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May 25, 2020
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Parallel worlds: The life of Romani people in Norway

Prague, 29.12.2014 21:59, (ROMEA) "There probably does not exist any other group against which Norwegians harbor more prejudice," says Balder Hasvoll, the Romani Minority Adviser to the Norwegian capital of Oslo. News server is interviewing him in Czech, as he has both studied and worked in the Czech Republic.  full story

Travelling towards a better understanding of gypsies

Edinburgh, 25.7.2010 13:26, ( As hundreds of gypsies and travellers arrive in Edinburgh for a religious convention, Romany journalist Jake Bowers offers an insight into their often misunderstood world. Britain's 300,000 gypsies and travellers have lived, worked and travelled throughout Britain for over 500 years, yet we have been almost entirely written out of British history.  full story

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