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October 25, 2021




Prosecution of Slovak Romany women's sterilisations halted

Kosice, East Slovakia, 26.2.2008 12:32, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak Regional Prosecutor's Office again halted prosecution in the case of alleged illegal sterilisations of Romany women in east Slovakia, the office's spokesman Milan Filicko told CTK today.  full story

Swastikas painted on cars in Slovak town Trebisov

Kosice, East Slovakia, 22.2.2008 18:07, (ROMEA/CTK) Unidentified men painted and engraved swastikas on ten cars on a parking lot in Trebisov, East Slovakia, Jana Demjanovicova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak police detain young men who threatened Romanies

Krupina, Central Slovakia/Bratislava, 12.1.2008 22:04, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak police on Friday arrested five right-wing extremists who were verbally attacking the Romany inhabitants of a family house near Krupina, the local police told CTK today.  full story

Slovak police accuse further two Czechs of extremism

Bratislava, 3.1.2008 13:45, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak police on Wednesday accused further two Czechs of extremism in relation to an attack on a group of Romanies during New Year's Eve celebrations in Krupina, central Slovakia, regional police spokeswoman Maria Faltaniova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak police accuse Czech man of attacking Romanies

Banska Bystrica, Central Slovakia, 2.1.2008 17:54, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak police today accused a 18-year-old male Czech and a 26-year-old Slovak man of an attack on a group of Romanies during New Year's Eve celebrations, regional police director Marian Slobodnik told journalists today.  full story

Skinheads attack Romanies, injure some of them

Bratislava, 1.1.2008 21:48, (ROMEA/CTK) Four skinheads attacked eight Romanies during New Year's Eve in Krupina, injuring three of them, TA3 television channel reported today.  full story

Ethnic children should master Slovak language - government

Bratislava, 19.12.2007 17:11, (ROMEA/CTK) Children from ethnic minorities' families should improve their knowledge of Slovak under the plan proposed by the Slovak Education Ministry and approved by the government today.  full story

Gasparovic: Roma Problems in Slovakia Not Racial But Social

Bratislava, 15.12.2007 13:55, (ROMEA/CTK) Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic said on Tuesday that he views problems linked to the Roma community in Slovakia to be social rather than racial.  full story

Two Slovak youths may go to prison for spraying Nazi symbols

Nove Zamky, Slovakia, 8.12.2007 20:06, (ROMEA/CTK) Two Slovak 17-year-old boys who sprayed a school gymnasium and fence with Nazi symbols and slogans on Saturday face up to four years in prison if they were found guilty, Renata Cuhakova, spokeswoman for the Slovak police, told CTK today.  full story

Slovakia violates Romanies' right to housing - NGO

Bratislava, 5.12.2007 15:37, (ROMEA/CTK) An additional investment of several hundred million crowns in Romanies' education, retraining and better housing annually would start to return to the state within 15 years, representatives of the Dzeno Romany association say in a material CTK has at its disposal.  full story

Slovak Romany associations form Alliance of Romany Organisations

Banska Bystrica, Central Slovakia, 30.11.2007 10:27, (ROMEA/CTK) Five Romany associations in Slovakia today formed the Alliance of Romany Organisations (ARO) which they expect to facilitate their access to money from EU funds, ARO President Ivan Mako has told CTK.  full story

Slovaks accused of attack on dark-skinned girl in custody

Bratislava, 26.11.2007 20:47, (ROMEA/ČTK) Two assailants who according to the police attacked last week a dark-skinned 16-year-old girl whose father is Cuban have been taken into custody, Kosice district court spokeswoman Marcela Galova has told CTK.  full story

Slovak Romanies discriminated against in employment, services

Bratislava, 26.11.2007 20:45, (ROMEA/CTK) Slovak Romanies face discrimination while looking for jobs as well as regards access to services in shops and restaurants, People Against Racism civic association representatives told journalists today.  full story

Former govt worsened poverty of Slovak Romanies - minister

Bratislava, 23.11.2007 17:53, (ROMEA/CTK) The poverty of Romanies has deepened in the past years in Slovakia due to insensitive social measures taken by the previous right-wing government of Mikulas Dzurinda, Labour Minister Viera Tomanova told journalists today.  full story

Age is most often reason of discrimination in Slovakia - poll

Bratislava, 23.11.2007 9:55, (ROMEA/CTK) The age is the most frequent reason of discrimination against employees in Slovakia, according to the latest poll by the IVO public opinion research institute published today.  full story

Dark-skinned girl hurt in racially motivated attack in Slovakia

Kosice, East Slovakia, 23.11.2007 9:53, (ROMEA/CTK) Three extremists attacked a 16-year-old dark-skinned girl, kicking her and shouting Nazi greetings in Kosice on Wednesday night, police spokeswoman Jana Demjanovicova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak nursery school sprayed by swastikas

Bratislava/Martin, Central Slovakia, 20.11.2007 17:24, (ROMEA/CTK) The walls of a nursery school in Martin was sprayed by swastikas on the night from Saturday to Sunday, police spokeswoman Jana Balogova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak usurer oppressing Romanies sent to prison

Zilina, West Slovkia, 20.11.2007 17:22, (ROMEA/CTK) An usurer who claimed inadequately high interests for loans he used to provide to Romanies in Zilina for several years will spend three years behind bars, the regional court has decided, Igrid Samajova from the district prosecutor' office told CTK today.  full story

Slovak Romanies access to education becomes more difficult-AI

Bratislava, 15.11.2007 12:29, (ROMEA/CTK) Slovak Romany children's access to education is becoming more and more difficult, representatives of the Amnesty International human rights organisation said today, adding that many Romany children had been illegally placed in schools for mentally impaired children.  full story

Slovak far right extremists want to demonstrate on November 17

Bratislava, 12.11.2007 16:45, (ROMEA/CTK) Supporters of the far right Slovak Community (Slovenska pospolitost) civic association again plan, like last year, to stage a demonstration in the centre of Bratislava on November 17, the group said on its website today.  full story

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