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March 23, 2018
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Moldovan gypsies hold action of protest in Chisinau

CHISINAU, 8.4.2008 21:34, (Itar-Tass)
Moldovan gypsies have held a demonstration in the country’s capital Chisinau in protest of what they described as the indifference towards their social and economic situation on the part of the government.
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Czech Romanies stage exhibition to mark Roma Day

Prague, 8.4.2008 20:18, (ROMEA/CTK)
Romanies resent when Czech and European officials describe them as a "social problem," Vesely said.He told CTK that Romanies would like to participate in the improvement of their situation and want to make decisions concerning them by themselves.Last year Dzeno addressed an open letter to President Vaclav Klaus calling on him to contribute to the observance of human rights and the improvement of Romany situation in the Czech Republic.
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National Roma Centrum: The road of Roma success throughout history to the present

Kumanovo, 8.4.2008 15:55, (RNC/Roma Network)
According to data from conducted surveys more than 12 million Roma live in Europe. Determining the real number of the Roma presents a real problem because in many countries they were not included in censuses. On the other hand, many Roma are hiding their true ethnicity because of political, economic, social and other reasons. The Roma ethnic community is based on the same principles as other ethnic communities in the world. The Roma have their language, their flag and culture just like ethnic majority communities, but unfortunately they do not have their own country. The origin of the Roma has been traced in ancient India for thousands of years. It is assumed that the reasons that made the Roma migrate from India to Europe and the world are constant discrimination, refusal to take part in wars and constant oppression and purges that have been a part of their lives for centuries.
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U.S. Helsinki Committee debates Slovak Romanies' sterilisations

Washington, 8.4.2008 15:51, (ROMEA/CTK)
The U.S. Helsinki Committee on Monday expressed regret that the Slovak government has not yet admitted that Romany women were sterilised against their will in Slovakia, the committee said in a statement issued on the occasion of the International Roma Day today.
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Data on Slovak Romanies lacking-experts

Bratislava, 8.4.2008 15:47, (ROMEA/CTK)
Data on the Romany population in Slovakia are lacking, representatives of state and non-governmental organisations said at a seminar that was held today on the occasion of the International Roma Day celebrated on April 8.
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ERTF Press Release: International Roma Day - 8 April

Strasbourg, 8.4.2008 15:31, (ROMEA/ERTF)
Today, on International Roma Day, the European Roma and Travellers Forum declares its strong solidarity with the many Roma and Travellers across Europe who still experience extreme poverty, miserable conditions, fear and discrimination in their daily lives. Current conditions are an affront to human dignity everywhere. ERTF is committed to building a world where Human Rights are fully respected and implemented in accordance with the rule of law.
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Half Of Serbia Roma Face Poverty

Zagreb, 8.4.2008 15:26, (
Almost half of all Roma in Serbia live in abject poverty, while 60% have no access to education, a Roma Rights group says.
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