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May 18, 2022



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Civil March for Aleppo crosses into the Czech Republic

9.1.2017 17:24 Hundreds of people left Berlin, Germany at the end of 2016 on a 4 000 kilometer long march to Aleppo, Syria. Those participating will continue through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey to Syria.  full story

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French left and right unite on mass evictions of Roma: Hollande forces thousands more Roma onto the streets

27.12.2016 21:01 A report released earlier this month by the European Roma Rights Centre and the Ligue des Droits de l’Homme shows France stepped up the number of forced evictions of Roma this year after a relative reprieve in the second quarter. After a reduction in eviction numbers, France has seemingly made up for lost time and increased the number of forced evictions of Romani people; the full report on the forced evictions of Roma in France for the third quarter of 2016 is available in English and French.  full story

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Oksana Marafioti, successful American author with Romani roots, visits Czech Republic

15.12.2016 21:00 On the occasion of the 2016 Roma Spirit Awards, the Embassy of the United States of America in Prague welcomed Oksana Marafioti, an educator and significant writer with Romani roots. She arrived at the beginning of last week and practically never stopped during her full program - after giving an interview for the January issue of Romano Voďi she visited Romani organizations in Brno and Prague.  full story

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Czech Republic: Record numbers of parents seek after-school tutoring for their children from Museum of Romani Culture

20.7.2016 8:45 During the past school year the trend of Romani parents seeking tutoring for their children has reached an all-time high in Brno, Czech Republic. The observation that
the Romani community is becoming more and more aware of how necessary an education is to a successful future is being confirmed.  full story

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Bulgarian man who abused Romani youth convicted of racially-motivated attack

19.7.2016 7:40 Last week the District Court in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, reviewed the case of a racist attack perpetrated by Angel Kaleev. In April of this year, Kalev assaulted a Romani youth, Mitko Jonkov, after Jonkov dared to assert that he and Kalev were equals.    full story

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Alliance against Antigypsyism: Antigypsyism is a major obstacle to equal citizenship for Romani people

19.7.2016 6:31 On 5 July the Alliance against Antigypsyism published its "Reference Paper on Antigypsyism", which is a specific form of racism against Roma, Sinti, Travellers and other groups stigmatized as "gypsies" in the public arena. The paper, among other things, proposes a working definition of the concept.
 full story

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Czech town of Kroměříž plans to demolish Romani-occupied buildings in approach reminiscent of previous evictions

16.7.2016 9:27 The town hall of Kroměříž has been inspired by the approach taken by towns such as Holešov or Vsetín and reportedly plans to demolish buildings currently serving as social housing in the Račín settlement, where roughly 100 "socially vulnerable" residents live in the quarter called "Dolní zahrady" (Lower Gardens), most of whom are Romani. After the demolition, apartments for senior citizens are supposed to be built there, and the current residents, according to Vice-Mayor Pavel Motyčka, will be moved into other localities.  full story

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The online hoax phenomenon and how to address it

29.6.2016 8:05 Modern media and communications technology are connecting people across the global village, facilitating the dissemination and sharing of information without any of the
previous obstacles posed by space and time. The demand for open communications and the concurrent flood of information, however, increasingly require us to be able to
think critically and verify the information we receive.  full story

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Czech Republic's well-loved RefuFest begins in Prague

27.5.2016 23:40 RefuFest, a favorite festival in the Czech capital, began today. The 11th annual multicultural gathering will last until the end of next week.  full story

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Czech Culture Minister: Govt, stockholders of pig farm negotiating to remove it from Romani Holocaust site

23.5.2016 17:06 The Czech weekly RESPEKT has published an interview by Kateřina Šafaříková with Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman today. The former Catholic priest, MP for the Christian Democrats and director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes discusses the topic of the pig farm on the site of the WWII-era camp for Romani prisoners at Lety by Písek, the issue of refugees, and his long personal friendships with military official Jiří Komorous and musician Daniel Landa.  full story

