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April 5, 2020
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CzechRep makes little progress in Romanies' integration - report

Prague, 18.7.2007 15:39, (CTK)
The Czech Republic has not made much progress in the integration of Romanies and the improvement of their situation in the past two years as it was placed fourth among the nine Central and East European countries that joined "The Decade of Roma Inclusion" programme in 2005, it ensues from the Decade's assessment by NGOs released today.
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Czech senator not to resign over her words on Romanies - Sobotka

Prague, 18.7.2007 15:37, (CTK)
Senator Liana Janackova (for the Independents, SNK) does not plan to resign as deputy head of the human rights committee over her strong words about Romanies, Senate chairman Premysl Sobotka (Civic Democrats, ODS) told CTK today after meeting Janackova.
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Czech senator's statements on Romanies too strong - group

Prague, 17.7.2007 17:55, (CTK)
The statements about Romanies some call racist by Czech senator Liana Janackova (for the Independents, SNK) are inappropriate, Josef Novotny, chairman of the SNK senators' group, told journalists today.However, the group did not call on her to resign from the post of deputy chairwoman of the Senate committee for human rights, Novotny said.
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Czech senator may lose post due to statements about Romanies

Prague, 17.7.2007 16:19, (CTK)
zech senator Liana Janackova (for the Independents, SNK) should leave her post of deputy chairwoman of Senate committee for human rights over her statements about Romanies, some call racist, representatives of most senators' groups told CTK today.
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Czech Romanies from Vsetin buy uninhabitable house - press

Vsetin, 14.7.2007 16:54, (CTK)
The house a ten-member Romany family from Vsetin, north Moravia, recently bought in Strazisko on loan from the Vsetin town hall, is uninhabitable and they have returned to the town and stay with their relatives, Prostejovsky denik daily writes today.
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Most Romanies cause problems, disrespect laws - Czech senator

Prague, 13.7.2007 19:00, (ČTK)
Czech senator Liana Janackova (for the Independents movement) said today a majority of Romanies cause problems in coexistence with the others, do not respect laws, and therefore law is often unenforceable in their case. Janackova, who was answering iDnes server readers' questions, said that "upside down discrimination" is often evident in the Czech Republic.
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Czech government council condemns senator's anti-Romany statement

Prague, 12.7.2007 19:37, (CTK)
The Czech government council for Romany issues considers it unacceptable for elected officials to make statements about Czech Romanies similar to those made by Senator Liana Janackova (for the Independents), Dzamila Stehlikova, council chairwoman and minister in charge of nationalities and human rights, told CTK today.
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Removal of Czech Romanies leads to appearance of ghettos

Prague, 11.7.2007 16:28, (CTK)
A large part of more than 300 Romany ghettos in the Czech Republic appeared only recently and expediently, as a result of the removal of Romanies from their original places of residence, according to an analysis on excluded Romany localities that has been drafted for the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry.
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