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May 21, 2018
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Czech Romanies commemorate their World War Two victims

Lety u Pisku, 6.4.2008 18:07, (ROMEA/CTK)
Roughly 20 people today attended a commemorative act remembering the tragic fate of the Czech Romanies who died in the local internment camp for them during World War Two.
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Roma gipsy who fled Czech Republic is the new face of British policing

Peterborough, 5.4.2008 19:09, (Source: Daily Mail)
In a city affected more than most by Eastern European immigration, a policeman's lot is not a simple one. But 27-year-old Petr Torak finds he has fewer communication problems than most. He is a Roma gipsy from the Czech Republic, who speaks five languages – in other words, the new face of policing in multi-cultural Britain. Mr Torak, 27, a community support officer in Peterborough, will become a fully-fledged policeman in August.
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Slovak Romanies need more schools

Kosice, East Slovakia, 5.4.2008 14:52, (ROMEA/CTK)
Most Slovak local authorities lower the number of elementary schools as the number of schoolchildren is shrinking, whereas those with a large Romany community have to expand them, a number of mayors told CTK today.
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Czech Romany committee to seek help with European Roma Forum

Karlovy Vary, 4.4.2008 22:45, (ROMEA/CTK)
The Committee of Romany Regional Representatives (GRRP) wants to ask the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) to help the Czech Republic eliminate anti-Gypsy feelings, racial discrimination and manifestations of apartheid, GRRP secretary Josef Duna told CTK today.
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BBC says it has no plans to cut broadcasting to the Gypsy and Traveller community

London, 4.4.2008 17:10, (Media Network Blog)
According to the Roma Network via, Rokker Radio, the two-hour radio programme established two years ago by the BBC for the Gypsy and Traveller community, is to be axed at the end of April. Romea claims that, as the show prepares to celebrate two years of broadcasting across local BBC radio in the East of England and across the world on the Internet, the BBC has decided not to fund the programme beyond the end of April. However, the BBC Press Office has contacted Media Network to say that this story is incorrect.
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Czech NGO calls on govt to deal with forced sterilisation cases

Ostrava, 4.4.2008 16:57, (ROMEA/CTK)
The Czech Human Rights League association calls on the government to deal with cases of Romany women who were sterilised against their will, mainly in southern Moravia and southern Bohemia, David Zahumensky from the league told CTK today.
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Romanies want Czech President to help improve their situation

Prague, 4.4.2008 16:56
Activists from the Czech Romany association Dzeno today called in an open letter on President Vaclav Klaus to push for an improvement in the situation of Romanies, on the occasion of International Roma Day observed on April 8.
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