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Czech Republic's quarterly report on extremism: Ultra-right trend is anti-immigration, ultra-left is unable to unify

2.5.2016 9:46 The main topics taken up by Czech extremist groups during the first quarter of 2016 were a critique and rejection of the European Union and migration. The Czech Interior Ministry published its Summary Situation Report on Extremism on 26 April.  full story

Slovak appeals court tells first-instance court to revise its verdict on police abuse of Romani boys from Košice

2.5.2016 8:48 The shameful scandal of the police abuse of Romani juveniles living at the Luník IX housing estate in the town of Košice has been dragging through the courts since March 2009. According to a report published by news server on 29 April, the Regional Appeals Court has now overturned the first-instance court verdict in the case of police officers charged with being accomplices to felony abuse of the powers of a public official and other crimes.  full story

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Czech daily: Police investigations of hate attacks are remarkably ineffective

30.4.2016 13:34 The online news server has published a summary of recent hate attacks in the Czech Republic and the developments to date in their investigations. The article describes the circumstances of five cases, each of which has received particular media attention.  full story

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Hungary: Roma Press Center launches ironic campaign against police abuse featuring leading actors

27.4.2016 16:19 The people who can least afford it frequently become the victims of absurd police interventions in Hungary. The Roma Press Center (RSK) was led by its own experience and that idea to the following inspiration: With the aid of volunteers, they have collected the stories of specific interactions with the police and held a public contest for the most absurd police measure.  full story

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Slovak court rules forcibly sterilized Romani woman to receive compensation, hospital appeals

27.4.2016 13:37 The Košice II District Court has decided that the Pasteur University Hospital violated the rights of a Roman woman whom they sterilized without securing her informed consent. The court first instructed the hospital to apologize and, in a second verdict dated 19 February, awarded the woman the right to financial compensation in the full amount requested of almost EUR 17 000.  full story

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European Parliament is financing neo-Nazis even after rules change

21.4.2016 7:24 The European Parliament has just issued a second grant this year to support the Europa Terra Nostra foundation (ETN), part of the extremist "Alliance for Peace and Freedom" (APF) faction of the European legislature. Czech extremist Tomáš Vandas sits on the executive board of the APF, which is using the money to prepare a big meeting in Stockholm this summer.  full story

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Czech online daily wants public prosecutor disciplined for anti-Romani prejudice

19.4.2016 21:38 The online daily Deník Referendum has delivered a motion to Czech Justice Minister Robert Pelikán (ANO 2011) asking that disciplinary proceedings be initiated against state prosecutor JUDr. Zdeňka Galková. The editors believe her work for the Prague 1 office has been extremely problematic because the activities of that particular state prosecutor's office clearly have an impact on the republic as a whole, as Prague 1 is the district in the country where the biggest number of political speeches and public activities takes place.  full story

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videoCzech town offers Romani family accommodation in uninhabitable residential hotel

28.3.2016 9:51 The Gorol family of the Czech town of Slaný recently requested an apartment from local officials after their previous rental arrangement came to an end. The local council approved a place in its residential hotel for them, which is comprised of three adjacent buildings.  full story

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Admirer of Hitler and MPs who insult refugees now on Slovak legislature's Human Rights and Minorities Committee

26.3.2016 17:45 The first session of the newly-elected National Council of the Republic of Slovakia has been used to decide the composition of its various committees. The nominations to the Human Rights and National Minorities Committee have sparked exceptional agitation in the Slovak media.  full story

The building of the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. (PHOTO:  VinceB, Wikimedia Commons)

Hungary: Deadline is 24 April for undergraduate applicants to Roma Graduate Preparation Program at Central European University

18.3.2016 19:35 The Central European University (CEU), which is headquartered in Budapest, has announced it is taking applications from Romani students for the 2016-2017 academic year. The program, entitled Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP), focuses on an intensive, two-semester preparation of undergraduates, especially those in the social sciences, to continue on to a Master's program.  full story

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