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April 6, 2020
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Commentary: Czech tabloid quotes Romani man as opposing inclusive education, other Romani representatives respond

3.5.2016 7:52 The Czech tabloid has been engaged in a campaign to prevent the closure of the separate special needs schools and to prevent the abolition of the "Appendix to the Framework Education Program on Mild Mental Disability". As part of that campaign, the tabloid chose to contact Andrej Lučka, the regional chair of the Romani Democratic Party in Rokycany and the chair of the "Help Roma" organization (and apparently a special school graduate himself), who told the tabloid, among other things, that he will "Defend [his] practical and special school at any cost, even with pitchforks".  full story

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ROMEA to hold public debate on "Roma in the Czech Republic - obstacles, opportunities, options" TOMORROW

27.4.2016 11:14 The ROMEA organization will be holding a public debate, "Roma in the Czech Republic - obstacles, opportunities, options" on Thursday, 28 April at the National Minorities House (Vocelova 3, Praha 2). The event will have three sections, the first of which will focus on supporting the higher education of Romani people by providing scholarships.  full story

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Parent of child with Down Syndrome writes open letter to Czech tabloid waging anti-inclusive education campaign

25.3.2016 18:46 Tomáš Hečko, the parent of a child with Down Syndrome, was approached by the tabloid daily Blesk in the Czech Republic for an interview on the topic of inclusive education and decided not to give them one. "Your newspaper has abandoned the pretense of even attempting to appear objective and instead of providing information is leading a campaign - a campaign against several thousand children with mild mental disability who are exercising their right to an inclusive education (or who want to do so in future) in the mainstream primary schools. You are also waging this campaign against us, the parents," he wrote in an open letter to the Blesk reporter.  full story

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Yveta Kenety: Czech daily again manipulates public with biased, outdated information about Roma

24.3.2016 17:14 One of the most recent examples of manipulative journalism that breaks all the rules on writing a quality article is the Právo daily's piece published on 21 March on their online news server with the misleading headline "European Judges: Czech Republic was basically punished for trying to educate Roma". The report is about the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the case of D.H. and Others versus Czech Republic and quotes three judges who voted against that judgment as if it were a hot news item the journalist had to go straight to Strasbourg to get.  full story

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Analysis: Czech tabloid launches campaign against inclusive education

20.3.2016 18:30 The Czech tabloid Blesk launched a campaign against inclusive education several weeks ago. It began by spending a week depicting inclusive education to its readers by way of clichés, lies and myths about the destruction of the Czech school system.  full story

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Analysis: Czech Police are confusing lawful behavior with "left-wing extremism"

4.3.2016 18:55 In September 1998, 17 years ago, the Antifa initiative held a march in the Czech city of Brno under the slogan "Blacks, whites, let's unite!" and "Why see difference when nothing divides us?!" The organizer of that march, Dušan Rosenbaum, said at the close of the demonstration that racism and fascism were more than just a problem for Jews, Roma and other persons of color here, but had also become a problem for LGBT people, those living with disabilities, ethnic minorities, humanists and human rights defenders: "Let's prevent conflict arising from natural human diversity, whether it be ethnic, cultural, national, racial or sexual," he warned.  full story

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Czech foundation says tabloid is bolstering media hysteria about school reforms

23.2.2016 18:15 According to a survey performed for the tabloid daily Blesk in the Czech Republic by the SANEP agency, a large proportion of people are concerned about and disagree with upcoming changes that mean children with special educational needs will be educated together with other children in the same schools. According to Blesk, more than 90 % of a representative sample of more than 2 000 people believe the change will worsen the level of education in the country, while less than 10 % believe it will improve education.  full story

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Czech Deputy Public Defender of Rights inserts himself into scandal over refugee interview

19.2.2016 19:01 According to Stanislav Křeček, the Deputy Public Defender of Rights, the Iraqi Christian refugee George Batto, who was offered an apartment in the Czech town of Jihlava and was then interviewed by TV Prima, did not compare that apartment to a "cowshed" or "barn for animals". In its first report about the refugees, Prima broadcast a misinterpretation of Batto's words that included a reference to a "cowshed" and juxtaposed the audio with an image of the apartments at issue.  full story

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17 Czech senators say tv report on refugees constitutes illegal incitement to hatred

18.2.2016 23:13 News server Marketing&Media reports that on Wednesday, 18 February, 17 members of the Senate of the Czech Republic filed a complaint with the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting over reporting by the Prima television station about Iraqi refugees from Erbil. According to the senators, the reporting may have violated Act No. 231/2001 on the operation of radio and television broadcasting, especially the obligation to not engage in incitement to hatred.  full story

