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May 26, 2022




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Czech Republic: Unique exhibition reviews postwar memories of migrant Romani workers

12.6.2015 23:59 On Monday, 1 June an unusual exhibition called "Khatar san?" opened at the Hraničář Cinema and Gallery in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem. The exhibition is the result of an applied social research project, "Romani Workers' Memories", and is being exhibited in the Czech Republic for the fifth time.  full story

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Hungarian city pays Roma to move away, they are emigrating to Canada en masse

14.5.2015 6:41 Dozens of Romani families from the Hungarian city of Miskolc are moving to Canada. The Romani settlement there, where approximately 1 000 people used to live, will be replaced by a parking lot for the nearby football stadium, which is undergoing reconstruction.  full story

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EP is for quotas on refugees, Czech politicians can't agree

7.5.2015 16:53 On Saturday, 2 May a total of 3 427 refugees were rescued from boats in the Mediterranean Sea during several interventions near the coast of Libya, according to the Italian Coast Guard. The service has been rescuing thousands of African immigrants from overcrowded smuggling vessels that frequently capsize on their way to Italy, with many lives lost.  full story

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Most Czechs agree with accepting refugees from war

1.5.2015 5:04 People in the Czech Republic are more willing to accept refugees today according to a survey performed by the Median agency for Czech Radio. The survey found that 42 % of Czechs would accept some refugees in a spirit of solidarity.  full story

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EU tripling funds for Mediterranean Sea rescue, Czech Republic providing experts, funds and a plane

25.4.2015 22:51 Speaking after an extraordinary summit on migration in Brussels on 24 April, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told journalists the European Union will triple its funding for the Frontex agency's operations in the Mediterranean Sea. President of the EU Council Donald Tusk added that presidents and prime ministers have already promised airplanes, boats, experts and money.  full story

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Czech PM wants to increase aid to refugees after 900 drown near Italy, EU convenes extraordinary summit

21.4.2015 21:09 Yesterday foreign ministers from EU countries were slated to review the situation of thousands of people dying in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to get to Europe. Federica Mogherini, the head of European diplomacy, asked over the weekend for this point to be added to the agenda of yesterday's meeting after yet another in a series of accidents at sea evidently cost the lives of as many as 900 people Saturday.  full story

Irish man acquitted of Romani girl's 2008 murder, case unresolved

Ireland, 3.11.2014 18:51, (ROMEA) Irish media have reported that Alan Wilson, a Dublin resident charged with murdering Mariora Rostas, a Romani 18-year-old, in 2008, was found not guilty by a unanimous jury verdict this summer. Wilson's defense attorneys told the jury they were being asked to rely on the evidence of an unreliable witness who had benefited from immunity from prosecution for his own involvement in the matter.  full story

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Czech NGO's hands tied on hopeless situation of Romani migrants from Slovakia

Prague, 30.9.2014 20:34, (ROMEA) In recent weeks the field social workers at the Prague branch of the People in Need association have been confronted with the desperate situations of Romani people from Slovakia who, in fear for their lives, decided to leave their home country with the unclear notion that they might find assistance in Prague. The following is a description of a dramatic two days in the life of the Prague branch of that NGO, as described by one of its social workers.  full story

Exhibition on postwar migration of Roma to the Czech Republic

Ostrava, 27.9.2014 23:10, (ROMEA) Earlier this month Ostrava's Mírové náměstí saw the installation of a stylized apartment housing the exhibition "Khatar san?" (Where are you from?) mapping the arrival of Romani people from Slovakia into the Ostrava region for work. The audiovisual exhibition presents the memories and stories of 11 men and women who headed for the Czech Republic from Romani settlements in Slovakia after 1945, according to the project's curator Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků.  full story

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Slovakia: International conference on the Romani issue

Bratislava, Slovakia, 18.9.2014 19:49, (ROMEA) Roughly 130 experts from several continents have come to Bratislava to discuss the Romani issue. Those invited include guests from Argentina, Brazil and the USA.  full story

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Global refugee numbers exceed 50 million, more than half of them children

Geneva, 20.6.2014 23:34, (ROMEA) The number of people fleeing hardship and violence has exceeded 50 million for the first time since the Second World War according to a report issued for 2013 by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The report was released on the occasion of World Refugee Day.  full story

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Jarmila Balážová: Petition against foreigners is cheap, hateful and populist

Prague, 10.4.2014 20:20, (ROMEA) The opposition "Dawn of Direct Democracy" (Úsvit) movement is launching a petition for tightening EU immigration policy. According to the head of the movement, Czech MP Tomio Okamura, the petition is being launched EU-wide and its aim is to change the relevant legislation on immigration.  full story

A Roma Reality Check for the UK

London, 27.3.2014 10:19, (ROMEA) Recent months have seen politicians and the media in the UK predicting an influx of Roma migrants from Bulgaria and Romania. Roma have been portrayed as a threat to British society in the form of welfare tourists and beggars. The reality is rather different. The UK is not among the preferred destinations of Roma from other EU countries, and the small number of Roma who have arrived in the UK have much to offer.  full story

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videoValeriu Nicoalea: About “normal life” and scapegoating…

Bucharest, 25.2.2014 15:17, (ROMEA) On January 16, 2014 the European Commissioner for Justice and Fundamental Rights said in an interview for Euronews that Roma communities need “to be willing to integrate and to be willing to have a normal life”. See the video here from minute 2.00.  full story

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Csaba Olah: As a Roma, integration means something different to me

Budapest, 22.2.2014 23:15, (ROMEA) This blogpost was written as a reaction to the recent statements of Ms. Viviane Reding, European Commissioner, on the situation of Roma and the need from their side to integrate and to have a normal way of living.  full story

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Viviane Reding: The Real Problem of Free Movement Are the Roma

Brussels, 22.2.2014 22:46, (ROMEA) The Roma are the real problem for the free movement in the EU, said European Commissioner Viviane Reding.  full story

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UK: Gang who raped female minors get long sentences

London, 20.2.2014 21:38, (ROMEA) Today a London court sentenced four men to up to 20 years in prison for committing a series of rapes and other serious sex crimes against female minors. The brutal cases of child abuse occurred in the English town of Peterborough during the course of five months in 2012.  full story

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Yaron Matras: A Roma reality check

London, 16.2.2014 0:30, (ROMEA) Fears of Gypsies flocking to these shores have proved unfounded. Now let's put prejudice aside and examine the real potential of a Roma contribution to the UK  full story

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France refuses return to deported Romani girl, she threatens suicide

Paris/Prishtina, 7.2.2014 20:04, (ROMEA) A French court has refused to grant a residence permit to the parents of Leonarda Dibrani, a Romani girl from Kosovo who was deported from France last year under scandalous circumstances. Wire services reported at the end of January that the teenager has responded to the court's decision by threatening to commit suicide.  full story

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Senator Okamura: "The Czech Republic cannot afford social immigrants"

Prague, 15.12.2013 2:14, (ROMEA) On Tuesday, 10 December 2013, the Czech lower house discussed the first draft of a bill on the position of labor immigrants from countries outside the EU. The amendment was not approved upon a first reading as the Government urged and discussion of it will continue.  full story

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