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June 30, 2022




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Czech Police detain dozens of anti-Roma demonstrators in České Budějovice for a third Saturday in a row

České Budějovice, 15.7.2013 3:29, (ROMEA) On Saturday, 13 July, an anti-Roma assembly at the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice resulted in police officers detaining about 60 protestors who refused to leave the housing estate despite police orders to do so. About 300 people participated in the demonstration, but the police outnumbered them and managed to prevent them from moving into the area of the housing estate where the Romani community resides.  full story

Czech Republic: Third person charged in anti-Roma protests, more violence expected this coming Saturday

České Budějovice, 11.7.2013 17:56, (ROMEA) A third person has been charged in connection with the recent anti-Romani protests in České Budějovice. Detectives say the 20-year-old man assaulted a police officer on Saturday, 6 July with a glass bottle and is suspected of committing violence against a public official.  full story

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Czech Republic: Hundreds attend meeting about anti-Roma unrest in České Budějovice

České Budějovice, 9.7.2013 22:54, (ROMEA) Several hundred people gathered today in a sports hall in České Budějovice where the town leadership convened a public meeting to discuss the anti-Romani unrest that has occurred recently at the Máj housing estate there. Representatives of the municipality and the police answered questions, primarily about the situation in the locality, for three hours in an agitated atmosphere. Many of those attending complained that they feel unsafe at the Máj housing estate, where members of the Romani minority live.  full story

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Former Czech Interior Ministers debate neo-Nazi activity

Prague, 8.7.2013 5:10, (ROMEA) Former Czech Interior Minister Martin Pecina, now a candidate for interior minister in the caretaker government of incoming Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok, wants to increase the number of police officers in the country and their salaries. He would like to augment police forces particularly in areas of the country experiencing security troubles.  full story

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Czech Republic: 136 people detained during neo-Nazi protest, no one charged yet

České Budějovice, 7.7.2013 20:42, (ROMEA) Eight people were injured during clashes between anti-Roma demonstrators and police at the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice which did not end until late in the evening on 6 July. Police spokesperson Lenka Holická told the Czech News Agency that officers detained 136 people and have initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of violence against a public official in six cases.  full story

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Czech Police disperse unannounced demonstration against Roma, eight people injured

České Budějovice, 7.7.2013 3:10, (ROMEA) The Czech Police intervened at the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice on 6 July against the participants in an anti-Roma demonstration. Ivana Kerslesová, spokesperson for the České Budějovice Hospital, says eight people, two of them police officers, have been injured.  full story

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Czech Republic: Families on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava prepare to leave

Ostrava, 5.7.2013 18:58, (ROMEA) The last families living in the sole occupied building in the ghetto on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava, number 8, are preparing to move out. They have given up on their year-long fight to preserve the locality.  full story

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Czech Republic: More police to patrol Máj housing estate

České Budějovice, 3.7.2013 23:36, (ROMEA) The number of municipal and state police deployed to the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice, home to a large Romani community, will be increased after last Saturday's attempt at a pogrom there. Mayor Juraj Thoma (Citizens for Budějovice - OPB) informed journalists of the increase after today's extraordinary session of the municipal council.  full story

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Slovak municipality orders construction in Romani settlement demolished

Krásnohorské Podhradie, Slovakia, 2.7.2013 19:53, (ROMEA) The village of Krásnohorské Podhradie in eastern Slovakia has ordered the demolition of an illegally constructed house in the local Romani settlement which is standing on a plot of land co-owned by right-wing extremist leader Marian Kotleba. The municipal decision may become a precedent not only for other illegal constructions in the locality, but also for dwellings in similar settlements throughout the country.  full story

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Czech Police: Demonstrators meant us when they chanted "black swine"

České Budějovice, 2.7.2013 5:10, (ROMEA) Radomír Heřman, the director of the South Bohemian Regional Police, held a press conference on 1 July 2013 regarding the police intervention required on 29 June when a demonstration spun out of control and turned into an attempted pogrom against Romani people in České Budějovice. Heřman seemingly took up the role of attorney for the racists who gathered there last Saturday, claiming that what they had been shouting had no racist subtext.  full story

