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František Kostlán

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Workers’ Party ideologically and rhetorically linked to Nazism

Prague, 14.1.2010 13:35, (ROMEA) Here in the Czech Republic, some journalists and lawyers have gotten used to taking the arguments of Workers’ Party chair Tomáš Vandas seriously. To a great extent, the positivistic approach of courts to the law, which focuses more on formal requirements than on the essence of a case, is responsible for this. Why this method of consideration has been taken on by journalists deserves a separate study. Let’s look more closely at the main arguments that have been made by Vandas during this ongoing trial.  full story

Workers’ Party promoters terrorizing Roma family

Mikulov, 29.12.2009 12:58, (ROMEA) The family of Ilona Vajdíková of Mikulov is being constantly terrorized by local promoters of the Workers’ Party. The attacks began this September and have yet to let up. Mayor of Mikulov Rostislav Koštial says Ilona Vajdíková‘s family has caused no problems to anyone.  full story

A Merry Christmas for Natálka

Ostrava, 18.12.2009 7:32, (ROMEA) Natálka Kudriková and her family, who became the victims of an arson attack this past April in Vítkov, are going to have a much more pleasant Christmas. Police officer Kamil Sabbagh has decided to hold a one-time collection and benefit action on their behalf, which he is calling “Merry Christmas for Natálka”. Sabbagh is one of the police officers on the force currently guarding the suspects who were charged with the arson attack and taken into custody. “It’s wonderful that a police officer is organizing something like this. I would like to very much thank him and everyone else who is helping us,” Natálka’s mother Anna Siváková told  full story

Czech court hearing continues on attempted pogrom against Roma in Havířov

Ostrava, 7.12.2009 19:54, (ROMEA) Today the Ostrava Regional Court continued its hearing of a case of racially motivated attacks on Roma in the towns of Havířov and Prostřední Suchá in the Silesian region. A group of racist assailants attacked several Romani people one after another there in November 2008. A 17-year-old Romani youth (who was 16 at the time of the crime) suffered serious injuries as a result. According to medical reports, he almost died at the time and has been permanently disabled as a result of the attack. One of the accused was not yet 18 years old at the time of the crime; the main hearing is therefore being held in closed session.  full story

Čeněk Růžička: Czech schools must teach more about the harm of Nazi ideology

Prague, 17.11.2009 13:49, (ROMEA) Last week a public hearing was held in the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament on the topic “Protecting Society from Neo-Nazism”. One of those who participated in the discussion was the chair of the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust, Čeněk Růžička, one of the country’s leading Roma personalities. We spoke with him about neo-Nazism and racism, the position of Roma in society, the approach of the majority society toward the Roma, and what the Roma themselves need to improve. Růžička is most bothered by two things: The large number of Romani children in “special” education and the lack of instruction at elementary schools about the harmfulness of Nazi ideology and the methods used by the Nazis to put that ideology into practice. He is also bothered by the continually deteriorating social situation of the Roma.  full story

Commentary: Senate hearing on neo-Nazism is “protection against criticism”

Prague, 11.11.2009 10:51, (ROMEA) “Protecting society against neo-Nazism” was the title of a public hearing held yesterday in the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament, organized by Czech Senator Jaromír Jermář, chair of the Senate Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Human Rights. Some thanks are probably due to the senator, since in addition to the self-congratulatory speeches by police officers and state officials and the empty phrases of some of the politicians, academicians and other speakers, a few valuable expert overviews of the issue of extremism did manage to be presented. However, what did not occur – and its omission often seemed intentional – was any real discussion of the various topics. With one exception, people from civic associations that monitor extremism were given no meaningful opportunity to participate.  full story

Natálka’s final operation is over, she is sitting up and playing

Vítkov, 30.10.2009 17:21, (ROMEA) This past April in the town of Vítkov, racist fanatics caused burns to 80 % of little Natálka’s body in an arson attack. Yesterday she made it through her final skin graft operation. Michal Kadlčík, representing the hospital’s head physician, told Czech Television that the operation replaced the final 7 % of the girl’s skin. During the past six months, surgeons have been replacing Natálka’s burned skin, first with artificial skin and then by gradually grafting on real skin taken from the parts of her body that were spared injury.  full story

Anna Siváková: It’s not enough to hope, you must believe

Vítkov, 30.10.2009 10:32, (ROMEA) This is an interview with Anna Siváková and Pavel Kudrik, the parents of Natálka, the little girl who almost burned to death in a murderous attack earlier this year. We spoke with them about their feelings after the attack, how the entire event has changed them, how and to what extent it has changed their family’s life, and about several myths that have developed about the case. The interview was painful, not only for Natálka’s parents, but also for us. However, we all agreed that it is good to share these experiences with the rest of the world so as to reveal the full extent of the horror and meaninglessness of the violence committed by racist fanatics. We discussed feelings and relationships with Ms Siváková and practical matters with Mr Kudrik.  full story

Romani man, paralyzed after neo-Nazi attack, has to learn to speak all over again

Ostrava, 21.10.2009 5:55, (ROMEA) Yesterday at the Regional Court in Ostrava the proceedings against eight neo-Nazis charged with grievous bodily harm continued. The court heard testimony from defendants Karel Takáč, Michal Šebela, Libor Maceček, Martin Šebest, Josef Navrátil, Milan Kasl, Vlastislav Burda and an eighth defendant who is a minor. Since his name cannot therefore be publicized, Judge Lenka Čechová decided the proceedings would be closed.  full story

Romale, start your own "home defense" against pogroms

Litvínov/Janov, 20.10.2008 19:46, (ROMEA) According to Minister Ivan Langer, it is perfectly in order for Nazis and fascists to operate paramilitary organizations here. There is, therefore, no reason why you, the Roma, should not have them as well. The state evidently is losing the ability and will to protect you against pogroms. You should therefore defend yourselves. Everyone has the right to self-defense.  full story

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