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October 15, 2019
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London: Roma Protest As Fascists Gather

London, 15.6.2014 22:16, (ROMEA) Even as Roma speakers addressed an audience at the United Against Fascism conference in London yesterday [14 June] on the rising frequency of attacks by neo-Nazi groups across Europe, members of the English Defence League were gathering in a menacing crowd outside TUC Congress Hall.  full story

Hungarian Roma Police Union press conference (Illustrative photo:,

Patrolling the Streets with Hungary’s Roma Police

Budapest, 14.6.2014 13:18, (ROMEA) I was born into a poor family in central Hungary, in an environment with little opportunities. Thankfully I was supported by the Open Society Foundations with financial aid to complete my high school diploma. If I hadn’t managed this, I don’t know where I would be today. At the age of 21, I enrolled at a police academy in Budapest and immediately declared my Roma heritage.  full story

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Netherlands: Wilders' Party for Freedom in fourth place

The Hague, 24.5.2014 21:00, (ROMEA) The eurosceptic right-wing Party for Freedomg (PVV) of Dutch politician Geert Wilders came in a surprising fourth place in the Dutch EP elections yesterday. The preliminary results were reported by state television.  full story

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Czech Republic: Sir Nicholas Winton to receive the Order of the White Lion

London, 19.5.2014 23:14, (ROMEA) Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved hundreds of Jewish children in Czechoslovakia from the Holocaust, will be awarded the Order of the White Lion later this year. Czech President Miloš Zeman has decided to award him the country's highest state honor.  full story

Police use force to evict Irish Travellers from illegal portion of Dale Farm

Basildon, England, UK, 20.10.2011 8:13, (ROMEA) Yesterday police used force to evict a settlement of Travellers at Dale Farm near London after a court definitively refused the residents' appeal not to destroy the largest illegal campsite in the country. Helmeted police used shields, tasers and truncheons against the residents of Dale Farm, who defended themselves by throwing stones.  full story

Football gives Travellers a sporting chance

London, 20.7.2011 13:27, (Guardian) Premier League football club aims to encourage other teams to promote the game to Roma and Travelling communities.Jason McCarthy has just scored a hat-trick against Bitty United. "They took it very well considering we won 8-3," he acknowledges. The "we" is a team called Goals Before Heroics, or GBH for short. "There are black lads, Asian lads, some white British lads and five are Travellers such as myself," McCarthy explains.  full story

Localism Bill in the U.K will spell bad news for travellers

Great Britain, 25.2.2011 16:22, (ROMEA) New, potential legislation in the U.K would see targets for traveller sites abolished.

 full story

Cameron warns EU to show respect as he lends support to Sarkozy as row over Roma expulsions rages on in Brussels

Brussels, 17.9.2010 9:53, (Daily Mail) David Cameron rounded on the European Commission last night over its extraordinary criticism of France’s expulsion of thousands of Roma gypsies – as President Sarkozy said the controversial policy would continue.  full story

Gypsies afraid over violent 'gang attacks'

UK, 3.9.2010 11:09, (BBC) Reports of violent gang attacks are spreading fear in some of Britain's traveller communities. They include claims of groups of around 20 Polish and Irish men, all armed, attacking travellers, as well as stories of children being abducted and held hostage in return for money and jewellery.  full story

3,000 gypsies coming to Birmingham for Pope's visit

Birmingham, 28.8.2010 14:07, (Birmingham Mail) COUNCIL chiefs say they expect 3,000 travellers to come to Birmingham during the next few weeks for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit.gypsies  full story

City council sets aside sites for gypsies arriving to see Pope in Birmingham

Birmingham, 27.8.2010 14:04, (Birmingham Post) The city council is earmarking sites across Birmingham to accommodate future convoys of gypsies which may travel to the city hoping to see the Pope.  full story

Fears over traveller and gypsy sites in Somerset

Somerset , 26.8.2010 13:46, (BBC) Travellers and gypsies in Somerset say they may be forced to live on unauthorised sites because there is a shortage of pitches for them.Boy in a gypsy wagon.  full story

Uncertain times for travellers and gypsies

Essex, 25.8.2010 16:00, (BBC) A traveller all her life, 69-year-old Mary Ann McCarthy is proud to show visitors around the place she calls home.  full story

Villager arrested after 'firing shot' over gypsy children intruding in garden

UK, 24.8.2010 11:25, (Telegraph) A hunter has been arrested after a firing a warning shot over the heads of gypsy children intruding on his land next to the site of a religious festival.  full story

Anger as 1,000 gypsies arrive at ‘tiny’ festival

Swavesey, Cambridgeshire, 17.8.2010 9:08, (Express) WHEN residents of a picturesque village heard they were to host a Christian festival, they expected a handful of worshippers and a low-key programme of prayer meetings.  full story

Building a future for Roma children

Govanhill , 7.8.2010 13:06, (Evening Times) Rising numbers of Roma immigrants has swelled the population of Govanhill by 4,000 in just four years. CATRIONA STEWART looks at the work being done to help the families become part of the local community...  full story

High School for Girls travellers say they have nowhere to go

Gloucestershire , 7.8.2010 12:58, (This is Gloucestershire ) TRAVELLERS were last night still camped on a city school field – claiming they have nowhere else to go. The group of around 15 caravans moved onto the High School for Girls land between Estcourt Road and Lansdown Road last Saturday.  full story

Meriden gypsies lodge planning appeal for green belt site

Meriden, 6.8.2010 12:45, (Birmingham Mail) CAMPAIGNERS protesting against proposals for a gypsy camp on green belt land in Meriden have vowed not to give in after it emerged the travellers have lodged a planning appeal – which could see them staying for another six months.  full story

First step to a new life

Scotland, 4.8.2010 22:40, (Ebening Times) The latest wave of immigrants to arrive in Govanhill are Roma people seeking a new life in Scotland. Today, as part of a week-long series on the area, CATRIONA STEWART looks at the impact this is having on the community...  full story

New wave of evictions threatens Gypsies

London, 1.8.2010 10:09, (The Observer) Human rights campaigners have condemned a wave of evictions and court actions against Gypsies and Irish Travellers which they say are threatening to extinguish a whole way of life.  full story

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