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June 21, 2019
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Building a future for Roma children

Govanhill , 7.8.2010 13:06, (Evening Times) Rising numbers of Roma immigrants has swelled the population of Govanhill by 4,000 in just four years. CATRIONA STEWART looks at the work being done to help the families become part of the local community...  full story

High School for Girls travellers say they have nowhere to go

Gloucestershire , 7.8.2010 12:58, (This is Gloucestershire ) TRAVELLERS were last night still camped on a city school field – claiming they have nowhere else to go. The group of around 15 caravans moved onto the High School for Girls land between Estcourt Road and Lansdown Road last Saturday.  full story

Meriden gypsies lodge planning appeal for green belt site

Meriden, 6.8.2010 12:45, (Birmingham Mail) CAMPAIGNERS protesting against proposals for a gypsy camp on green belt land in Meriden have vowed not to give in after it emerged the travellers have lodged a planning appeal – which could see them staying for another six months.  full story

First step to a new life

Scotland, 4.8.2010 22:40, (Ebening Times) The latest wave of immigrants to arrive in Govanhill are Roma people seeking a new life in Scotland. Today, as part of a week-long series on the area, CATRIONA STEWART looks at the impact this is having on the community...  full story

New wave of evictions threatens Gypsies

London, 1.8.2010 10:09, (The Observer) Human rights campaigners have condemned a wave of evictions and court actions against Gypsies and Irish Travellers which they say are threatening to extinguish a whole way of life.  full story

Travelling towards a better understanding of gypsies

Edinburgh, 25.7.2010 13:26, ( As hundreds of gypsies and travellers arrive in Edinburgh for a religious convention, Romany journalist Jake Bowers offers an insight into their often misunderstood world. Britain's 300,000 gypsies and travellers have lived, worked and travelled throughout Britain for over 500 years, yet we have been almost entirely written out of British history.  full story

Gypsy family ordered to leave rural beauty spot

Staffordshire , 16.7.2010 11:10, (This is Staffordshire ) A Gypsy family say they have nowhere to go after councillors ordered them to leave a rural beauty spot. Joanne Smith had hoped to settle down with her family on land off Windycote Lane in Dilhorne.  full story

Racism on rise in Britain, politics to blame: watchdog

London, 3.3.2010 1:29, (EXPATICA) Racist attacks are on the rise in Britain where both politicians and the tabloid press routinely disparage Muslims, migrants and gypsies, a European rights watchdog charged Tuesday.  full story

Elvis was the gipsy King, says traveller magazine

London, 11.7.2008 13:45, (Daily mail) It was designed to dispel myths about the travelling community. But a magazine which claims that Elvis was a gipsy is simply peddling more, critics say. The journal, which cost taxpayers up to ?70,000, was produced by organisers of the Government backed gipsy history month and sent to schools.  full story

BBC to cut broadcasting to the Gypsy and Traveller community

London, 2.4.2008 11:06, (ROMEA/ROMA NETWORK) Rokker Radio, the two-hour radio programme established two years ago by BBC for the Gypsy and Traveller community is to be axed at the end of April. As the show prepares to celebrate two years of broadcasting across local BBC radio in the East of England and across the world on the internet, the BBC has decided not to fund the programme beyond the end of April.  full story

'No legal status' for Scotland's gypsies

UK, 17.3.2008 11:23, (The Scotsman ) SCOTTISH gypsy travellers are not a separate ethnic group under the Race Relations Act and therefore not entitled to make racial-discrimination claims, a tribunal has ruled. Kenneth MacLennan, of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, had complained of racial discrimination, alleging he was victimised by being dismissed for "taking a stance on behalf of gypsy travellers".  full story

Solution reached for Gypsy sites

London, 13.3.2008 11:00, (BBC NEWS) Taunton is to be awarded ?100,000 from the government to help ease the problem of unauthorised Gypsy and traveller encampments in the area.  full story

Government pays ?73,000 to improve traveller site

London, 13.3.2008 10:50, (Observer) A TRAVELLER site at Eaton Bray is set to get a ?73,013 makeover.Beds County Council has been given the money to spend on Chiltern View in Northall Road as part of an East of England Gypsy and Traveller Site grant totalling ?6.9 million, announced on Friday by Communities Minister Ian Wright MP.  full story

Gypsies lose their appeal

London, UK, 26.10.2007 15:57, (ROMEA/The Hunts Post) Two Gypsy families who set up home in Huntingdonshire without planningpermission have failed in an appeal against a High Court order whichforced them from the land.  full story

Gipsies target Marco

UK, 8.9.2007 16:19, (Source: Mirror) ITV stepped up security at Hell's Kitchen yesterday - as hundreds of gipsies threatened to protest outside.They were incensed after chef Marco Pierre White used the offensive word "pikey" on Thursday's show.  full story

Chef Marco rebuked over 'pikey' remark

UK, 8.9.2007 16:16, (Source: Daily Mail) Marco Pierre White has been condemned by the racial equality watchdog after he used the word "pikey" on his ITV show.The Commission for Racial Equality called on the chef to apologise after he was heard telling celebrity contestants on Hell's Kitchen: "I don't think it was a pikey's picnic tonight."  full story

Opposition to traveller site plan

UK, 8.9.2007 16:10, (Source: BBC News) Villagers are opposing plans by travellers to set up permanent home on a site near Brecon, Powys. Some families have already moved onto a field in Llanfilo and have now applied to develop the land, but objectors claim the location is unsuitable.  full story

Dale Farm: We Won't Quit

UK, 31.8.2007 10:21, (Ustiben Report) Faced with what many regard as a racially-motivated threat to destroy the UK's biggest Gypsy community, a hundred families at Dale Farm are now looking to British justice to save their homes from the bulldozer.  full story

New MRG campaign: keep minority voices at the UN

London, 15.8.2007 11:43, (MRG/ROMEA/Roma Network) Today MRG and IMADR are launching a new campaign to keep and strengthen minority voices at the UN. Please visit MRG's new-look website and take action to support this campaign:  full story

Rise in race complaints

UK, 26.7.2007 9:45, (Source: HOPEFULLY a dramatic increase in the number of race-related complaints to the Equality Tribunal is a simple statistical consequence of an increased number of foreign nationals in our work places, combined with a growing awareness of their legal rights.  full story

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