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February 19, 2018
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Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly on the current situation in Kosovo

Strasbourg, 31.1.2007 19:06, (ERIO/COE) A debate on the current situation in Kosovo on 24 January 2007, Wednesday, with the participation of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on the future status process for Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, as one of the highlights of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Winter Session (Strasbourg, 22-26 January 2007), has resulted in the adoption of a resolution on current situation in Kosovo (Recommendation 1780 and 1533, 2007).  full story

Eurobarometer: 77% of Europeans think that being a Roma is a disadvantage in society

Brussels, 31.1.2007 19:03, (ERIO) On 7 June – 12 July 2006 TNS Opinion & Social on behalf of the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, carried out a survey wave 65.4 of the EUROBAROMETER about discrimination and inequality in Europe.  full story

Roma and Travellers of Turkey

Turkey, 31.1.2007 19:00, ( There are Roma and Travellers for long years in the region where Turkish Republic has today. In the historical texts of Byzantine, members of a denomination called Athingano i are mentioned.  full story

2007 European Year Of Equal Opportunities For All

Berlin, 31.1.2007 18:40, (ENAR) The ‘Equality Summit’ in Berlin on 30 and 31 January will be the ‘kick off’ for the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, in which an ENAR delegation will participate.  full story

Roma and Sinti Appeal to UN to Highlight Their Plight

New York, 31.1.2007 14:33, (DW) The call came just days after the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, the day the UN chose to commemorate the six million Jewish victims and others killed by the Nazi regime in Germany and occupied Europe during World War II.  full story

Travellers: A Traveller's life

London, 31.1.2007 12:54, (Young People Now) Gypsies and Travellers are among the most excluded ethnic groups in society. Elaine Okyere finds out what it is like growing up as part of a minority.  full story

Plans passed for gypsy site

Bidford, 31.1.2007 12:52, (Redditch Advertiser) HOUSES, a doctors surgery and a public open space will soon replace a privately owned gypsy site in Bidford.  full story

Top Gypsy musician celebrated around world — scorned by many back home

BUCHAREST, Romania, 31.1.2007 12:49, (The Associated Press) Nearly two decades later, Damian Draghici has become one of the world's top panflutists: he has played on stage with James Brown and Joe Cocker and won a Grammy in 2006. But as he tours Europe to promote Romania as a new EU member — performing gypsy ballads in a band called Damian and Brothers — his roots are striking a wrong chord with some politicians.  full story

Fifth Roma Film Festival Golden Wheel

Skopje, 31.1.2007 12:46, (TV BTR National) It’s my great honor to invite you at the Fifth Roma Film Festival “Golden Wheel” which will be held from 6th till 8th of April, 2007 in Skopje, the capital of Republic of Macedonia.  full story

Wall separating Czech Romanies from locals exhibited in UN

New York, 30.1.2007 18:31, (CTK) The photos of the wall in Maticni street in Usti nad Labem, North Bohemia, built to separate the local residents from the Romanies by the local town hall and following protests torn down in 1999, is to document the present situation of Romanies in Europe at the U.N. headquarters in New York from today.  full story

Two policemen get two years in prison for torturing Romany boy

Brno, 30.1.2007 11:11, (CTK) The Regional Court in Brno gave two-year prison sentences to two policemen who beat up and tortured a 14-year-old Romany boy, tightening the original sentences imposed by the Brno City Court last November.  full story

Romanies can improve their situation only themselves - press

Prague, 30.1.2007 10:28, (CTK) Czech Romanies can change their situation permanently only if they actively work on it and realise own responsibility for their lives, Milan Daniel, head of an advisory centre for foreigners in the Czech Republic, writes in the daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.  full story

Roma And Sinti Minorities Say Holocaust Effects Remain In Europe

New York, 30.1.2007 10:13, (DPA) Associations of Roma and Sinti ethnic minorities in Europe said Monday they continue to suffer racial discrimination that led to an estimated 500,000 people of the two groups dying in the Holocaust during World War II.  full story

A photographic exhibition of gypsy life is on display at the Wrocůaw Gallery of Contemporary Art

Warsaw, 30.1.2007 10:11, (Warsaw Business Journal) Through the middle of February, the Wrocůaw Gallery of Contemporary Art is holding an exhibition consisting of a collection of photographs which narrate the story of photographer Harald Medb¸e's encounters with Roma society. "The Gypsy Trips" records the life of the people whom the author calls "the last free people of Europe."  full story

Czech, Slovak Romanies mentioned in United Nations

New York, 29.1.2007 22:34, (CTK)

The position of Romanies in Czech society is most significantly depicted by the humiliating facilities and activities on the places of former Romany concentration camps, Cenek Ruzicka from the Czech Committee for the Compensation to Romany Holocaust said at a press conference in the United Nations headquarters in New York today.  full story

Roma Ethnics To Join Into An American-Like "Parliament"

SIBIU, 29.1.2007 13:48, (DIVERS) Self-proclaimed Roma king in Romania, Florin Cioaba, said Wednesday, January 24 that he will establish an ethnic Romas Parliament in Romania, after the American model. "It is time to take a stand, to stick together and to be united.  full story

Romanian Justice Passes Final Decision In Hadareni Case

TIRGU-MURES , 29.1.2007 13:45, (DIVERS) Hadareni case was finally closed at almost 14 years from the tragic events back there. Mures Courthouse ruled Friday, January 19 in the litigation between the last group of ethnic Romas, rejecting the ethnic Roma action of enforcing some court orders on compensations payable by the Romanian villagers in Hadareni.  full story

No child is born a racist and no child should become one

Strasbourg, 29.1.2007 11:10, (Council of Europe) Joint statement on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day by the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly, the Secretary General and the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe  full story

Survivors recall liberation of Auschwitz

OSWIECIM, Poland, 28.1.2007 14:51, (The Associated Press) Dozens of people who lived near Auschwitz and risked their lives to help inmates at the Nazi death camp were honored Saturday on the 62nd anniversary of the camp‘s liberation.  full story

Horrors of Holocaust remembered on Memorial Day

Auschwitz, 28.1.2007 14:34, (Euronews) January 27 was chosen to mark Holocaust Memorial Day as it was on that date in 1945 that the Soviet Red Army liberated the biggest of the Nazi's concentration camps, Auschwitz.  full story

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