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July 4, 2022




Czech ODS politician posts racist texts on Internet

Brno, 6.11.2007 10:51, (ROMEA/CTK) Petr Paulczynski (senior ruling Civic Democrats, ODS), opposition member of Brno authority, posts racist texts on his website, including texts of the far-right National Party (NS), the regional issue of daily Denik writes today. The website also offers jokes hinting at Romanies.  full story

Two foreigners allegedly left unconscious after neo-Nazi attack

Bratsilava, 5.11.2007 15:56, (ROMEA/CTK) Two out of four foreign students attacked by about 20 rightist extremists in Bratislava centre on Friday night were allegedly left unconscious, the People against Racism civic association said today.  full story

Police disperse extremists' concert in West Bohemia

Nove Hamry, West Bohemia, 4.11.2007 18:18, (ROMEA/CTK) The Czech police dispersed a concert of extremist bands attended by some 120 skinhead supporters in a local hotel in Nove Hamry on Saturday night, regional police spokeswoman Ilona Tymlova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak Interior Ministry establishes special anti-extremism team

Bratislava, 2.11.2007 16:43, (ČTK/ROMEA) Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak has recently established a new special team that will continue the investigation of the murder of 21-year-old student Daniel Tupy in Bratislava in 2005 of which neo-Nazis are suspected, Interior Ministry spokesman Erik Tomas told CTK today.  full story

Far-right National Party establishes paramilitary unit

Prague, 28.10.2007 22:06, (ROMEA/CTK) Several tens of supporters of the Czech far-right National Party (NS) attended a Prague meeting today marking the anniversary of the birth of Czechoslovakia in 1918, at which NS leaders delivered speeches and founded the National Guard as a paramilitary organised group.  full story

Czech city police may be extremist

Pardubice, 24.10.2007 23:55, (ROMEA/CTK - VIDEO) A city police from Pardubice is an active neo-Nazi and a member of the organisation POW that helps imprisoned neo-Nazis, the commercial television station Nova said today.¨The group Anti-fascist Action has submitted the photographs corroborating the suspicion, Nova said. The case is now being settled by the Office for the Uncovering of Organised Crime (UOOZ).
VIDEO INSIDE  full story

Klaus appeals against extremist march, Prague to seek its ban

Prague, 24.10.2007 18:40, (CTK/ROMEA) Czech President Vaclav Klaus today called on all bodies involved not to allow the extremist groups' planned march through Prague's historical Jewish Quarter on the German Nazi-era Kristallnacht's anniversary, his spokesman Petr Hajek told CTK.  full story

Far-right wingers stage St Wenceslas demonstration in Kladno

Kladno, Central Bohemia, 29.9.2007 17:16, (ROMEA/CTK) Czech far-right wingers criticised the current and the past Czech cabinets and voiced their opposition to ethnic minorities and to the U.S. plan to build a radar base on Czech soil at their 3rd St Wenceslas demonstration that some 200 people attended in Kladno today.  full story

Czech far-right party considering forming "protection" guards

Prague, 28.9.2007 20:23, (ROMEA/CTK) The Czech nationalist Workers' Party, a ultra-right extra-parliamentary entity, is considering forming its own "protection teams" that would secure order at the party events and also monitor problems involving immigrants, among others, the party head Tomas Vandas said today.  full story

Prague cannot ban extremists' march against Iraq's occupation

Prague, 25.9.2007 18:05, (CTK/ROMEA) The Prague City Hall cannot ban the march through Prague's Jewish Quarter scheduled for November 10 since the organisers have officially called it a "protest against the Czech Republic's participation in the occupation of Iraq," City Hall spokesman Jiri Wolf told CTK today.  full story

Czech extreme rightists march through town

Holesov, South Moravia, 25.8.2007 19:08, (CTK) Some 20 members and followers of the Czech extreme rightist National Corporativism group staged a demonstration today, although an organiser had cancelled the event on Tuesday.  full story

Czech police clamp down on neo-Nazis

Senohraby, Central Bohemia, 25.8.2007 18:20, (CTK) Czech police intervened against followers of the neo-Nazi movement who met at a recreational facility in Poddubi last night, Zdenek Chalupa from the local police says on the webpage of the Central Bohemian police today.  full story

Czech Romanies allegedly set extreme rightist ablaze

Klasterec nad Ohri, North Bohemia, 23.8.2007 15:54, (CTK) Two Czech Romanies today tried to set ablaze the chairman of the local organisation of the extreme rightist National Front (NS) in the town, NS webpage said.  full story

Protest of radicals in Vlasim ends, police still on alert

Vlasim, 28.7.2007 17:51, (CTK) The demonstration the far-right National Corporativism movement organised in Vlasim today ended in the afternoon with the leaders' speeches condemning what they called positive discrimination against ethnic Romanies in the Czech Republic.  full story

Neo-Nazi demonstration in Vlasim should be banned-activists

Prague, 27.7.2007 17:33, (CTK) Anti-extremist civic groups today protested against the Vlasim town hall's decision to issue a permit for a demonstration the far right National Corporativism movement intends to stage in the town on Saturday, pointing out that such a demonstration should not have been allowed.  full story

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