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September 20, 2021




Slovak police accuse seven Hungarians of fascism promotion

Nitra, 14.7.2008 16:10, (ROMEA) The Slovak police have accused seven Hungarian citizens who shouted fascist salutes in Sturovo, southwest Slovakia, on Sunday, the police informed CTK today.  full story

Some Slovak Romanies will never leave poor settlements - minister

Bratislava, 13.7.2008 21:32, (ROMEA) Some inhabitants of the deprived Romany settlements in Slovakia will probably never move to better housing and will spend the whole life "without running water and water closet," Slovak Deputy Prime Minister for ethnic minorities Dusan Caplovic told CTK.  full story

Slovaks bars access to flat to Romanies with own bodies

Kosice, 11.7.2008 17:01, (ROMEA/CTK) Occupants of a flat in Medzilaborce, East Slovakia, have prevented Romany tenants from entering the house with their own bodies, police spokeswoman Magdalena Fecova told journalists today.  full story

Slovak Romanies establish their official language

Bratislava, 29.6.2008 20:55, (ROMEA/CTK) Representatives of Slovak Romany (also called Roma, Romani, Gypsy) intellectuals today signed a declaration with which they have established the foundations of new joint rules of Romany language.  full story

Slovak state fails to improve Romanies' access to housing-survey

Bratislava, 27.6.2008 21:24, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak state and towns have not much helped build new flats for Romanies, as the relevant blocks of flats, of a low quality, are often situated far from town centres, thus deepening Romanies' separation from the rest of the population, a survey by the Milan Simecka Foundation has shown.  full story

Slovakia likely to abolish Gandhi secondary school

Banska Bystrica, Central Slovakia, 13.6.2008 12:10, (ROMEA/CTK) The Banska Bystrica Region will probably discontinue the residential eight-year secondary school for socially weak children in Lucenec, attended mainly by Romanies, due to unfavourable inspection results, regional spokeswoman Iveta Kurekova has told CTK.  full story

Slovak court acquits extremist organisation representative

Bratislava, 3.6.2008 10:28, (ROMEA/CTK) A Bratislava district court today acquitted Michal Lassak, a leading official of the nationalist Slovenska pospolitost (Slovak Community) association, of racist attack charges due to the lack of evidence.  full story

Theatre to explain euro arrival to Romanies in Slovak settlements

Kosice, East Slovakia, 26.4.2008 21:23, (ROMEA/CTK) The Kosice-based Romany Theatre Romathan will explain to Romanies living in settlements the introduction of the euro planned for next year, on the initiative of the Slovak National Bank (NBS), theatre director Karel Adam has told CTK.  full story

Slovak sent behind bars for racially-motivated attack

Bratislava, 12.4.2008 12:16, (ROMEA/CTK) The Regional Court in Trencin, west Slovakia, has sentenced a 28-year-old man to four and a half years in prison for an attack on a girl of Arab origin, TA3 television reported today.  full story

Slovakia's only Romany high school abolished by regional assembly

Bratislava, 11.4.2008 11:04, (ROMEA/CTK) The assembly of the Banska Bystrica self-governing region, central Slovakia, today approved the closing down of the high school for low-income students, seated in Lucenec, which is actually the country's only high school for Romanies, also including dormitories for students coming from other regions.  full story

Two Slovaks tried for racist insults of U.S. basketball player

Bratislava/Kosice, 9.4.2008 16:10, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak district court in Kosice today took into custody two men who allegedly verbally attacked a female Afroamerican basketball player in a street on Sunday, court spokeswoman Marcela Galova told CTK.  full story

U.S. Helsinki Committee debates Slovak Romanies' sterilisations

Washington, 8.4.2008 15:51, (ROMEA/CTK) The U.S. Helsinki Committee on Monday expressed regret that the Slovak government has not yet admitted that Romany women were sterilised against their will in Slovakia, the committee said in a statement issued on the occasion of the International Roma Day today.  full story

Data on Slovak Romanies lacking-experts

Bratislava, 8.4.2008 15:47, (ROMEA/CTK) Data on the Romany population in Slovakia are lacking, representatives of state and non-governmental organisations said at a seminar that was held today on the occasion of the International Roma Day celebrated on April 8.  full story

Two Slovaks face custody for verbally attacking American

Kosice, East Slovakia, 8.4.2008 12:36, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak prosecutor has proposed that two men who verbally attacked a dark-skinned U.S. woman in the streets of Kosice on Sunday be remanded in custody, Milan Filicko, spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor's Office, told CTK today.  full story

Slovak Romanies need more schools

Kosice, East Slovakia, 5.4.2008 14:52, (ROMEA/CTK) Most Slovak local authorities lower the number of elementary schools as the number of schoolchildren is shrinking, whereas those with a large Romany community have to expand them, a number of mayors told CTK today.  full story

Slovakia's Schengen entry does not trigger Romany migration wave

Bratislava, 30.3.2008 22:07, (ROMEA/CTK) Slovakia's Schengen entry last December has not triggered a wave of Romany migration to European Union countries and Romanies are not even leaving for Canada that recently abolished visas for Slovaks, mayors of east Slovak municipalities have told CTK.  full story

Health assistants to return to Slovak Romany settlements in April

Bratislava, 30.3.2008 22:06, (ROMEA/CTK) About 30 health assistants are to return to Romany settlements in Slovakia in April, the Health Ministry that funds the project has told CTK.  full story

Checking of Eurofunds for Roma's Support Should Be Improved

Bratislava, 26.3.2008 11:14, (TASR) The funds coming from the EU for the support of Roma projects aimed at improving their education, housing and employment will flow directly to regional and local municipalities, Deputy Prime Minister Dusan Caplovic said following the Government session on Wednesday.  full story

Two Slovak youths spray public area with swastikas

Zilina, 5.3.2008 11:44, (ROMEA/CTK) The police have brought criminal charges against two youths, aged 16-18, for having sprayed Nazi symbols on a number of buildings in Ruzomberok, Central Slovakia, police spokeswoman Jana Balogova told CTK today.  full story

Slovaks accused of student's murder sent to custody

Bratislava, 29.2.2008 17:44, (ROMEA/CTK) Three Slovaks who were accused of participation in the murder of student Daniel Tupy in 2005 will be remanded in custody, a district court in Bratislava decided today, lawyer Peter Filip, representing one of the accused, told CTK.  full story

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