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May 26, 2022




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videoSlovakia: Scandalous verdict acquits police of torturing Romani children

Bratislava, Slovakia, 28.2.2015 23:57, (ROMEA) Yesterday a court in Slovakia acquitted all 10 current and former police officers who faced prosecution for abusing Romani children at a police station. The police filmed their humiliation of the children using their mobile phones and shared the footage.  full story

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Czech Republic: Number of socially excluded localities growing

Prague, 5.2.2015 15:31, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic the number of ghettos and the number of needy people living in them is gradually rising. During the past four years there have been no significant improvements to employment, housing or security in these impoverished localities and their surrounding neighborhoods.  full story

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Commentary: Czech Police biased against anti-racist demonstrators

Prague, 2.2.2015 20:43, (ROMEA) Are you an Islamophobe? If you are, then apparently you can take scissors to the t-shirt you got during the last World Cup in football or hockey, cut out the state symbol of the Czech Republic, take needle and thread and sew it onto the state flag of the Czech Republic.  full story

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Charges against creator of Czech-Romani flag exhibit don't stick

Prague, 24.1.2015 19:54, (ROMEA) Prague City Hall has refused to uphold a fine levied by the Prague 7 Municipal Department against an exhibition of designs for a Czech-Romani flag. The decision to levy the fine has been overturned and the proceedings in the matter halted.  full story

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Czech Republic: Five charged in brawl between Romani customers and security guards in Ostrava

Ostrava, 22.1.2015 0:18, (ROMEA) Police have charged five people so far in connection with last week's serious scuffle between Romani customers and security guards at a gaming room in the Ostrava-Bělský Les neighborhood. On Tuesday a 29-year-old man was charged with rioting in relation to the incident.  full story

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Czech Police investigate brawl between gaming room bouncers and Romani customers in Ostrava

Ostrava, 16.1.2015 19:47, (ROMEA) A large group of Romani customers attacked security guards on Wednesday at a gaming room in Ostrava-Bělský Les. The scuffle between the bodyguards and the customers happened
after members of the security team removed two Romani customers from the premises.  full story

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Czech Police shelve case of death threats against Roma

Děčín, 30.12.2014 21:41, (ROMEA) Drahomír Radek Horváth, a Romani social services staffer for a human rights organization, was in a Děčín restaurant with friends at the end of November when they became the target of vulgar racist abuse and death threats. Horváth did not allow himself to be provoked and reported the entire incident to police.  full story

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Commentary: Czech counter-intelligence report on anti-Romani marches is racist

Prague, 28.12.2014 0:25, (ROMEA) Evangelical parson Mikuláš Vymětal has written an open letter to the Security and Information Service (BIS) of the Czech Republic regarding its report on the anti-Romani events of 2013. "I am calling this a public letter and I believe that if you publish it, it will increase the hope that the BIS will respond proportionately. It's not much of a Christmas topic, but I view this as a way to take care of unfinished business before the year ends," he wrote to news server, which is publishing the letter in full translation below.  full story

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Commentary: When judges go in-depth

Kynšperk, 22.12.2014 22:13, (ROMEA) There are many cases of controversial police violence resulting in death, and not only in the Czech Republic. All we have to do is recall the recent, only partly violent, powerful protests by civil society in the United States about black youth shot dead by police officers.
 full story

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Commentary: Czech Police beat people and expel them instead of "helping and protecting"

Prague, 15.12.2014 22:00, (ROMEA) What the Czech Police did on Saturday after the demonstration to save the Klinika Autonomous Cultural and Social Center looked like a very absurd performance taken from a documentary film about police brutality against demonstrators before the events of 1989. Police unnecessarily beat people up and shouted vulgar curses at the peaceful demonstrators, many of whom were girls.  full story

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Czech Police expert disagrees that Roma should stay away from anti-Romani demonstrations

Prague, 13.12.2014 0:12, (ROMEA) Last week a round table was held on the issue of violent hate crimes at the American Center in Prague. The gathering was held by Open Society Fund Prague for
representatives of nonprofit organizations and the state administration, and its aim was to reflect on the recent anti-Romani marches and the anti-Romani atmosphere in Czech society.  full story