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Blog administrator at Czech daily gets death threats after shutting down "Bloc against Islam" bloggers

10.2.2016 18:57 Cyber-bullying, death threats, racist insults. Patrik Banga, who is charge of administering blogs for the Czech daily, has been facing all of those since Monday when, after several warnings, he closed down the blog of Martin Konvička, the leader of the populist, xenophobic "Bloc against Islam" group.  full story

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Arson attack Saturday after Prague demonstrations for and against refugee reception

9.2.2016 2:00 "The moment it happened I said to myself 'This just can't be happening, it's like a bad film'," says Monika Bundžová, one of the witnesses to the attack on the Klinika Autonomous Center in the Žižkov quarter of Prague by a group of approximately 20 right-wing extremists. What happened on Saturday evening at Klinka was an attempt at an action organized in a military way - and if the assailants themselves were not assumed to be Czechs, the media and politicians would certainly be calling it "terrorism" now.  full story

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Media image of Romani people in Slovakia: Generalizations and stereotypes

13.1.2016 23:06 The civic association Romano kher - Rómsky dom (Roma House) has produced an analysis of selected Slovak media outlets in collaboration with the Media Academy, focusing on those outlets that significantly contribute to creating the image of various minorities for the Slovak public. The survey monitored the period from the beginning of June to the end of October 2015.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani author and journalist Gejza Demeter has passed away

9.12.2015 17:28 The eminent Romani author and journalist Gejza Demeter has passed away; his funeral will be this Friday, 11 December, at 13:00 in the ceremonial hall of the cemetery in Neratovice. Jan Červenka, head of the Romani Studies Seminar at Charles University in Prague contacted news server on behalf of Mr Demeter's family last week with the news.  full story

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Czech Radio creates online broadcasts about children's homes

21.11.2015 16:14 Lukáš Kotlár, the Editor-in-Chief of the children's magazine Zámeček ("Mansion"), and his colleague Albín Augustin Balát have created an online radio station called DD Rádio - Rádio dětských domovů (DD Radio - Children's Homes Radio). "Annually around 1 000 young people leave children's homes and a similar number enter them. We will broadcast for the children and employees of these homes, but we also want to bring news from their world to the public," Kotlár said; news server conducted the following interview with him.  full story

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Turkey's first Romani television station to begin online broadcast

12.11.2015 21:15 The Turkish edition of CNN and other media outlets report that Ahmet Çokyaşar, the chair of the Turkish Romani Confederation, says giving Romani people a voice and providing a different perspective on them from the one produced by other media outlets is the main aim of the first Romani television station in Turkey, which will begin broadcasting on 20 November. The station, called "Roman TV", will first begin broadcasting in Romani and Turkish through the Internet  full story

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Some charges dropped against Romani couple in Greece who cared for Romani child from Bulgaria

12.11.2015 20:08 The Greek wire service Athens News Agency (ANA) reports that a Greek court has dropped charges of abduction against the Romani couple who were discovered in 2013 to be caring for a blonde Romani girl named Maria. Christos Salis and his wife, Eleftheria Dimopoulou, are still being prosecuted for deceiving the authorities by asserting she was their daughter.  full story

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Czech Education Minister's new press spokesperson to be Romani journalist Jarmila Balážová

30.10.2015 21:19 TÝ reports that Jarmila Balážová, who until recently worked as press spokesperson for Czech Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier, is changing positions and will become press spokesperson for Czech Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Kateřina Valachová in November. TÝDEN reports that the Education Minister chose her as spokesperson especially because the two women are already friends.  full story

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Ireland: Romani family compensated for hysteria around blond child

24.10.2015 8:07 Compensation of more than EUR 60 000 has been awarded to the family of a blond Romani boy in Ireland after he was taken away from his family for no reason in October 2013. Social workers mistakenly believed the boy was not the biological son of his parents.  full story

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Czech Professional Society for Inclusive Education files complaint against TV Nova over manipulative reporting

24.10.2015 7:43 On 15 October the Czech Professional Society for Inclusive Education issued the following press release:  full story

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Hungarian Police beat up international journalists during use of force against refugees

17.9.2015 18:43 Hungarian police officers involved with yesterday's intervention against refugees on the border with Serbia beat up and detained journalists from abroad. One was a reporter for the Slovak newspaper Denník N, which reported the incident today.  full story

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