in collaboration with the National Gallery on 22 February at Prague's St. Agnes Convent to raise money for a Romani student to study at the prestigious secondary school. "We study at a school where our accent, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or skin color do not matter. We appreciate that, and therefore we would like to make it possible for another Romani pupil to study together with us," the invitation to the event, authored by the students, reads.  full story

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videoRomani student Gabriela Janičová: My dream is to become a teacher

3.1.2017 8:15 Gabriela Janičová is a young student from the Josefov quarter of the town of Jaroměř, Czech Republic. She is studying at the Evangelical and Social Academy in Náchod and thanks to her excellent results there she has been granted a scholarship from the program for Romani high school and technical high school students provided by the organization ROMEA, o.p.s.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani high school students receive scholarships at ceremony, sponsors are convinced education is an investment

27.10.2016 6:16 "The fact that we are here today, and that the hall is full to the last seat, is a testament to the fact that the allegations that Romani people are not interested in education are a myth. By coming here today, you are aiding in dispelling that myth. We thank you for doing that," said Jitka Votavová, who coordinates ROMEA's Scholarship Program for Romani Students of High Schools and Higher Vocational Schools on Monday, 24 October at the opening of the celebratory gathering of scholarship recipients at the Kaiserstein Palace in Prague.
 full story

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Czech Republic: ROMEA awards scholarships to Romani secondary school students

25.10.2016 10:27 More than 50 Roma students at higher vocational schools and high schools in the Czech Republic received scholarships yesterday in Prague from the ROMEA organization. The stipends aid those whose studies are endangered by their families' bad financial situations.  full story

Yveta Kenety (FOTO: Jana Platichová)

Czech Republic: Romani scholarship recipients study economics, history, IT, languages and medicine

11.10.2016 14:29 Hundreds of young Romani people are studying at college throughout the Czech Republic. Frequently they are the first people in their families ever to do so.
 full story

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Adriana Trejtnarová: Romani people are receiving support - we are studying

23.9.2016 13:41 She is studying at the Czech Agricultural University, she is interested in diplomacy and social affairs, and she isn't afraid to share her opinions with the public.
Adriana Trejtnarová (age 21) has come a long way already in her life.  full story

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Czech Republic: Roma seek scholarships for secondary education, plan to become architects, computer experts, doctors and police

21.7.2016 11:04 Friday, 15 July was the last day for Romani pupils in the Czech Republic to apply to the ROMEA organization for a scholarship to attend either an academic or vocational high school. A total of 105 people applied and the 50 most-successful candidates will be awarded support.  full story

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ROMEA to hold public debate on "Roma in the Czech Republic - obstacles, opportunities, options" TOMORROW

27.4.2016 11:14 The ROMEA organization will be holding a public debate, "Roma in the Czech Republic - obstacles, opportunities, options" on Thursday, 28 April at the National Minorities House (Vocelova 3, Praha 2). The event will have three sections, the first of which will focus on supporting the higher education of Romani people by providing scholarships.  full story

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Czech Human Rights Minister congratulates 30+ recipients of Roma Education Fund scholarships

15.12.2015 21:28 On Friday, 11 December, the annual gala to celebrate the awarding of scholarships to Romani college students took place in Prague. For the 2015/2016 academic year, 34 students received scholarships from the Budapest-based Roma Education Fund (REF).  full story

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Czech Republic: Open Society Fund explains its financial cooperation with owner of tabloid

27.5.2015 8:13 The Open Society Fund Prague (OSF Prague) has announced a scholarship fund to support Romani college students in collaboration with Jan Barta, the owner of the tabloid publication News server has asked OSF Prague whether they consider it problematic to collaborate with the owner of a tabloid whose Editor-in-Chief, Pavel Novotný, makes no secret of the fact that he manipulates "Romani topics" to increase readership.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani university student was first sent to "special school" as a "gypsy"

Prague, 22.10.2014 19:06, (ROMEA) Czech daily reports that even when a six-year-old Romani pupil in the Czech Republic has the good luck not to be automatically assigned into the "practical" schools, a thorny path to a college degree still lies ahead. Romani pupils must overcome more snags in the Czech education system than their non-Romani peers.  full story

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Number of Romani college graduates rising in Czech Republic

Prague, 28.7.2014 22:18, (ROMEA) A Bachelor's in economics, a doctorate in law or a Master's in pedagogy. In the Czech Republic, thanks to special scholarships, the number of Romani college graduates is slowly increasing.  full story

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Czech Republic invested less into Romani students last year

Prague, 24.6.2014 16:07, (ROMEA) Last year the Czech state invested CZK 5.6 million [EUR 204 000] into supporting Romani students attending higher vocational and secondary schools. The money went to young people from poorer families to cover the costs of commuting, meals, and school supplies.  full story

Commentary: Is Roma unemployment a cause or an effect?

Prague, 19.4.2014 0:24, (ROMEA) I find myself in complete agreement with representatives of the Czech Labor Office when it comes to the dead-end position of the Romani community here. They have said they consider Romani integration into society insufficient, and also that they fear further deterioration of the situation and the growth of right-wing extremism.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: 41 Romani college students win scholarships

Prague, 15.11.2013 1:18, (ROMEA) On 8 November, 41 Romani college students were awarded scholarships from the Roma Education Fund (REF). The students received EUR 800 for the academic year, although students attending private colleges are allowed to request even more money to cover tuition.  full story

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