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February 22, 2019
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Czech Republic: Vice-mayor says Roma must fight for respect

Ralsko, 7.1.2014 21:38, (ROMEA) Oto Váradi is vice-mayor of the northern Bohemian village of Ralsko. News server Česká pozice has published an interview with him.  full story

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Czech Republic: Art is fined, but flags defaced by sports fans don't bother bureacrats

Prague, 6.1.2014 3:05, (ROMEA) The artist Tomáš Rafa has been fined over his recent exhibition of Czech-Roma flags. The same treatment should of course be given to those who write the names of their towns on the state flag or otherwise deface it, as the law on the use of state symbols says the flag must never be soiled, torn, or written on.  full story

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The real story of Britain's Roma: excluded, ignored and neglected

Sheffield (UK), 17.11.2013 0:48, (ROMEA) The headquarters of Britain's biggest Roma charity is a large building beside a major thoroughfare in east London, yet its official address is a PO box. The fear of reprisal against Britain's Roma community, even in the capital's most multicultural borough, remains real.  full story

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Czech Roma Affairs Coordinator: We have to get ghetto residents into the labor market

Kolín, 5.11.2013 0:12, (ROMEA) Cyril Koky works as the Coordinator for Romani Affairs at the Central Bohemian Regional Authority. He graduated from the Military High School in Liptovský Mikuláš, Czechoslovakia and was reassigned from serving in Slovakia to the Bohemian town of Kolín, where he served for 10 years.  full story

Europe’s Roma Face ‘Witch-Hunt’ After Reports of Child-Snatching

Dublin, 24.10.2013 9:40, (ROMEA) A recent spate of cases involving members of the Roma community and allegations of child-snatching has shone an uncomfortable spotlight on Europe’s attitudes and treatment of the Roma, and what some are calling a “witch-hunt” against one of Europe’s largest ethnic minorities.  full story

Hungary urges EU members to present Roma plans

Budapest, 2.2.2012 18:44, (CBS News) A Hungarian official who oversees programs to aid the country's Roma population is urging other European nations to fulfill earlier pledges to present strategies for integrating the minority group.  full story

Al Jazeera: Roma minority struggle to find a place

Prague, 26.9.2011 22:36, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic, Roma clash with ethnic Czechs as unemployment and crime plague neighbourhoods.  full story

Jewish, Roma youth meet in Hungary

Budapest, 2.8.2011 13:00, (ROMEA) Representatives of Jewish and Roma, or Gypsy, youth groups from eight countries are meeting in Hungary. The week long encounter, called "Volunticipate," begins Monday.  full story

Turkey develops strategy to fight Roma unemployment

Istanbul, 21.7.2011 22:52, (TODAY'S ZAMAN) Turkish Employment Organization General Manager Mustafa Kemal Biçerli has said IŞKUR has started implementing a program geared toward boosting employment for the country's disadvantaged people, including Roma.  full story

Fewer than 5.0 pct of Bulgarians declare themselves Roma

Sofia, 21.7.2011 22:43, ( Fewer than five per cent of Bulgaria's 7.36 million inhabitants declared themselves as Roma, final census data showed Thursday, while experts estimate the proportion is actually twice as high.  full story

Romanian Gypsies seek dictionary definition change

Bucharest, 20.7.2011 19:53, (AP) What's in a name? An insult, according to Romania's Gypsies who are pushing for the nation's leading dictionary to add "pejorative" to its definition of the word "Gypsy" as "people with bad habits."  full story

Berlin's Sinti and Roma Memorial Delayed by Fresh Dispute

Berlin, 20.7.2011 19:43, (Spiegel online) The construction of a memorial to the Sinti and Roma murdered in the Holocaust has long been plagued by disputes between the artist, Israeli Dani Karavan, and the city of Berlin. He has now refused to continue working with local officials -- but a federal government takeover will mean further delays.  full story

Football gives Travellers a sporting chance

London, 20.7.2011 13:27, (Guardian) Premier League football club aims to encourage other teams to promote the game to Roma and Travelling communities.Jason McCarthy has just scored a hat-trick against Bitty United. "They took it very well considering we won 8-3," he acknowledges. The "we" is a team called Goals Before Heroics, or GBH for short. "There are black lads, Asian lads, some white British lads and five are Travellers such as myself," McCarthy explains.  full story

'Ghetto Hope': music opens doors to gypsy children

Sliven, 19.7.2011 0:14, (AFP) Discordant brass notes escape from a rehearsal room in Sliven's gypsy ghetto, as 15 local boys prepare for band practice and take a break from the poverty-stricken life of the slum outside.  full story

Swiss funding supports health, crime prevention in Roma communities

Switzerland , 19.7.2011 0:11, ( The Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme is supporting two tenders for a combined 17.6 million Swiss francs to improve health and support crime prevention in Roma communities in central and north-eastern Hungary, a government decree published in the latest issue of the official gazette Magyar Kozlony shows.  full story

Police refuse to give news server the footage they gave to Czech Television

Prague, 5.5.2011 18:09, (ROMEA) The South Moravian Regional Police are refusing to provide news server with some of the video footage of the 1 May events in Brno. The footage, taken from police helicopter, has been provided to other media outlets such as Czech Television. This refusal is just the latest in a recent series of events in which police have taken unusual measures, some of which have either bordered on the illegal or been directly illegal.  full story

Gypsies take refuge in ancient Rome basilica as city officials try to get them out

Rome, 24.4.2011 11:25, (Daily Reporter) Some 150 Gypsies whose camp was dismantled have taken refuge in one of Rome's most ancient basilicas, creating a standoff Saturday with city officials trying to get them out.  full story

Greece: Gypsy protest after police accidentally kill 6-year-old girl

ATHENS, 5.1.2011 23:35, (Winnipeg Free Press) Dozens of youths in a Gypsy area outside Athens clashed with police Wednesday after a 6-year-old girl was accidentally killed by a police motorcycle.  full story

Combating Roma Inequality with Numbers

Budapest, 25.9.2010 15:46, (OSI) The €1 billion pledge by European Commission president Barroso this week to assist “the most committed and most in need African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries” to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) should be applauded. But much also remains to be done to meet the MDG 2015 deadline for millions of Roma across Europe. Toward that end, Barroso should likewise insist that current and prospective EU members “produce effective results because time is running out.”  full story

Roma rap: Meet Connect-R

EU, 25.9.2010 12:26, (Euronews) Connect-R is the latest sensation to come out of the Romanian Hip-Hop scene. His latest single “Still” is a smash hit, number one in the Romanian charts Singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, and producer, Connect-R is eclectic, mixing rap, hip-hop, soul, R’n‘B and reggae.  full story

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