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Slovak Romany Parliament approves cooperation with Slota's SNS

Zvolen, Central Slovakia, 23.6.2007 18:10, (ČTK) The civic association Parliament of Romanies in Slovakia (PRSR) today approved its project of cooperation with the junior ruling Slovak National Party (SNS) that PRSR head Ladislav Fizik initiated despite the SNS's reputation as a party unfriendly to Romanies. Fizik and SNS leaders signed a cooperation memorandum in April.  full story

NGO launches project to motivate Slovak Romanies' money saving

Kosice, East Slovakia, 7.6.2007 12:35, (CTK) The Slovak Romany families who will save money under firmly set conditions will receive an extra bonus worth the saved sum after two years within a project the ETP Slovensko NGO launched earlier this month.The NGO director Slavka Macakova told journalists today that the project addresses 150 Romany families from east Slovakia for the time being. It can be joined by one money saver from each family, she said.Romany families often become short of money they need to run their households.  full story

New village found for Slovak Romanies

Hrabusice, East Slovakia, 11.5.2007 19:44, (CTK) Mayors of the Slovak towns and villages who protested against the removal of Romanies from the shanty village near Letanovce close to their own settlements today agreed on the new locality for the Romanies, Stefan Labuda, mayor of Hrabusice, told CTK. The original plan was opposed by the residents of Letanovce, Hrabusice, Spissky Stvrtok and Spisske Tomasovce. "We have found a new locality named Dobosky that had been considered earlier, but the government is still to confirm it," Labuda said.  full story

Slovak junior ruling SNS, Romanies agree on cooperation

Bratislava, 12.4.2007 13:38, (CTK) The junior ruling Slovak National Party (SNS) today signed a memorandum on cooperation with Romany Parliament, an association of Romanies in Slovakia."Our people have seen that there is goodwill in the SNS to solve the Romany issue," the association chairman Ladislav Fizik said.In the past, the SNS and its chairman Jan Slota faced criticism over their anti-Romany statements.  full story

Slovak municipality to resettle Romany "ghetto" residents

Kosice, 26.3.2007 11:52, (CTK) The city of Kosice wants to resettle families at the local Romany-inhabited housing estate Lunik IX in an effort to separate less adaptable residents and rent-defaulters from those who pay rents, Emilia Bujnakova from the City Hall has told CTK.Those paying rents will gain better housing conditions. The city expects the resettle plan to make more families pay housing rents, Bujnakova said.  full story

Slovak police accuse three youths of Nazism promotion

Zilina, Central Slovakia, 19.3.2007 12:26, (CTK) Slovak police accused three young men of promotion of Nazism, who gave the Nazi salute and called Nazi slogans in February in Puchov, central Slovakia, Trencin police spokeswoman Katarina Hlavacova told CTK today.One of the youths faces up to three years in prison if found guilty, the other two who have not yet turned 18 face up to 18 months in prison.  full story

Slovak Interior Ministry fails to curb racism-activists

Bratislava, 13.3.2007 15:47, (CTK) The Slovak Interior Ministry does not sufficiently fight against extremism, activists from the People Against Racism civic group told journalists today.However, the Interior Ministry argues that its steps are sufficiently resolute and that it is preparing new laws in this field.  full story

African man allegedly beaten in Bratislava, mocked by police

Bratislava, 12.3.2007 18:36, (CTK) A 30-year-old man from Africa was verbally and physically assaulted on Saturday in the early hours in the Slovak capital and he was ridiculed by policemen whom he addressed, the man told CTK today.Sandra Candrakova from the People Against Racism said that the man was knocked down and attacked by a yet unidentified group. The attackers allegedly shouted "What are you doing here, negro?! This is no Africa!"  full story

Council of Europe publishes report on minority languages in Slovakia

Slovakia, 9.3.2007 12:11, (ERIO) The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers made public the first report on the situation of minority languages in Slovakia on 21.02.07. On the basis of this report, the Council of Europe calls on Slovakia to improve its legislative framework in favour of minority language protection.  full story

Truancy widespread among Romany children

Kosice, East Slovakia, 6.2.2007 10:17, (CTK) Some children from Romany shanty villages in eastern Slovakia skip as many as 90 percent of school classes, local mayors and headteachers told CTK today.Neither schools nor the local authorities are able to settle the problem, they added.This is so although the authorities can deprive the parents of truants of welfare benefits since 2003.  full story

Slovakia: INEKO – Best project is the establishment of a computer laboratory for Roma

Bratislava, 5.2.2007 11:30, (ROMEA/RPA) The INEKO Institute, which regularly evaluates measures taken by municipalities, has announced that the town of Trnava’s decision to provide rent-free space in the Recreation Center for perfecting the computer skills of local Romani children was the most valuable project undertaken by any municipality this past quarter.  full story

Slovakia: Research shows half of Romani children do not discuss sex with their parents

Bratislava, 5.2.2007 11:28, (ROMEA/RPA) Romani boys have a higher tolerance for premarital sex than do Romani girls or Romani parents. Up to 86 % of a total of 160 male respondents said it was acceptable for a boy to have premarital sex with a girl; when selecting their female partners, however, the respondents were quite demanding, saying the woman chosen should be a virgin before marriage, according to Jarmila Filadelfiová, who participated in preparing the research on sexual and reproductive behavior in Roma communities in Slovakia.  full story

Dozens of Romany families evicted from their homes in Slovakia

Bratislava, 2.2.2007 19:39, (CTK) Dozens of Romany families have been evicted from their homes in Slovakia in the past two years and many of them remained without the roof over their heads, the Milan Simecka Foundation says in a report that was published in Bratislava today.  full story

Forced Evictions in Slovakia - 2006

Bratislava, Slovensko, 2.2.2007 12:44, (ERRC/COHRE) Roma in Slovakia are currently experiencing a wave of forced evictions according to a report released on Tuesday 23 January 2007 by the Milan Simecka Foundation, Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) and European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC).  full story

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