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November 28, 2021



Czech republic

Czech Republic: Romani activist, on trial for fraud, rejects charges

Karlovy Vary, 31.8.2012 21:24, (ROMEA) Next month the trial in the matter of the Romani Civic Association Karlovy Vary (Romské občanské sdružení Karlovy Vary - ROS KV) is scheduled to take place. Alexandra Vaňková, spokesperson for the Regional Court in Plzeň, has confirmed the scheduling of the trial to the Czech daily Právo. The chair of the association, Ladislav Bílý, will be answering charges of subsidy fraud, for which he face up to 10 years in prison. Bílý previously told news server that he rejects the charges.  full story

British Embassy in Prague: All child removals in UK are court-ordered

Prague, 30.8.2012 0:21, (ROMEA) Panic has broken out among Romani people in Great Britain regarding the removal of children from families by social workers. The panic and a wave of related disinformation were launched by a report broadcast on the Slovak television station Joj about a case in which a social worker took three children away from a Romani family originally from the Czech Republic, allegedly without giving them any reason. The youngest son was only six weeks old at the time. The British authorities were said to have not given the television reporters any reason as to why they had taken the children into care.  full story

Czech Military Intelligence: Right-wing extremists focusing on Army

Prague, 28.8.2012 19:24, (ROMEA) The annual report for 2011 released by the Czech Republic's Military Intelligence service (Vojenské zpravodajství - VZ) says right-wing extremists are continuing to focus on serving in the Czech Army. Enlisted soldiers sympathetic to right-wing extremism are also said to be making greater use of their legal options for preventing being released from service.  full story

Czech municipality says evictions are landlord's responsibility

Ostrava, 28.8.2012 19:03, (ROMEA) The Building Works Authority of the Central Municipal Department of Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz in the town of Ostrava is not insisting on seeking a court-ordered eviction of the residents in the ghetto on Přednádraží street. Jana Pondělíčková, spokesperson for the municipality, told the Czech Press Agency today that the municipality will wait and see how Oldřich Roztočil, the owner of the properties concerned, responds to the fine of CZK 30 000 levied against him by the court for his failure to respect the authority's ruling that his properties should be vacated.  full story

Statewide Association of Romani People in the Czech Republic disappointed by Czech PM's position on Romani issues

Hodonín, 28.8.2012 18:42, (ROMEA) Yesterday the board of the Statewide Association of Romani People in the Czech Republic (Celostátní asociace Romů v ČR - CARČR) met in Hodonín to evaluate its activity to date and the current situation of Romani people in the Czech Republic. The association's leadership expressed disappointment over the fact that Czech PM Petr Nečas did not take on board the proposals submitted to him by the association when they met in June. "In our opinion, the current governing coalition is underestimating the importance of resolving this issue and is not aware of the fateful results that might occur if it remains unresolved," the association's declaration reads.  full story

Czech Govt to discuss response to UN on criticisms of discrimination

Prague, 27.8.2012 23:22, (ROMEA) At its cabinet meeting on Wednesday the Czech Government should discuss how it will respond to criticisms made last year by the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). The Czech Republic was criticized at that time over the fact that Romani children continue to be disproportionately enrolled into the so-called "special schools", that the Government has not adopted sufficient measures to prevent municipalities from improperly evicting Romani people, and that the Government has not yet compensated Romani women who have been illegally sterilized.  full story

Czech project helps Romani parents with early childhood education

Prague, 27.8.2012 21:13, (ROMEA) Open Society Fund Prague is currently supporting seven projects that focus on early childhood care for Romani children up to the age of 6. Nonprofit organizations are assisting families in socially excluded localities in the cities of Brno, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava, Prague and their environs with learning about the importance of education for pre-school aged children and how to strengthen the educational role of the family itself.  full story

Czech Romani group criticizes French and Romanian Governments

Paris/Prague, 27.8.2012 20:39, (ROMEA) Agence France-Presse reports that French Police ejected several dozen Romanian Romani people from a campsite in the French town of Évry this morning. French Interior Minister Manuel Valls was mayor there until recently. Cyril Koky, Vice-Chair of the Statewide Association of Romani People in the Czech Republic (Celostátní asociace Romů ČR) has said a better solution would be to integrate Romani people into society.  full story

Czech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion: Response to crisis in Šluknov district was not coordinated

Prague, 27.8.2012 20:00, (ROMEA) The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has produced an evaluation report for the Government which finds that local authorities, ministries, and police did not address last year's unrest in the Šluknov district with the necessary coordination. Those institutions were not prepared for the unexpected crisis and did not have enough "extra capacity". Some ministries never responded to the situation at all. The document should be discussed by the cabinet at its Wednesday session.  full story

Czech Republic: Ostrava ghetto landlord appeals demolition order

Ostrava, 27.8.2012 19:23, (ROMEA) Oldřich Roztočil, the owner of the buildings in the locality on Přednádraží street in Ostrava, has appealed a decision by the Building Works Authority instructing him to demolish building no. 19 there. The building is one of the most damaged. Roztočil told the Czech Press Agency that in his view the instruction cannot be carried out. A second inspection which he commissioned shows that the building could be preserved under certain circumstances. The Construction Administration Department of the Ostrava town hall, which is the oversight body, should now become involved in the dispute.  full story

