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April 7, 2020
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EU Justice Commissioner: Whoever says refugees don't deserve aid has never spoken with one

9.11.2015 3:18 The dissemination of hatred on the Internet, the refugee crisis and xenophobia in Czech society were the main topics of discussion between EU Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová and Czech MEP Stanislav Polčák on a recent episode Czech Television's "Václav Moravec's Qustions" program. "We do not have, not the Union, which is to say the Commission or the Parliament, and not the Member States - we ourselves do not have a solution to this in hand. The European Union is not a federation that could entrust the resolution of asylum policy from on high to the Member States of the Union. We must address this together, and I would really appeal for us to listen to each other, for the West to listen to the East, which is saying: 'We are concerned that we will have to... face the problem that the West has because it is a multicultural society'," the Commissioner said when asked to explain her view of the redistribution of refugees within the EU.  full story

Flags in front of the European Commission building in Brussels (PHOTO: Sébastien Bertrand, Wikimedia Commons)

EU Interior Ministers address how to prevent the dissemination of hatred online

19.10.2015 22:53 Options for preventing the dissemination of hatred online were reviewed by Interior and Justice Ministers of the EU Member States in Luxembourg on 9 October. EU Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová said that large Internet firms should take the same approach on this issue that they have taken to eradicating the dissemination of child pornography.  full story

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Zazzle responds about anti-Gypsyist T-shirt

23.9.2015 16:50 News server reported yesterday that the German-language pages of the Zazzle online retailer were offering a T-shirt reading "GYPSY HUNTER BADGE - WE KILL THE GYPSIES". The item was no longer for sale approximately two hours later.  full story

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T-shirt reading "WE KILL THE GYPSIES" for sale online by Zazzle

22.9.2015 17:26 At 15:12 CET today the Czech edition of news server reported that the German-language pages of the Zazzle online retailer were offering a T-shirt reading "GYPSY HUNTER BADGE - WE KILL THE GYPSIES". Zazzle is one of the biggest, must progressive firms in its field, offering customers the opportunity to create their own logos for placement on T-shirts or other items and then to sell their creations through the firm's online store.  full story

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RVN Editor Valery Novoselsky: Everything online becomes visible, even in the mahallas

15.9.2015 18:59 Anyone who has become interested in Romani issues during the past 15 years has probably come across the Roma Virtual Network (RVN) online, a set of 33 listservs in 20 languages, Romani included, that aggregates online information about Romani issues and shares it with more than 10 000 subscribers. News server interviewed RVN’s editor, Valery Novoselsky, about this work and RVN's future plans.  full story

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Police across Central and Eastern Europe investigating online death threats against refugees

6.9.2015 21:09 News server reports that the Polish Prosecutor-General will be investigating the hateful commentary targeting migrants now turning up in Internet discussion forums. The authors of some posts are proposing, for example, that Syrian refugees all be sent to the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.  full story

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European Court for Human Rights says internet portal operators responsible for insulting online posts

16.6.2015 22:59 Today the European Court of Human Rights confirmed that the operators of internet portals are responsible for insulting commentaries posted online by their users. The judgment in the case of a large Estonian online news server could impact the operation of such portals in all the member states of the Council of Europe, which includes the Czech Republic.  full story

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videoNews server switching to Disqus for online discussions

Prague, 4.4.2015 23:48, (ROMEA) As of 31 March 2015, a new system is being used by news server for readers to comment on our articles. Before now we have been using Facebook.  full story

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Analysis: Roma replace Muslims as main target for Czech hate online

4.4.2015 21:30 Hatred on the Czech-language Internet has returned to its traditional target, Romani people, as a result of the declining outrage over January's attacks in Paris, when Muslims became the main target of Czech-language online hate. Current data from the Yeseter company measuring the intensity of hatred and its trends for the HateFree Culture initiative reveal several interesting facts, including the fact that most "haters" don't focus on a single theme, but can flow freely from "hating" one group to another.  full story

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Computer game lets white people experience what it's like to be a bullied minority

29.3.2015 23:48 Players of the computer survival game Rust can no longer choose what their avatar looks like but will have an appearance randomly assigned to them. The gaming websites and have reported on the change.  full story

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Internet discussions: To delete, or not to delete?

25.3.2015 17:23, (ROMEA) The vast majority of democrats are advocates of the broadest possible freedom of speech, because no democracy can exist without it. Those who back an absolute freedom of speech, however, are most frequently recruited, paradoxically, from the ranks of those who disseminate pornography or racism, people whom it may difficult for the rest of us to consider democrats.  full story

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Czech-language hate group tries to pass off picture of Nobel Prize winner as its Facebook administrator

Prague, 27.2.2015 21:53, (ROMEA)
Can we believe anything at all on the Internet anymore? Has it just become a tool for fraudsters, haters and propagandists? 
 full story

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Czech Republic: Both sides appeal verdict over racist discussion posts

Prague, 20.2.2015 21:42, (ROMEA) News server was the first to report several days ago on the groundbreaking verdict handed down by the Municipal Court in Prague sentencing the publisher of the Parlamentní listy online tabloid, the OUR MEDIA company, to payment of a fine of CZK 150 000 (EUR 5 447) for failing to remove racist content posted to its online discussion board beneath two articles. Jan Holoubek, chair of the board of OUR MEDIA, has confirmed to news server that OUR MEDIA has now appealed.  full story

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Editorial: Insults are preferable to censorship

Prague, 14.2.2015 20:29, (ROMEA) Are Internet discussions facing fundamental restrictions? Will online news servers be forced to close their discussion boards or to strictly regulate them?  full story

--ilustrační foto-- Media watchdogs are not censors - here's the proof!

Prague, 3.2.2015 20:01, (ROMEA) One of news server's activities is monitoring the media, fact-checking the correctness and veracity of the information journalists use, and then attempting to get misleading, tendentious or untrue information corrected. We play this watchdog role not only with respect to the media, but also with respect to municipal or state officials and politicians, etc.  full story

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EU anti-terrorism coordinator: Countries should help internet firms filter racist posts

Brussels, 1.2.2015 2:21, (ROMEA) The YouTube online video-sharing platform is so overwhelmed that it is impossible to filter all of the terrorism-related recordings posted to it. The Associated Press reports that Verity Harding, a spokesperson for the Google company, which operates YouTube, made that claim before MEPs from the liberal ALDE faction of the EP last Wednesday.  full story

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Czech authorities alarmingly unwilling to prosecute online hate crimes

Prague, 22.10.2014 0:10, (ROMEA) Ill-will, incompetence or indifference. In which category does the inactivity of the Czech Police with respect to racist threats and verbal attacks belong?  full story

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