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Romano Vod'i - Romani monthly magazine
Association ROMEA is involved in publishing Romani magazine Romano Vod'i since 2003. Romano Vod'i means in translation "Romani Soul". The name of the magazine was picked intentionally. It symbolizes for us a long-time searching of human substance. Searching and reconciliation with your genuine inner feelings, with things which are accompanying you for hundreds of years whether you come from far India or near Prague's Zizkov. With feelings which were not destroyed by millennial persecution, assimilation and voluntary withdrawal of nationality at census. Simply your soul will stay with you during your whole life. We are interested in this searching including mistakes, wandering, fear and dignity. Including everything what brings the life to us, to others, here and in the world. And that pulse of the life we intend to process every month in magazine shape. From beginning we will have only Czech-Romany version with Romany summarization at the end of each copy. Romany Vod'i plans to be a monthly magazine in the first place with informational and educational function. Of course we will not sidestep from other themes. Mostly we will be interested in target group from fifteen to fifty years old who has sense in social events, who are interested in serious materials and analytic character which will give us better view about Romany life here and abroad. That twenty eight pages (not counting four pages of cover pages) we intent to fill with materials and also with our own researches, surveys, probes, discussion forums and summaries of so far works or steps. Our language skills and contacts in Czech Republic and also abroad allow us to make confrontation between Romany in Czech Republic and abroad. We don't plan to hide critics about us even many Romany are afraid to hear critics from own people because they say it can damage more already twisted picture of Romany. But if are not capable to distinguish between us we can't naively wait for it from others.

Romany Information Server
Project is focused on young population in Czech Republic, on Romany and non-Romany. In some way the project is similar with government project "Internet to schools". We would like to through internet objectively inform not only Czech and foreign journalists, but in the first place we would like to provide young generation to know Romany form different side, than they are presented by media in Czech Republic. We want young generation to find information about Romany already at primary schools. Web pages of Romany information service will become one of the teaching aids and also imaginary bridge between Romany and majority population. Goals of this project are nothing smaller than to improve relationship between Romany minority and majority society. We think that is very good idea to start with young generation and especially with the help of instrument, which is so associated with young people. That's why we picked internet.

Content of the project is to create Romani internet pages, which will allow to visitors find actual even general information about Romani minority in Czech Republic. Beside informational pages server contains even independent pages of Romani monthly magazine Romano Vod'i.



Žitná 49
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 - 257 329 667,
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