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October 21, 2017
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Announcement of November 10 march invalid-Prague City Hall

Prague, 26.10.2007 15:48, (ROMEA/CTK)
The Prague City Hall believes that the announcement of a march through Prague's historical Jewish Quarter on November 10, the anniversary of the extensive pogrom on Jews in Germany in 1938, known as Kristallnacht is invalid, spokesman Jiri Wolf told CTK today.
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Governments Should Take Positive Steps to Protect the Housing Rights of Roma in Europe

Strasbourg, 25.10.2007 12:16, (ROMEA)
Joint Statement by Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg and UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing Miloon Kothari
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Czech city police may be extremist

Pardubice, 24.10.2007 23:55, (ROMEA/CTK - VIDEO)
A city police from Pardubice is an active neo-Nazi and a member of the organisation POW that helps imprisoned neo-Nazis, the commercial television station Nova said today.¨The group Anti-fascist Action has submitted the photographs corroborating the suspicion, Nova said. The case is now being settled by the Office for the Uncovering of Organised Crime (UOOZ).
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Klaus appeals against extremist march, Prague to seek its ban

Prague, 24.10.2007 18:40, (CTK/ROMEA)
Czech President Vaclav Klaus today called on all bodies involved not to allow the extremist groups' planned march through Prague's historical Jewish Quarter on the German Nazi-era Kristallnacht's anniversary, his spokesman Petr Hajek told CTK.
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Romanian Leader Apologizes to Gypsies

BUCHAREST, Romania, 24.10.2007 13:09, (AP)
Romania's president apologized for the deportation of thousands of Gypsies to Nazi death camps during World War II, the first time a government official has done so publicly.
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Czech police must apologise to Romanies

Hradec Kralove, 23.10.2007 17:01, (ROMEA/CTK)
Former Czech police Marek Vrastil and Karel Berousek must apologise to two members of a Romany family for having broken into its flat and attacked some of its members, the Regional Court ruled today.
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Hundreds join Hungary far-right "guard", take oath

Budapest, 21.10.2007 20:26, (Reuters)
Six hundred people, wearing black uniforms and insignia which critics say are reminiscent of the Nazi era, took an oath of loyalty on Sunday to defend Hungary as members of a far-right "guard".
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