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Czech Republic: Local government, state police harshly criticized over anti-Romani demonstration

České Budějovice, 1.7.2013 23:39, (ROMEA) The leadership of the South Bohemian Regional Police is claiming to have managed last Saturday's intervention against the street battles at the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice well. Local government is also convinced that it did the same.  full story

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Czech Republic: Čikhatar Het II to run in České Budějovice alongside anti-Romani assembly

České Budějovice, 28.6.2013 22:31, (ROMEA) České Budějovice is readying for assemblies that will take place tomorrow on Přemysl Otakar II Square and at the Máj housing estate. Both gatherings are in response to an incident during which children, their parents and then unrelated adults got into conflict with one another a local playground.  full story

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Czech Republic: Protest this Saturday over alleged problems at housing estate in České Budějovice

České Budějovice, 26.6.2013 22:37, (ROMEA) Yet another effort to draw publicity to the tribulations of ordinary coexistence is now underway with the scheduling of a public assembly this coming Saturday in České Budějovice. Those convening the demonstration want to draw attention to alleged problems at the Máj housing estate there, specifically to alleged difficulties in coexistence with members of the community of socially vulnerable people living at the housing estate, most of whom are Romani.  full story

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AI petition asking EU to halt discrimination of Roma gets almost 100 000 signatures

Brussels/Prague, 26.6.2013 17:42, (ROMEA) Almost 100 000 people from around the world have signed a petition by Amnesty International (AI) supporting the rights of Romani people in the European Union. The AI document calls on the European Commission to halt discrimination against Romani people in Europe and force the Member States to uphold EU anti-discrimination law. The Commission is preparing to publish a report on the integration of Roma today.  full story

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Governor of Ústí Region condemns violence, says Czech Government should address social exclusion

Teplice, 25.6.2013 17:29, (ROMEA) Governor of the Ústí Region Oldřich Bubeníček has condemned the violent course of Saturday's demonstration by the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) in Duchcov, during which several people were injured. Czech Police successfully prevented any direct clashes between the right-wing extremists and members of the Romani minority there.  full story

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Czech Republic: Police arrest 22 after clash with ultra-right extremists in Duchcov

Duchcov, 25.6.2013 2:54, (ROMEA) In the town of Duchcov (Teplice district) a rally by the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) this past weekend deteriorated into street clashes with police officers. Aggressive neo-Nazis assaulted police and threw bottles and rocks. Police used firecrackers, tear gas and water cannon.  full story

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Czech Govt to take up bill to establish central misdemeanor registry

Prague, 18.6.2013 17:19, (ROMEA) The Czech state could potentially establish a central registry for some misdemeanors so that recidivist perpetrators of those offenses can be punished more severely. That is the presumption of a draft amendment to the law on misdemeanors and other norms which the Czech Government is scheduled to review tomorrow.  full story

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Czech President: Behind the slogan "Bohemia for the Czechs" I hear the Nazi cry of "Juden raus"!

Lidice, 15.6.2013 23:00, (ROMEA) Czech President Miloš Zeman warned against Nazism at today's ceremony marking the 71st anniversary of the annihilation of Lidice by Nazi soldiers. In his view, that ideology is still present in society today, albeit in embryonic form.  full story

Marine Le Pen (PHOTO: Marie-Lan Nguyen, Wikimedia Commons)

France: Head of ultra-right may face trial for racism

Paris, 2.6.2013 23:52, (ROMEA) Marine Le Pen, the head of the ultra-right National Front party in France, now risks the possibility of being brought to trial in short order. She could be asked to answer to charges of racism for her previous anti-Muslim statements.  full story

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Czech Republic: Crossbow shooter gets 10 years for manslaughter of Romani man

Ostrava, 31.5.2013 21:45, (ROMEA) Jaromír Šebesta (age 39), the crossbow shooter from the Czech town of Chotěbuz, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the manslaughter of Martin Hospodi. The Regional Court in Ostrava handed the verdict down today.  full story

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