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May 22, 2019
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Commentary: Czech special educators fear the inevitable - inclusive education

Prague, 1.5.2014 0:09, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic the Association of Special Educators (Asociace speciálních pedagogů - ASP) is cringing and their supporters are sounding the alarm as if they were in real distress. On 19 April, the regional edition of the daily Mf DNES published an interview with Václav Mrštík, director of a regional-level educational-psychological counseling center, entitled "Psychologist: The law is more Catholic than the Pope and does not take children into consideration" (Psycholog: Zákon je papežštější než papež. Vůbec nehledí na děti.)  full story

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UK: Train passengers told to "Be aware of pickpockets and Gypsies"

London, 25.3.2014 17:26, (ROMEA) A train company in Great Britain has begun investigating who is behind a racist announcement that was made over its public address system earlier this month. "Telford Central - please be aware of pickpockets and Gypsies" a voice announced over the public address system as the train pulled into the station.  full story

Paul-Marie Coûteaux (PHOTO: Guillaume Paumier, Wikimedia Commons)

France: Mayoral candidate for 6th arrondissement of Paris would "concentrate" Gypsies in "camps"

Paris, France, 10.3.2014 20:07, (ROMEA) Paul-Marie Coûteaux, a candidate for the fringe CIEL party (which stands for "Sovereignty, Independence and Freedom") linked to the anti-EU and anti-immigrant National Front (FN) party, has compared the presence of Romani people in Paris to an "invasion of lepers" undermining the city's "aesthetic order". In a blog posting dated 19 February, Coûteaux wrote: "What can the interior minister do other than concentrate these foreign populations into camps where they would no doubt feel that life there is so far removed from their traveling lifestyle that they would rather leave such an inhospitable country."  full story

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Czech Republic: Simultaneous neo-Nazi demos in Ostrava and Plzeň

Ostrava/Plzeň, 1.3.2014 19:14, (ROMEA) Today approximately 70 neo-Nazis passed through Plzeň during an event announced as a march to uphold the rights of all "decent citizens" of the Czech Republic and to protest the ROMEA organization. The neo-Nazis set out at 14:45 from Republika Square and marched down Františkánská, Martinská, Americká and Tylova Streets to Emil Škoda Square.  full story

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Czech NGO files complaint against paper over racist article

Prague, 13.2.2014 17:51, (ROMEA) The Prostějovský Večerník ("Prostějov Evening News") daily paper has once again had a complaint filed against it over a racist article. As with the previous case, the complaint was filed by the NESEHNUTÍ nongovernmental organization, which believes that an article headlined "GYPSY HYENAS rob woman of crutches!" violates the law.  full story

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Czech Govt to fight antigypsyism and anti-Semitism, beef up ombud and social housing

Prague, 11.2.2014 17:47, (ROMEA) Addressing social housing, fighting marginalization and a robust performance against antigypsyism and intolerance are all promised in the Czech Government's draft program declaration. The cabinet also wants to get a handle on the "trafficking in poverty at overpriced residential hotels."  full story

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Czech MP visits convict doing time for racially motivated murder

Prague, 25.1.2014 10:32, (ROMEA) Czech MP Tomio Okamura, chair of the "Dawn of Direct Democracy" (Úsvit přímé demokracie) movement and its vice-chair, Jaroslav Novák, visited Vlastimil Pechanec today in prison in Pardubice. Pechanec was convicted of perpetrating the racially-motivated murder of Ota Absolon, a Romani man, in 2001 in Svitavy.  full story

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Slovakia wants obligatory work for Roma on welfare

Slovakia, 1.12.2013 19:08, (ROMEA) Last Tuesday the ruling Směr (Direction) party in Slovakia was joined by opposition MPs to override a presidential veto of an amendment requiring work in exchange for aid to those in material distress. Unemployed persons will have to work at least 32 hours a month in order to receive the state benefit of EUR 61.60.  full story

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