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June 30, 2022




Prague conference notes progress on Holocaust restitution

Prague, 1.12.2012 19:43, (ROMEA) First Deputy Foreign Minister Jiří Schneider and Stuart Eizenstat, an adviser to the US Government on Holocaust questions, told journalists in Prague Thursday that an international conference assessing the options for the return of property stolen during the Holocaust has noted general progress on the issue of restitution. However, Eizenstat and Schneider believe the correction of wrongs committed during the Nazi era is not yet over and there is a need to accelerate the restitution given the advanced age of the victims.  full story

Czech Republic: Romani students meet with CoE Human Rights Commissioner

Prague, 16.11.2012 16:00, (ROMEA) A round table was held in Prague this week between those involved in the D.H. case, Romani student representatives, First Deputy Education Minister Jiří Nantl, and Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muižnieks. Video of the press conference held after the round table is available at (in Czech only).  full story

Independent Romani protest against Czech "special schools"

Ostrava, 7.11.2012 20:56, (ROMEA) News server reports that dozens of Romani people marched through Ostrava today demanding equal access to education. The protesters wanted to draw attention to the fact that the school system in the Czech Republic is arranged to their disadvantage and results in discrimination against Romani people. At the end of peaceful event, the demonstrators marched from the town hall through the town center to the building of the Czech School Inspection Authority carrying signs reading "Stop segregation!" and "Inclusive education".  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani march to mark D.H. anniversary

Ostrava, 6.11.2012 21:29, (ROMEA) On 7 November 2012, a group of Romani residents will peacefully march in Ostrava to mark the anniversary of the judgment handed down by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in the matter of "D.H. and Others versus the Czech Republic". That judgment confirmed that Romani children were being discriminated against in their access to education.  full story

Come to the Kelarova´s International Workshop of Gypsy Musis

Praha/Jedlova, 7.7.2009 11:28, (ROMEA/ The International School for Human Voice cordially invites you to attend the Gypsy Celebration International Summer Workshop, which is directed by the musician and singer Ida Kelarova. The workshop takes place in Jedlova (CR) in17-26 th July 2009. Kelarova will be accompanied by the tutors Desiderius Duzda, Tomas Kaco, Ivana Olahova, by the Gypsy band Kali cerchen and various artists, musicians, singers, dancers, ethnologists, etc.  full story

EU Roma Summit, September 16, 2008 - Brussels

Brussels, 9.8.2008 9:47, (ROMEA) This high-level conference on the inclusion of Roma will take place under the joint patronage of Commission President José Manuel Barroso and the French Presidency of the Council. The Conference will bring together some 350 representatives of EU institutions, Member State Governments and Parliaments, and civil society.  full story

Slovak pupil faces prison for greeting teachers with Nazi salute

Nitra, West Slovakia, 17.1.2008 8:51, (ROMEA/ČTK) Slovak police today accused a 15-year-old elementary school pupil who repeatedly greeted his teachers with the Nazi salute last and this years and shouted Nazi slogans of the propaganda of fascism, the police told CTK today.  full story

Reminder: The international conference on "Romani migrations, Romani diasporas"

Manchester, UK, 13.3.2007 10:43, (Roma Network) The international conference on 'Romani migrations, Romani diasporas' (GLS Annual Meeting 2007) will take place at the University of Manchester from 6-8 September 2007. The conference is hosted by the Romani Project at the University of Manchester, in conjunction with the Cultural Studies Network on Migrations and Diaspora.  full story

Paintings of the Roma Exhibited in New York

New York, 1.3.2007 16:17, (ROMEA) Helen Del Guidice's paintings of Romany women and children - her "Rom Madonnas" series - are stirring portraits which force us to contemplate these women and children in their ongoing poverty and marginalization. Del Guidice has captured the tenacious individualism of her subjects, with both despair and love etched in their faces. They are no longer "beggars," but cherished individuals--cherished by the artist, if not by the world that segregates them. In addition to her "Rom Madonnas" project, Del Guidice has created a spectrum of self-portraits, ? la Cindy Sherman, which reveal her many moods and incarnations.  full story

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