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May 24, 2018
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Organizations kick off campaign against poverty

Prague, 5.2.2007 11:14, (ROMEA/CTK) Organizations helping the poor and people on the fringes of society in the Czech Republic are organizing a series of actions entitled “Stop Social Exclusion”. They plan to bring regional-level politicians into the discussion on the impact of the new law on social services.  full story

Čunek motivates other mayors

Břeclav, 5.2.2007 11:12, (ROMEA/Mf DNES) It pays politically to travel the path of the current head of the Christian Democrats, Jiří Čunek. A radical approach to “problematic” communities of Roma and people who “poorly adapt” is now benefiting the career of South Moravian mayors as well.  full story

Gypsy king: 'The EU offers new hope for the Roma'

Sibiu, Romania , 4.2.2007 10:33, (Babel International) There are around 12 million Roma living in Europe today. Bulgaria and Romania’s accession to the EU brings them more power and a voice in Brussels. Florin Cioaba, who lives in Sibiu, believes that the EU represents an immense opportunity for his people.  full story

Gypsy children being bullied

UK, 4.2.2007 10:23, (TES) Gypsy children have alleged shocking incidents of racist bullying in Welsh schools in a survey for charity Save The Children. Face-to-face interviews were held with young pupils from the minority group about their experiences in mainstream education.  full story

French Court Sends 10 Bulgarians to Jail for Baby Trade

Paris, 3.2.2007 17:10, (Sofia News Agency) A French court has sentenced ten Bulgarians to up to six years in prison for having sold babies to French Gypsy families. The families, most of which of Roma origin, admitted to buying 23 babies for between EUR 2,500 and EUR 8,000, saying they had acted because they could not have children of their own or because they thought the children would have a better life in France.  full story

Romano regret position of Mr Ahtisaari

Helsing?r, 3.2.2007 10:38, (Romano) "Romano" in Denmark express deep regret that UN- special envoy Mr Ahtisaari refuse to include the Kosovo Roma diaspora in the status negotiations for Kosovo.  full story

KDU-CSL leader Cunek target of Czech billboard campaign

Usti nad Labem, 2.2.2007 19:47, (CTK) Billboards satirising Christian Democrat leader Jiri Cunek, a deputy prime minister, have appeared across the country, with his portrait and the text "I am a Christian Democrat, I take no bribes and I like Gypsies."  full story

Dozens of Romany families evicted from their homes in Slovakia

Bratislava, 2.2.2007 19:39, (CTK) Dozens of Romany families have been evicted from their homes in Slovakia in the past two years and many of them remained without the roof over their heads, the Milan Simecka Foundation says in a report that was published in Bratislava today.  full story

ERIO at the launching of the 2007-European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Brussels, 2.2.2007 16:53, (ERIO) On January 30th and 31st, 2007, the Opening of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All was held in Berlin, on the occasion of the first ministerial-level Equality Summit. The aim of the Summit was to gather all key stakeholders (European Commission, national governments and non-governmental organisations) in the fight against discrimination, in order to identify concrete approaches to bring about equal opportunities in practice.  full story

Looking forward to an exciting new year in the "For Diversity. Against Discrimination." campaign

Berlin, 2.2.2007 13:14, ( 2007 will see the return of the EU Diversity Truck Tour, making stops in more countries across Europe than ever before and spreading the campaign’s message through interactive, fun-filled events. The Tour will kick off in Strasbourg, France, on April 25th.  full story

Forced Evictions in Slovakia - 2006

Bratislava, Slovensko, 2.2.2007 12:44, (ERRC/COHRE) Roma in Slovakia are currently experiencing a wave of forced evictions according to a report released on Tuesday 23 January 2007 by the Milan Simecka Foundation, Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) and European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC).  full story

Czechs more generous with asylum seekers than state - poll

Prague, 2.2.2007 11:48, (CTK) Most Czechs would be more generous with asylum seekers than Czech authorities, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute STEM on the order of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and released today.  full story

Court adjourns case of Romany family suing police assailants

Hradec Kralove, East Bohemia, 2.2.2007 11:29, (CTK) The regional court today adjourned indefinitely the case of a Romany family claiming an apology and financial compensation from two former police officers who assaulted them in 2003 and who have already been sentenced for it in separate criminal proceedings.  full story

International Romani Art Festival

Romania, 1.2.2007 18:25, (IRAF) International Romani Art Festival with the theme „So keres, Europa?" aims at revealing a new perspective upon a delicate subject of present interest. It is time to say no to prejudice and racism.  full story

Public hearing for the condition of the Roma in Macedonia

Skopje, 1.2.2007 15:24, (MIA) The Roma issue in Macedonia – lack of knowledge or lack of political will is a subject on the today’s public hearing which is held in the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia. According to the report of the European Roma Rights Centre and the National Roma Centrum from Republic of Macedonia, the Roma in Macedonia in regard of employment and conditions for work are in a very difficult condition.  full story

Saturday - expect a huge gypsy protest

Hasting, 1.2.2007 15:12, (Hastings Today) Detailed plans for the Gypsies & Travellers consultation session to take place this Saturday have just been announced. Because of the huge interest in the meetings that have already taken place on the subject, the Council is asking people to stagger their arrival at the Town Hall.  full story

Volzhsk Police Launch Raids Against Roma

Volzhsk, Russia, 1.2.2007 11:42, (UCSJ) Police in the city of Volzhsk, Russia (Volgograd region) have launched a massive operation to round up Roma (Gypsies), according to a January 30, 2007 report by the Russian human rights web site Citing a local Roma leader, the article reports that since January 24 police have singled out Roma in an operation called “Tabor” (Gypsy camp).  full story

UNITED Against Intolerance-Civil Society against Discrimination

EU, 31.1.2007 19:15, (ERIO/UNITED) Conference in the frame of the Council of Euroe campaign “All Different, All Equal” for diversity, human rights and participation organized by UNITED for Intercultural Action in cooperation with Movimiento Contra la Intolerancia in Madrid will bring together 80 young European activists, who contribute to the development of civil society in their own country by implementing projects within the anti-discrimination field, in order to exchange good practices and discuss innovate ways of campaigning against xenophobia and intolerance.  full story

Discrimination Act 2005 – the strategy to promote equality and non-discrimination in the EU

EU, 31.1.2007 19:12, (ERIO) Part I of the European Commission’s annual report “Equality and non-discrimination” (November 2006) summarizes the developments in anti-discrimination legislation and presents the current developments in each of the 25 Member States.  full story

Comparative Analysis of National Measures to Combat Discrimination Outside Employment and Occupation

Brussels, 31.1.2007 19:09, (ERIO/ The Comparative Analysis of National Measures to Combat Discrimination Outside Employment and Occupation published in December 2006 is the mapping study on existing national legislative measures – and their impact in – tackling discrimination outside the field of employment and occupation on the grounds of sex, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation. The study was carried out by Human European Consultancy Migration Policy Group (Netherlands, Belgium) within the framework of the European Commission`s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities activities.  full story

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