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April 5, 2020
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--ilustrační foto-- Media watchdogs are not censors - here's the proof!

Prague, 3.2.2015 20:01, (ROMEA) One of news server's activities is monitoring the media, fact-checking the correctness and veracity of the information journalists use, and then attempting to get misleading, tendentious or untrue information corrected. We play this watchdog role not only with respect to the media, but also with respect to municipal or state officials and politicians, etc.  full story

--ilustrační foto--

Czech court levies record damages against online publisher for racist discussion posts

Prague, 29.1.2015 0:38, (ROMEA) A Czech court has, for the first time, handed down a punishment for the racism that occurs in online discussions beneath articles posted to news servers and social networking sites, a phenomenon that has yet to be sufficiently prosecuted here. Plaintiff Jaroslav Suchý has succeeded with a lawsuit against OUR MEDIA, the publisher of the online tabloid Parlamentní listy, and the Municipal Court has awarded him damages of CZK 150 000 for insults targeting him in anonymous online discussions.  full story

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Czech media retract unverified article about Romani quintuplets and organic food

Prague, 27.1.2015 21:26, (ROMEA) The online news servers and Krajské began the start of last week with articles claiming that the family of the Romani quintuplets had rejected a gift of organic food from an unidentified farmer. The family was alleged to have returned the gift to the farmer without even thanking her for it.  full story

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Czech-language Facebook page slanders Romani organizations as anti-Islam

Prague, 13.1.2015 17:12, (ROMEA) A recently-created Czech-language Facebook page has been created by anonymous administrators who are slandering Romani initiatives. The name of the page is "Roma against Islam" (Romové proti islámu).  full story

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France: Le Pen Senior says Charlie Hebdo is "anarchist and Trotskyist"

Paris, 12.1.2015 19:21, (ROMEA) Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of France's ultra-right, said Saturday that he does not like the slogan "Je suis Charlie" now being used by millions of people to express sympathy with Charlie Hebdo magazine. The father of the current boss of the anti-immigrant Front National (FN) party said that while he regrets the victims of the fatal attack on the editorial offices of the satirical weekly, he must criticize the works of its caricaturists.  full story

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Czech Republic: Girls invent story of assault by Roma, media must retract claims

Litvínov, 12.1.2015 17:50, (ROMEA) The infamous "journalist" Jan Vraný, who is behind the E-mostecko local online news server, has attempted to incite his readers against Romani people once more. However, he has only partially succeeded this time.  full story

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Czech Social Affairs Ministry: Quintuplets' parents deserve support

Prague, 8.1.2015 19:57, (ROMEA) The Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry has issued a press release in response to remarks made by Klára Vítková-Rulíková in an interview with the online news server on 5 January 2015, including her interpretation of the alleged opinions of some ministry staffers about the first quintuplets born in the Czech Republic. According to the press spokesperson for the ministry, those remarks reflected the personal opinions of Ms Vítková-Rulíková alone and were not in accordance in any way with the ministry's position.  full story

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Czech news server Protiproud claims that all Romani children are retarded

Prague, 7.1.2015 20:09, (ROMEA) The year 2015 has begun in the Czech Republic in one of the worst possible ways: With an hysterical, xenophobic campaign against Muslims and Romani people. Czech MP Tomio Okamura unleashed the hateful whirlwind of opinions with his "war on kebabs" and other quasi-fascist opinions have begun swarming like wasps.  full story

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Czech media outlet reprints old, misleading information about Roma in UK

Prague, 6.1.2015 19:38, (ROMEA) News server has published an article with the headline "French town doesn't want to bury Romani child who didn't pay taxes" that includes information more than a year old about the situation in the suburb of Sheffield in England. As in its previous reporting, the news server's current reporting is silent as to the results of a police investigation into the matter, which means and the information it has now (re)published is extremely misleading.  full story

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Slovak media depict Roma stereotypically and often anonymously