UK: Romani migrants panic over news reports about child welfare authorities

Peterborough, 27.8.2012 18:48, (ROMEA) Romani migrants from the Czech Republic and Slovakia living in Great Britain have been frightened by recent reports broadcast by the Slovak television channel Joj describing British child welfare authorities as taking Romani children away from their parents for no reason. Online and through social networking sites, Romani people are sharing the Slovak reports at lightning speed. Rumors are also spreading about British families paying up to GBP 500 to adopt Romani children, as well as rumors of trafficking in human organs. News server has been informed that the TV Joj reporting has greatly oversimplified the situation.  full story

Czech residents rejecting the mere presence of Romani neighbors

Vyškov, 25.8.2012 0:52, (ROMEA) The Czech online daily Dení has reported on the case of the Ferenc family, Romani people who until recently were living in the town of Ivanovice na Hané. The owner of the building in which they rented an apartment there told them they had to move out because he had fallen into debt and would be demolishing the building. Today the Ferenc family is living in the Hamiltony neighborhood of the town of Vyškov, where their non-Romani neighbors have complained to the local planning committee about them.  full story

Czech Republic: Water running again on Přednádraží street in Ostrava

Ostrava, 25.8.2012 0:02, (ROMEA) Oldřich Roztočil, owner of the real estate in the ghetto on Přednádraží street in Ostrava, and Martina Gavendová, spokesperson for the Ostrava Water and Sewer Works (Ostravské vodárny a kanalizace - OVAK) company, told the Czech Press Agency today that ghetto residents now have access to running water again after more than three weeks without it. OVAK received an expert evaluation of the technical state of the plumbing in one of the buildings this morning. The company did not want to restart the water service without that evaluation, which found everything in order. Company workers managed to reconnect the water service today even though it was originally presumed it would not restart until Monday.  full story

Czech state prosecutor agrees shooting of Romani men in Tanvald was self-defense

Tanvald, 24.8.2012 22:12, (ROMEA) Radim Kadlček, the state prosecutor for Liberec Region, has informed the Mediafax agency that the man who shot dead one Romani youth and wounded his brother on New Year's Day in the Czech town of Tanvald will not be prosecuted. The Supreme State Prosecutor has rejected a complaint filed against the regional-level prosecutor's office, which previously evaluated the case as one of necessary self-defense and shelved it.  full story

German neo-Nazis making millions on racist music and promotional materials

Germany, 24.8.2012 21:48, (ROMEA) Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports that the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) is making millions through the sale of clothing, promotional materials and recorded music featuring hateful, racist content. Last year their receipts from the sale of such promotional materials even exceeded the amount of financing they receive from the state.  full story

Czech politicians refuse to discuss Přednádraží, residents feel disrespected

Ostrava-Přívoz, 23.8.2012 19:14, (ROMEA) Yesterday's discussion in the Ostrava ghetto on Přednádraží street, for which a circus tent was pitched outdoors, had to end early when town councilors from the Municipal Department of Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz who had been invited to participate in a public debate on the ruined buildings there did not attend. The officials had refused the invitation beforehand. The residents of Přednádraží street and human rights activists in attendance, one of whom had come all the way from Germany for the meeting, waited more than an hour under the tent in case a representative of the municipal department decided to attend after all.  full story

Czech court fines owner of buildings on Přednádraží street

Ostrava, 23.8.2012 1:57, (ROMEA) The District Court in Ostrava has decided that the owner of buildings in the ghetto on Přednádraží street must pay a fine of CZK 30 000 for failing to respect an official instruction to remove all tenants from his properties. The court has not, however, ordered that the residents be evicted. Court spokesperson Alexandr Dadam told the press that "the motion filed with the court by the municipal Building Works Authority did not seek eviction."  full story

Czech politician on trial for threatening Romani people

Louny, 23.8.2012 0:39, (ROMEA) Petr Srkal of Louny has been brought to trial there on charges of using wooden shovel handles to pound on the door of a residential hotel occupied by Romani people and threaten them last September. Srkal explained his actions by saying he had been the victim of a mugging and had visited the residential hotel because the people living there had stolen his bicycle and mobile phone.  full story

Czech intelligence service: Right-wing extremists tried to revive last year

Prague, 22.8.2012 22:37, (ROMEA) Right-wing extremists in the Czech Republic did their best to renew their activities last year after several years of attenuation as a result of pressure from police and other authorities. Their scene, however, remains fragmented. Those are the conclusions of the annual report released online by the Security Information Service (Bezpečnostní informační služby - BIS) for 2011. According to the secret service, left-wing extremism slightly revived thanks to citizens' frustration with the economic and political situation, but no larger developments in that area took place from a long-range perspective.  full story

Czech court most likely to determine who owns the sewers on Přednádraží street

Ostrava, 22.8.2012 17:42, (ROMEA) In all probability the question of who owns the problematic sewer lines on Přednádraží street in Ostrava will have to be decided by a court. The town of Ostrava is planning to file a lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment on the matter. The town believes the broken wastewater plumbing is the property of the Czech state. Deputy Mayor Dalibor Madej informed the Czech Press Agency of the town's move today.  full story

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