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Czech football hooligans attack Romani youth, Roma plan to demonstrate

Ostrava, 24.11.2014 19:32, (ROMEA) Romani people in Ostrava and elsewhere in the Czech Republic are determined to do everything they can to make sure the football hooligans who allegedly assaulted a Romani 17-year-old over the weekend don't get away with it. In Ostrava a group of Romani activists, business people and others from all over the city is now forming who are resolved to demonstrate if need be to draw attention to the case.  full story

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Activists lament Czech Police response to MP's denial of Romani genocide

Prague, 14.11.2014 18:46, (ROMEA) All of the people involved in filing a criminal report against Czech MP Tomio Okamura, chair of the "Dawn of Direct Democracy" (Úsvit) movement, over his lying remarks about the Romani genocide have spoken with news server about the response to their criminal report from the Police of the Czech Republic. Čeněk Růžička, chair of the Committee for the Redress of the Romani Holocaust in the Czech Republic, disagrees with the police findings, as do the others who reported Okamura's wrongdoing, and considers the brief argument presented by the police to be absurd.  full story

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Czech Republic: Fans of neo-Nazi band Ortel attack foreign-born food servers

Plzeň, 13.11.2014 22:31, (ROMEA) Last Saturday evening several fans of the neo-Nazi band Ortel decided to visit the Wei Wei restaurant in the Czech town of Plzeň, which serves Vietnamese cuisine. The fans were heading to a concert taking place 100 meters away at the Restaurace Alfa, and before leaving Wei Wei, they assaulted the people who served them.  full story

Czech Police apprehend suspects in 2011 arson attempt on Romani family

Prague, 4.11.2014 17:05, (ROMEA) Police officers have apprehended two men suspected of having attacked a railway house occupied by Romani people with a Molotov cocktail three years ago in the Czech town of Krty (Rakovnice district). One person was lightly injured as a result.  full story

Germany: Berlin wants to ban planned demonstration against Islamists

Berlin, 4.11.2014 0:47, (ROMEA) Germany's capital is doing its best to ban a planned demonstration against Islamists that has been organized by neo-Nazis and a group that has been labeled one of football hooligans. A similar demonstration in Cologne on Sunday 26 October resulted in clashes with police during which 49 officers were injured.  full story

Irish man acquitted of Romani girl's 2008 murder, case unresolved

Ireland, 3.11.2014 18:51, (ROMEA) Irish media have reported that Alan Wilson, a Dublin resident charged with murdering Mariora Rostas, a Romani 18-year-old, in 2008, was found not guilty by a unanimous jury verdict this summer. Wilson's defense attorneys told the jury they were being asked to rely on the evidence of an unreliable witness who had benefited from immunity from prosecution for his own involvement in the matter.  full story

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Czech authorities alarmingly unwilling to prosecute online hate crimes

Prague, 22.10.2014 0:10, (ROMEA) Ill-will, incompetence or indifference. In which category does the inactivity of the Czech Police with respect to racist threats and verbal attacks belong?  full story

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Romani family maligned by Czech press repeatedly attacked while asleep

Sedlčany, 21.10.2014 18:50, (ROMEA) For the past six months, a Romani family in the Central Bohemian town of Sedlčany has been living with the fear that they will once again be attacked by unidentified hoodlums breaking the glass in yet another of their windows or shouting racist threats outside their front door. The local council has helpfully approved the acquisition and installation of a new camera as part of the municipal CCTV system on their street, which could aid in deterring the incidents.  full story

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Slovakia: Neo-Nazi fined EUR 400 for kicking victim in the head

Nitra, Slovakia, 20.10.2014 23:17, (ROMEA) The Slovak news server reports that the first sentence has been handed down in the scandal of the aggressive neo-Nazis who assaulted customers of the Mariatchi Bar in the Slovak town of Nitra last year. Professional soldier Tomáš Spišiak has been fined EUR 400, which he must pay the state for having kicked a defenseless, prone person twice in the head.  full story

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