Bratislava, Slovakia, 3.1.2015 1:14, (ROMEA) They are dependent on state aid, impoverished, and uneducated, they commit crime more often than members of the majority part of society, and they have many children. That is what Romani people in Slovakia often look like through the eyes of the majority, and several media outlets are contributing to this stereotypical image  full story

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2015 issues for "Practical schools" and social housing

Prague, 2.1.2015 22:55, (ROMEA) The new year in the Czech Republic has begun with the ongoing design of the social housing law and a controversial amendment to welfare policy that will have hard-to-predict consequences. The amendment is intended to restrict "trafficking in poverty" by residential hotels, but it is not clear whether thought has been given to where those now living in such facilities might eventually end up as a result of the changes.  full story

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Czech media analysis: News about Roma makes money, but reporting is not objective

Prague, 2.1.2015 19:48, (ROMEA) As part of a project called "Reducing discrimination and racism by altering the media depiction of Romani people", supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants, the ROMEA organization has published an introductory analysis of the depiction of Romani people in the Czech media in recent years. The aim of the project is to prevent society from shifting towards extremism and a radicalization of its relationship toward Romani people by doing our best to influence and eventually also modify how the media reports about Romani people.  full story

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Bothered by how the media report on Romani people? ROMEA wants to hear from you

Prague, 29.12.2014 5:41, (ROMEA) "One of the main roles in society's shift toward extremism and radicalization in relation to Romani people is played by the media," says Zdeněk Ryšavý, director of ROMEA, o.p.s. "Ever more frequently, in media of all kinds, we are encountering journalists who report about Romani people superficially, without any knowledge, or without sufficient reflection on the context of a story."  full story

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Local edition of Czech daily closes online discussion board due to rising insults, racism and slander

Most, 22.12.2014 20:23, (ROMEA) The editors of the online edition of Mostecký deník (The Most Daily) are taking a step of enormous impact after having been forced to it by long-lasting circumstances. The editors have decided to close down the website's online discussion boards.  full story

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Czech Police expert disagrees that Roma should stay away from anti-Romani demonstrations

Prague, 13.12.2014 0:12, (ROMEA) Last week a round table was held on the issue of violent hate crimes at the American Center in Prague. The gathering was held by Open Society Fund Prague for
representatives of nonprofit organizations and the state administration, and its aim was to reflect on the recent anti-Romani marches and the anti-Romani atmosphere in Czech society.  full story

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Czech journalist Michal Komárek and ROMEA win Vodafone Foundation grant

Prague, 31.10.2014 21:24, (ROMEA) This year's round of the Czech Vodafone Foundation's grant program saw 64 applicants. There were 12 projects in the final round whose authors presented their intentions to the expert jury.  full story

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Czech authorities alarmingly unwilling to prosecute online hate crimes

Prague, 22.10.2014 0:10, (ROMEA) Ill-will, incompetence or indifference. In which category does the inactivity of the Czech Police with respect to racist threats and verbal attacks belong?  full story

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Romani family maligned by Czech press repeatedly attacked while asleep

Sedlčany, 21.10.2014 18:50, (ROMEA) For the past six months, a Romani family in the Central Bohemian town of Sedlčany has been living with the fear that they will once again be attacked by unidentified hoodlums breaking the glass in yet another of their windows or shouting racist threats outside their front door. The local council has helpfully approved the acquisition and installation of a new camera as part of the municipal CCTV system on their street, which could aid in deterring the incidents.  full story

ERRC blog

European Roma Rights Centre launches blog

Budapest, 14.10.2014 0:11, (ROMEA) The Budapest-based ERRC has launched an English-language blog in order to "stimulate conversation and debate about what’s needed to make a difference in the lives of Roma across Europe". Edited by Bernard Rorke, the blog features interviews,legal analysis, news, opinions and a "resource center" drawing from the ERRC archives.  full story

Al Jazeera: Roma minority struggle to find a place

Prague, 26.9.2011 22:36, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic, Roma clash with ethnic Czechs as unemployment and crime plague neighbourhoods.  full story

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