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June 28, 2022



Czech Republic

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ERTF reproaches Czech Republic for being too restrained in combating racism

Paris, 11.10.2014 22:22, (ROMEA) The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) is reproaching several European states, the Czech Republic included, for their "restraint" in combating anti-Romani racism and improving everyday life for Romani people. Agence France-Presse reports that the ERTF named the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and four other countries in a report published yesterday as examples.  full story

Roma woman flees racial attacks in Czech Republic, becomes UK police officer

Great Britain, 29.9.2014 16:48, (ROMEA) In Czech society, stereotypes usually put ethnic Roma on the wrong side of the law. In Great Britain, Romani people are offered unsuspected opportunities, and so it is that Dana Ghosh, a Romani woman from the Czech Republic, is in her police uniform for the first time today.  full story

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Interview with Romani American William Bila about the Roma Holocaust

Kraków, Poland, 17.8.2014 20:11, (ROMEA) Slovak news server published an interview on 12 August with William Bila, a Romani man living in New York whose parents fled Slovakia after Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968. Bila (45) studied management and has worked for auditing companies.  full story

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International Islamic organization demands apology from Czech President, he won't budge

Prague, 11.6.2014 22:21, (ROMEA) The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has condemned the recent remarks made by Czech President Miloš Zeman during the celebrations of Israel's Independence Day at the end of May. Commenting on the recent attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Zeman said attacks by Islamist fanatics are an outcome of their ideology.  full story

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Albright says Roma not respected in Czech Republic and elsewhere

Prague, 10.6.2014 18:45, (ROMEA) Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, speaking at a conference of the Prague branch of the American think-tank the Aspen Institute, expressed her views on the strengthening of extremist parties in Europe as confirmed by the recent elections to the European Parliament, as well as on the position of Romani people in Europe. A native of Prague, Albright said she is following with great distress the lack of respect enjoyed by Romani people in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.  full story

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Czech NGO to host US students this summer to study social exclusion

Prague, 6.6.2014 23:31, (ROMEA) From June until August, six students from Lehigh University in the American state of Pennsylvania will participate in a study abroad visit to the Czech Republic. The students will be hosted by Inclusio, a nonprofit group that focuses on support for the inclusion and integration of minorities in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech documentary by Roma about Roma celebrates success at French Institute

Prague, 22.5.2014 2:33, (ROMEA) On Monday 12 May about 100 people gathered in the cinema at the French Institute in Prague for the premiere of three documentary films created as part of a project called Europe: A Roma Homeland, which will result in a five-part feature length film called "Our Dream". One of the films screened was a Czech documentary called "Because There Is Hope" (Protože je naděje), which tells the story of Jožka Miker, an activist with the Konexe organization, and a group of Romani youth from Krupka whom he took under his wing.  full story

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UK: Czech priest, awarded Templeton Prize, says chauvinism is a danger to Europe

London, 15.5.2014 18:11, (ROMEA) The Czech Catholic priest Tomáš Halík has been awarded the prestigious Templeton Prize in London for extraordinary service to enhancing the spiritual aspect of life. The foundation established to honor the late British banker and philanthropist John Templeton emphasized that it is honoring Halík for his advocacy for cultural and religious freedom after the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops in 1968.  full story

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Czech human rights record poor on minorities

Prague, 5.3.2014 20:34, (ROMEA) As news server reported last week, the annual human rights report by the US State Department says societal discrimination and violence against Romani people were a serious problem in the Czech Republic last year. Below is the section of the report entitled "National/Racial/Ethnic Minorities":  full story

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US State Department: Discrimination, violence against Roma in Czech Republic

Washington, D.C., 27.2.2014 23:35, (ROMEA) Societal discrimination and violence against Romani people was a serious problem in the Czech Republic last year, according to the US State Department's annual report evaluating adherence to human rights worldwide. The State Department said the most problematic of the 200 states it evaluated are North Korea, South Sudan, Syria, and other countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.  full story

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Russia criticizes Czech Republic over Roma, EU over human rights

16.1.2014 22:10, (ROMEA) The Russian Foreign Ministry says it is disturbed by the state of human rights in the European Union, with Russian diplomats saying there are "serious flaws" in that area. The ministry published a report on the issue on Tuesday which has been reviewed by the international and the Russian media.  full story

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Der Spiegel: EU incapable of aiding its Romani citizens

Berlin, Germany, 10.1.2014 2:25, (ROMEA) An estimated 12 million Romani people live in Europe. They have been there for a thousand years and have been excluded from society and persecuted as "gypsies" there for centuries.  full story

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Czech director of Association of Homeless Shelters on "A Night Outside"

Prague, 6.1.2014 22:09, (ROMANO VOĎI) In summer one can more or less live on the street, but in the winter it can cost you your life. In addition to a knapsack or plastic bag you also have to get yourself a blanket or a sleeping bag, and if you can't find an old mattress, you need to collect enough cardboard boxes to make your own.  full story

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Ivanka Mariposa Čonková: The international protest against neo-Fascism

Prague, 28.12.2013 19:42, (ROMEA) The Slovak region of Bánská Bystrica has undergone a shock. Neo-Fascist Marián Kotleba was elected Regional Governor in last month's direct elections there.  full story

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Czech Radio: Inclusive education could cure Czechs' racial prejudice

Prague, 18.12.2013 22:06, (ROMEA) For six years the Czech Republic has been under fire from international critics about the education it provides young Roma. In 2007 the European Court of Human Rights gave the Czech Republic the message that it had violated the right to education of 18 Romani children by unjustifiably assigning them to attend "special schools".  full story

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UK: Babington Community College shows how to get Romani children out of the Czech "practical schools"

Great Britain, 17.12.2013 21:40, (ROMEA) Czech Radio has produced an extensive report on the opportunities for Romani children in England compared to conditions for them in the Czech Republic. News server here reprints in translation excerpts of the article posted on the website of Czech Radio (in Czech only at ).  full story

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Czech School Inspectorate: One-third of "practical school" pupils are Romani

Prague, 3.12.2013 17:39, (ROMEA) As many as 28 % of the pupils attending schools providing special education are of Romani origin. Those are the results of an investigation by the Czech School Inspectorate, which conducted a census of Romani schoolchildren at schools designed for children with light mental retardation this past September.  full story

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Analysis: Czech media uninterested in civil society critique of senators' antigypsyism

Prague, 29.11.2013 22:26, (ROMEA) The Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic is part of our democratic system and should therefore honor the Constitution of the Czech Republic, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms that is a part of that constitutional order. Senators who speak during sessions of the upper chamber are representing the Czech Republic as a democratic state governed by the rule of law to the nation and the rest of the world.  full story

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Czech Republic: Activists want incoming governing coalition to enact Human Rights Ministry

Prague, 27.11.2013 0:05, (ROMEA) A total of 40 nonprofit organizations and several eminent figures in the Czech Republic have issued an open letter calling on the heads of the ANO, Christian Democratic and Social Democratic parties to consider establishing a Ministry for Human Rights, Minorities and Equal Opportunities should they form a government. Proponents of the move believe it would mean such issues would receive greater weight and would not only help solve country's problems with ghettos, but would even benefit the economy as a whole.  full story

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Czech Police apprehend perpetrators of hate crime in Bystřice pod Hostýnem

Bystřice pod Hostýnem, 20.11.2013 17:23, (ROMEA) Police have apprehended and charged two violent offenders who brutally assaulted fellow customers in a bar in the town of Bystřice pod Hostýnem this summer. News server has previously reported on the case in great detail (see  full story

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