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June 28, 2022



Agentura pro sociální začleňování

Czech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion: Housing system in Litvínov a success

Litvínov, 7.12.2012 17:22, (ROMEA) The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has issued the following press release:  full story

Milan Gaži (PHOTO:

videoCzech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion reports positive results

Most, 4.12.2012 16:34, (ROMEA) The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has issued the following press release:  full story

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Czech "practical schools" won't close, petition is causing hysteria

Prague, 30.11.2012 23:20, (ROMEA) News server Aktuálně.cz reports that tens of thousands of people have signed a petition against closing the "practical primary schools" that was delivered to representatives of the Czech Education Ministry last Friday. The actual situation is much less dramatic than the sensation stirred up around the alleged closure of the "practical primary schools". Both the Czech Government and the ministry say they are counting on such schools continuing to exist.  full story

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Czech Republic: Parents protest closure of integrated school in Prague

Prague, 29.11.2012 0:23, (ROMEA) The parents of pupils attending the Grafická Primary School are protesting the plan of the Prague 5 municipal government to close it. In an open letter, the parents write that they greatly value that the school's environment produces "trouble-free collaboration between majority-population pupils and Romani pupils there. Our children get along nicely together, which is not at all usual in today's society... In recent years, pupils who were inappropriately enrolled into 'practical primary schools', even though their intellect did not require such enrollment, have managed to relocate here. These pupils, with the kind and meticulous support of their educators, have successfully handled the difficult transition back to the curriculum of a regular primary school." The parents are demanding that Prague 5 review its decision to close the school.  full story

Czech Republic: Anti-Romani tensions escalating in Havířov

Havířov, 26.11.2012 17:46, (ROMEA) The “Hate is No Solution” Initiative (Iniciativa Nenávist není řešení - INNR) has recently begun providing legal representation to the victims of racially-motivated violence through its members, who have years of experience in the field of legal aid. Among other cases, they represented the victims of the arson attack in Vítkov on 18 April 2009. The perpetrators of that racist attack were given 20-year prison sentences and the victims were awarded almost ten million CZK. INNR is the only organization in the Czech Republic that actively seeks out the victims of racist violence, offers them legal aid, and represents them in court during hearings on their compensation.  full story

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Marksová-Tominová: Czech PM, let human rights alone!

Prague, 14.11.2012 23:53, (ROMEA) The Czech Government is quietly preparing a plan to disperse its human rights agenda among various ministries under the pretext of saving money. It is absurd to even consider cutting the state's budget for human rights. Right now there are already a bare minimum of bureaucrats working on that agenda, most of them at the Agency for Social Inclusion. While the Agency's activities can be criticized, we do not for the time being have a better institution attempting to resolve the desperate situation of people in excluded localities and those living in their vicinity.  full story

Beneše Lounského street no. 5 in the Předlice neighborhood of Ústí nad Labem (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech activist: NGO more loyal to local govt than to the poor

Ústí nad Labem, Předlice, 6.11.2012 20:41, (ROMEA) Miroslav Brož of the civic association Konexe has written an open letter to the People in Need (Člověk v tísni) public benefit corporation regarding the way in which the Romani minority is being integrated and the situation in the Předlice quarter of Ústí nad Labem. News server is publishing the letter in full translation below.  full story

Beneše Lounského street no. 5 in the Předlice neighborhood of Ústí nad Labem (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech Republic: Romani tenants removed from dangerous building to gym

Ústí nad Labem, Předlice, 5.11.2012 18:06, (ROMEA) Occupants of a dangerous building in the Předlice quarter of Ústí nad Labem have ended up in a primary school gym. They left the building two weeks after being instructed to move out, at the insistence of a crisis team. The residential hotel into which they were originally to have moved does not meet their needs. They can remain in the gym until they find other housing.  full story

OSF: Czech Government has not ended discrimination of Romani children

Prague, 5.11.2012 17:09, (ROMEA) On 13 November 2007 the European Court of Human Rights issued its judgment in the case of "D.H. and Others versus the Czech Republic", in which 18 Romani children from Ostrava sued the Czech Republic over their having been assigned to attend "special school" on the basis of their origin. The judgment upheld their complaint and sanctioned the Czech Republic for discriminating against Romani children by disproportionately enrolling such children into the "special schools" (now called the "practical primary schools") which are designed for children who have been diagnosed as "lightly mentally disabled".  full story

Beneše Lounského street in the Předlice quarter of Ústí nad Labem. (PHOTO:  Google Maps)

Czech Agency says evicted tenants must be housed in the same town

Ústí nad Labem, 3.11.2012 22:37, (ROMEA) The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has issued the following press release on the situation in Ústí nad Labem - Předlice:  full story

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Michaela Marksová-Tominová: The strange Czech practice of "inclusion"

Prague, 31.10.2012 3:05, (ROMEA) I am very involved in advocating for inclusive education in the Czech school system. For a year and a half I had the opportunity to work at the Education Ministry as the director of its Equal Opportunities in Education Department, which was involved in introducing inclusive education and collaborating on transforming the special - or rather, today the "practical" - schools. I will use the original name, "special schools", in this piece, even though that name is no longer used in practice, because that term corresponds best to what these schools still are in reality.  full story

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