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July 3, 2020
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Greece: Gypsy protest after police accidentally kill 6-year-old girl

ATHENS, 5.1.2011 23:35, (Winnipeg Free Press) Dozens of youths in a Gypsy area outside Athens clashed with police Wednesday after a 6-year-old girl was accidentally killed by a police motorcycle.  full story

Combating Roma Inequality with Numbers

Budapest, 25.9.2010 15:46, (OSI) The €1 billion pledge by European Commission president Barroso this week to assist “the most committed and most in need African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries” to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) should be applauded. But much also remains to be done to meet the MDG 2015 deadline for millions of Roma across Europe. Toward that end, Barroso should likewise insist that current and prospective EU members “produce effective results because time is running out.”  full story

Roma rap: Meet Connect-R

EU, 25.9.2010 12:26, (Euronews) Connect-R is the latest sensation to come out of the Romanian Hip-Hop scene. His latest single “Still” is a smash hit, number one in the Romanian charts Singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, and producer, Connect-R is eclectic, mixing rap, hip-hop, soul, R’n‘B and reggae.  full story

Roma Anti-Poverty Aid From EU to Be Discussed in October Bucharest Meeting

Bucharest, 19.9.2010 16:54, (Bloomberg) The European Commission has a “high level” conference planned in Bucharest next month to discuss the contribution and usage of European Union funding for the integration of Roma as part of its fight against poverty.  full story

European Roma rights groups threaten to take France to court

Sofia, 19.9.2010 16:52, (AP) Roma groups protested at France's expulsion policy and threatened to take Paris to the European court Saturday, as another top EU official took aim at President Nicolas Sarkozy.  full story

France, Germany in spat over illegal Gypsy camps

Brussels, 18.9.2010 10:55, (AP) Germany sought Friday to downplay a diplomatic incident involving French President Nicolas Sarkozy as the debate over his campaign to clear out illegal migrant camps reverberated across the European Union.  full story

Germany denies alleged Merkel comment on camps

Brussels, 17.9.2010 13:29, (AP) German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday denied that she had told French President Nicolas Sarkozy her country planned to evacuate its own illegal immigrant camps.  full story

Berlin denies planning Roma deportations

Brussels, 17.9.2010 9:56, (The Local) Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on Friday repudiated statements by French President Nicolas Sarkozy that Germany is planning deportations of Roma people similar to the controversial programme in France.  full story

Cameron warns EU to show respect as he lends support to Sarkozy as row over Roma expulsions rages on in Brussels

Brussels, 17.9.2010 9:53, (Daily Mail) David Cameron rounded on the European Commission last night over its extraordinary criticism of France’s expulsion of thousands of Roma gypsies – as President Sarkozy said the controversial policy would continue.  full story

Sarkozy's War Against the Roma

Paris, 15.9.2010 17:15, (Spiegel) Everybody hates Roma. That, at least, is what French President Nicolas Sarkozy is banking on with his policy aimed at deporting them to southeastern Europe. But the Roma themselves are used to being pariahs, and are struggling to get by despite the intensity of the current French campaign.  full story

Sarkozy's office hits back at criticism on Gypsies

Paris, 15.9.2010 17:07, (AP) President Nicolas Sarkozy's office fired back Wednesday at European Commission criticism of France's crackdown on Gypsies, or Roma, saying some of the complaints are unacceptable.  full story

French Gypsies recall forgotten wartime internment

Paris, 14.9.2010 16:58, (AP) It's a thistle-tangled field behind a hedge of blackberries, with little to catch the eye but three surreal staircases that rise out of the parched grass and lead to nowhere.  full story

France condemns Castro Roma 'holocaust' remark

Paris, 11.9.2010 14:46, (BBC) France says comments by former Cuban leader Fidel Castro about its treatment of Roma migrants are unacceptable and show his ignorance of history.  full story

Roma exit France momentarily to show crackdown 'absurdity'

Paris, 11.9.2010 14:05, (FOCUS) Three Roma facing deportation from France walked 100 metres (yards) into Belgium on Thursday and then returned in order to show the "absurdity" of the crackdown on travellers, their lawyer said, cited by AFP.  full story

'We are not ethnic garbage,' says Macedonian Roma minister

Skopje, 11.9.2010 13:33, ( "We are not Gypsies, we are Roma," and "Hitler is back" read the banners held by more than a hundred Macedonian Roma protesting on Monday in front of the European Commission representation and the French embassy in Skopje.  full story

France and Romania plan to co-operate over Roma

Paris, 11.9.2010 12:37, (Irish Times) THE EUROPEAN Parliament has condemned French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s deportation of hundreds of gypsies to their Balkan homelands, as France and Romania agreed to work together to improve Roma integration.  full story

France and Italy defy condemnations of their anti-Roma actions

Paris, 11.9.2010 12:36, (Ekklesia) France and Italy are defying pressure from human rights groups and the European Parliament over their continued mistreatment of Roma people.  full story

Castro claims France is carrying out a racial holocaust

Havana, 11.9.2010 12:34, (Sify News) Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has accused France of carrying out a "racial holocaust" over its expulsion of Roma migrants back to their homes in eastern Europe. e said strong protests in France were "essential" to counter the expulsions.  full story

French minister defends Roma policy at immigration meeting

Paris, 6.9.2010 16:42, (Earth Times) French Immigration Minister Eric Besson again defended his country's much-criticized repatriation of Roma, denying Monday that the ethnic group had suffered mass expulsions. "There have been no mass expulsions of Roma," Besson said at a seminar on illegal immigration held in Paris with representatives from six European Union countries and Canada.  full story

France protests against security crackdown

Paris, 5.9.2010 0:31, (AFP) Tens of thousands protested in cities across France Saturday against a government law and order crackdown that has targeted Roma gypsies, as smaller demonstrations took place in European capitals.  full story

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