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June 26, 2022




Silas Kropf, Deputy Chairman of Amaro Drom eV (c-r), making his remarks, at Roma youth event during Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, 1 October 2015  (PHOTO: ODIHR)

Compensation for victims of forced sterilization raised at OSCE event on Roma

2.10.2015 2:27 Speaking at the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw on 1 October, two Romani civil society members raised the urgent issue of the Czech Government's decision not to compensate the victims of forced sterilizations, human rights abuses that have taken place over the course of decades in the former Czechoslovakia and its successor states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including into the 21st century. Karolina Mirga of the Ternype network raised the issue as well as the continued presence of an industrial pig farm on the site of a former concentration camp for Roma at Lety in the Czech Republic.  full story

Viktor Orbán (PHOTO: European People's Party - EPP,

Hungarian Police beat up international journalists during use of force against refugees

17.9.2015 18:43 Hungarian police officers involved with yesterday's intervention against refugees on the border with Serbia beat up and detained journalists from abroad. One was a reporter for the Slovak newspaper Denník N, which reported the incident today.  full story

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Czech Republic: Gay Romani man's week includes a racist assault with a gun, rejection from a bar and strange police treatment

16.9.2015 20:55 At the beginning of August, I experienced several amazing days with the organization ARA ART. I participated in the first international Roma LGBT conference. As part of the conference, together with six other gay Roma, I took part in the Theater of the Oppressed by putting on a play about being Roma and gay. At the conference, I met 20 other Romani LGBT. In our free time, we were able to enjoy ourselves freely in clubs and other entertainment facilities without being discriminated against. All this changed upon my return to the mundane reality of the city of Ostrava.  full story

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Pro-refugee demos throughout Europe, Czech Police detain Romani activist again over flag

14.9.2015 0:41 Czech Police detained Romani activist Ivana Mariposa Čonková in Prague yesterday immediately prior to the beginning of a demonstration there for an "Open Europe", one of several such events held throughout the continent. Although the officers did not initially inform her why she was being detained, it later turned out that it was because she was holding a Czech flag altered to feature elements of the international Romani flag.  full story

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Czech right-wing extremist proposes refugees be "concentrated" at Terezín

7.9.2015 15:41 Adam B. Bartoš, chair of the National Democracy (ND) political group, which is not seated in the Czech Parliament, posted yet another remark about refugees to his publicly accessible Facebook profile after midnight today. "Why create camps of tents for the aliens near Břeclav (and elsewhere) to stress and terrorize local residents? After all, we have the beautiful fortress town of Terezín (safer than any little tent city) where the aliens could be concentrated before the trains take them home..." he wrote.  full story

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Police across Central and Eastern Europe investigating online death threats against refugees

6.9.2015 21:09 News server reports that the Polish Prosecutor-General will be investigating the hateful commentary targeting migrants now turning up in Internet discussion forums. The authors of some posts are proposing, for example, that Syrian refugees all be sent to the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.  full story

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Czech town's "zero tolerance" policy generates police abuse

1.9.2015 1:12 A reporter for news server is mapping the current situation at the Janov housing estate in the town of Litvínov. The estate is an excluded locality that experienced one of the first big anti-Romani actions organized in the Czech Republic by right-wing extremists seven years ago.  full story

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Czech court says asylum seekers must not be detained, Interior Ministry disagrees

7.8.2015 21:40 The Czech Police are not permitted to detain asylum seekers in refugee camps on the basis of suspicion that they might pose a flight risk as stipulated by the European Union's Dublin Regulation. Wednesday's edition of the Czech daily Lidové noviny reported that the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem has ruled against the practice.  full story

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Commentary: Czech Police not living up to their motto

20.7.2015 18:26 Even though I have long had no illusions about how that notorious motto of the Czech Police, "To assist and protect", can sometimes work in practice, during Saturday's demonstrations on Wenceslas Square I could not believe my eyes. Honor is of course due to the officers who kept the enraged, fanatical neo-Nazis away from the people expressing solidarity with refugees that evening (which is, after all, their job), but I would like to discuss my experience with those of their colleagues who did not lift a finger when I directly asked them for assistance.  full story

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Czech Police audit says officers proceeded correctly at demonstration with mock-ups of gallows

19.7.2015 2:43 Police officers on duty during the 1 July demonstration against immigration in Prague did not make a mistake when they took no action against demonstrators carrying mock-ups of gallows. Yesterday Czech Police spokesperson Tomáš Hulan confirmed to the Czech News Agency that an investigation by the Regional Police Internal Affairs Department has absolved the officers.  full story

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Czech Republic: Only minor incidents at today's competing protests over immigration

18.7.2015 22:16 In the center of Prague on Wenceslas Square today there were different events organized by those opposed to immigration and by those expressing solidarity with refugees. The most dramatic situation occurred at around 19:00 at the bottom of the Square.  full story

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Slovak ombud says police raid on Roma settlement was unnecessary

15.7.2015 0:29 The SITA agency reports that the Slovak Public Defender of Rights (the ombud), Jana Dubovcová, says the police raid on the village of Vrbnica in Slovakia this past April was not necessary and should never have happened. She has completed her investigation of the intervention.  full story

Czech Police: Shooter was a juvenile, no indications yet of extremism playing a role

9.7.2015 18:55 The person suspected of having shot at a bus full of people on Tuesday evening in the Czech town of Plzeň is a 15-year-old youth, according to police. The suspect was apprehended by detectives less than 24 hours after the crime was committed and is now in a police cell.  full story

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Czech Police arrest suspected shooter, investigate whether foreigners were his target

9.7.2015 16:06 he Czech Police have arrested a man suspected of have fired at a public bus on Tuesday in the Bory quarter of Plzeň. They also confiscated the weapon that was probably used in the shooting.  full story

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Commentary: Actually, the Czech Police do not "know" that a gallows has no place in a democracy

6.7.2015 19:32 Police officers do not have an easy job and Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec evidently does not know much about their work. Just imagine someone bringing a mock-up of a gallows to a demonstration, as occurred last Wednesday.  full story

Finland: Helsinki Police say they are dismantling Romani encampments almost daily

12.6.2015 23:14 On 11 June, news server reported that police in Helsinki say they have been dismantling illegal camps occupied by Romani people almost every day. Yesterday police dispersed Romani people camping under a bridge near Linnunlaulu Park.  full story

Czech police file is labeled "GYPSIES + DRUG ADDICTS", but no one will be held responsible

8.6.2015 22:36 The online Czech daily has reported on the case of a police inspector who had a file labeled "GYPSIES + DRUG ADDICTS" on the shelf among others he was working on. The label was noticed by a person who came to the Prague II District Police Directorate in mid-April to be deposed.  full story

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Czech Republic: Three left-wing extremists face life in prison for planning terrorism

9.5.2015 13:17 Three of the six people who were charged last week after the Czech Police conducted a raid against extremists are now facing the possibility of life in prison. Police say they were preparing a terrorist attack on a train.  full story

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Czech Police acted unlawfully when intervening against activists holding Czech-Romani flag

2.5.2015 21:58 The Czech Police have apologized to Romani activist Ivana Čonková for detaining her, together with evangelical priest Mikuláš Vymětal, for holding a Czech-Romani flag together at a counter-protest in January against an anti-Islamic demonstration. Čonková's complaint in the matter has been evaluated as partially justified.  full story

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Slovak Police train Czech colleagues to work among Romani people

2.5.2015 2:22 Slovak police officers are training their Czech colleagues to work in Romani communities. A total of 76 officers from the Czech Republic are involved in the ongoing training visits to Slovakia.  full story

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