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October 25, 2021



Tereza Heková

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"Roma Rising" exhibition featuring portraits of Roma from Czech Republic to open in Kladno

13.9.2016 7:12 On Thursday, 15 September at 17:00 the exhibition "Roma Rising" will open at the Sládečkovo Vlastivědné Muzeum (the Sládeček Museum of Local History) in the Czech town of Kladno and will remain on view until 27 November 2016. The exhibition features portraits of Roma from the Czech Republic who have managed to make it in mainstream society and honors their bravery and determination.  full story

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Slovak web portals change their background color to light brown to commemorate Holocaust victims

12.9.2016 20:05 On 9 September, news server and three other Slovak web portals changed the background color of their web pages to light brown. The gesture was meant to remind their readers of the Memorial Day to the Victims of the Holocaust and Racial Violence, as well as to draw attention to the radicalization of the Slovak public - and not just in anonymous online debates.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani police officer says work with children is the most important thing

12.9.2016 17:01 News server has published a report about Ladislav Horváth (age 33), one of a very few Romani people to work as a state police officer in the Czech Republic. He set out to become a member of law enforcement 11 years ago and the profession still fulfills him today.  full story

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Czech town rejects ombudsperson's critique, says it did not discriminate against and segregate Romani pupils

16.8.2016 18:51 The Czech town of Krásná Lípa is rejecting criticism from the ombudsperson over the way a "Romani" class has been established at the local primary school. The Public Defender of Rights (ombudsperson) visited the town at the end of May and recommended the local administration take several steps to prevent discrimination in future and reduce the risk that anti-discrimination lawsuits might be filed against it  full story

Turkey faces criticism for planned abolition of punishment for the sexual abuse of children

16.8.2016 16:21 On the basis of a request from a lower court, Turkey's Constitutional Court decided last month to abolish a provision regulating the punishment of sexual crimes committed against children younger than 15. The district court had complained that current legislation does not distinguish between age groups and treats children between age 4 and age 14 equivalently.  full story

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