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Young Romany beaten up in Slovakia, had to be treated - press

Bratislava, 9.11.2007 10:56, (ROMEA/CTK) Three young men attacked a 17-year-old Romany in Sala, southwest Slovakia, causing him a head laceration that a doctor had to sew up, daily Sme writes today.  full story

Slovak Interior Ministry establishes special anti-extremism team

Bratislava, 2.11.2007 16:43, (ČTK/ROMEA) Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak has recently established a new special team that will continue the investigation of the murder of 21-year-old student Daniel Tupy in Bratislava in 2005 of which neo-Nazis are suspected, Interior Ministry spokesman Erik Tomas told CTK today.  full story

Slovak police investigate another attack on Romanies

Revuca, East Slovakia, 14.10.2007 19:28, (CTK/ROMEA) The Slovak police have started to prosecute unknown culprits who have attacked Romanies in Revuca for the defamation of nation and race, police spokeswoman Petra Babulicova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak deputy PM wants obligatory pre-school education

Bratislava, 10.10.2007 15:07, (ROMEA/CTK) Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Dusan Caplovic wants five-year-old children to attend kindergartens obligatorily as a measure to help solve problems with Romanies' education, he told reporters today.  full story

Slovak government should pay more attention to Romanies-NGOs

Bratislava, 4.10.2007 16:59, (ROMEA/CTK) Two Slovak non-governmental organisations, the Institute of Romany Public Policy and the Milan Simecka Foundation, today called on the government to pay more attention to Slovak Romanies' problems.  full story

Two Slovaks sentenced for racially attacking Romanies

Prievidza, Central Slovakia, 26.9.2007 15:28, (ROMEA/CTK) The district court in Prievidza today gave suspended sentences to two men, aged 21, who insulted Romanies and injured a 13-year-old girl last September, Trencin regional court spokesman Roman Tarabus told CTK.  full story

Slovak Romanies' protest against eviction ends

Bratislava, 22.9.2007 13:29, (ROMEA/CTK) Evicted Slovak Romany rent-defaulters on Friday ended their protest at the square in Nove Zamky after they were told by the municipal police to leave it, the dailies Sme and Pravda write today.  full story

Slovak Romanies protest against eviction

Nove Zamky, South Slovakia, 14.9.2007 17:57, (CTK/ROMEA) Tens of Slovak Romanies who were evicted from two houses in Nove Zamky resumed their protests against the measure outside the local town hall today, head of the municipal office Peter Agh told CTK.
VIDEO INSIDE  full story

Jaundice vaccination among Romanies starts in east Slovakia

Vyborna/Kosice, East Slovakia, 14.9.2007 16:30, (CTK/ROMEA) The hepatitis vaccination has started among 67 Romany communities at the risk in east Slovakia, Tatiana Drmlikova from the Association for culture, education and communication (ACEC) that organises the campaign told CTK today.  full story

Eviction of Slovak Romanies racist - Deputy Prime Minister

Bratislava, 13.9.2007 19:00, (ČTK) The removal of Romanies from some Slovak towns is racially motivated, Slovak Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Human Rights and Minorities Dusan Caplovic told journalists today.  full story

Slovak threatens with more fires over Romany colony - TA3

Spisska Nova Ves, East Slovakia, 13.8.2007 16:13, (CTK) A Slovak citizen claimed responsibility for a recently extinguished big fire and threatened to start new fires if the construction of a Romany settlement near Letanovce, east Slovakia, is not stopped, the TA3 news TV reported today.  full story

Fire in Slovak dormitory claims lives of nine

Kysucke Nove Mesto, Central Slovakia, 4.8.2007 18:55, (CTK) Nine people died in the fire that hit a local dormitory for poor families on Friday, regional police director Frantisek Posluch told journalists, adding that there are no other victims among the burnt-down ruins.  full story

Sudanese doctor assaulted in Slovakia

Bratislava, 5.7.2007 16:50, (ČTK) Two unknown perpetrators attacked a 27-year-old doctor from Sudan, who has been living in Slovakia for nine years, in Galanta, west Slovakia, on Monday night, the People Against Racism association informed CTK today.The police are still searching for the perpetrators.The Sudanese doctor was assaulted on the way from a train station to his dormitory. All of a sudden, unknown men started to beat him on the head by some tool resembling a truncheon silently, said Maria Candrakova from the association, referring to the victim's words.  full story

Intrigue against Slovak government behind attack on Romany house

Bratislava, 29.6.2007 13:07, (CTK) The extra-parliamentary Slovak Romany Initiative (RIS) believes that political intrigues against the current government coalition could be behind the recent defilement of its building in Sladkovicova, west Slovakia, at which two swastikas and an insulting inscription recently appeared, RIS chairman Alexander Patkolo told journalists today.  full story

First graduates leave the only Slovak Romany secondary school

Kosice, East Slovakia, 27.6.2007 17:59 First 18 students this year graduated from the only secondary school in Slovakia focused on the studies of Romany culture, which was established in Kosice four years ago, school director Anna Koptova told CT today.Another three students will repeat the school leaving exams in September, she added.Koptova said that three of the graduates have already been accepted to universities and others seek university studies, too, which is a success since the schools's aim is to prepare young Romanies for university studies.  full story

Slovak Romany Initiative building defamed with swastika

Bratislava, 26.6.2007 13:58, (CTK) Two swastikas and an insulting inscription have appeared on the building of the Slovak Romany Initiative (RIS) in Sladkovicovo, west Slovakia, spokeswoman for the Trnava police Maria Linkesova told CTK today.  full story

Slovak Romany Parliament approves cooperation with Slota's SNS

Zvolen, Central Slovakia, 23.6.2007 18:10, (ČTK) The civic association Parliament of Romanies in Slovakia (PRSR) today approved its project of cooperation with the junior ruling Slovak National Party (SNS) that PRSR head Ladislav Fizik initiated despite the SNS's reputation as a party unfriendly to Romanies. Fizik and SNS leaders signed a cooperation memorandum in April.  full story

NGO launches project to motivate Slovak Romanies' money saving

Kosice, East Slovakia, 7.6.2007 12:35, (CTK) The Slovak Romany families who will save money under firmly set conditions will receive an extra bonus worth the saved sum after two years within a project the ETP Slovensko NGO launched earlier this month.The NGO director Slavka Macakova told journalists today that the project addresses 150 Romany families from east Slovakia for the time being. It can be joined by one money saver from each family, she said.Romany families often become short of money they need to run their households.  full story

New village found for Slovak Romanies

Hrabusice, East Slovakia, 11.5.2007 19:44, (CTK) Mayors of the Slovak towns and villages who protested against the removal of Romanies from the shanty village near Letanovce close to their own settlements today agreed on the new locality for the Romanies, Stefan Labuda, mayor of Hrabusice, told CTK. The original plan was opposed by the residents of Letanovce, Hrabusice, Spissky Stvrtok and Spisske Tomasovce. "We have found a new locality named Dobosky that had been considered earlier, but the government is still to confirm it," Labuda said.  full story

Slovak junior ruling SNS, Romanies agree on cooperation

Bratislava, 12.4.2007 13:38, (CTK) The junior ruling Slovak National Party (SNS) today signed a memorandum on cooperation with Romany Parliament, an association of Romanies in Slovakia."Our people have seen that there is goodwill in the SNS to solve the Romany issue," the association chairman Ladislav Fizik said.In the past, the SNS and its chairman Jan Slota faced criticism over their anti-Romany statements.  full story

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