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September 29, 2022



Advertising on

(prices as of 1 July 2012)

The average daily rate of individuals accessing news server is currently around 3 000 visitors daily (source: – actual visiting rate). We offer the following advertising spaces on the website:

  • A special graphic banner (interstitial) across the entire browser window, open for approximately five seconds before the page itself comes up (this reaches all readers).
  • A graphic banner of 765 (maximum 1 000) by 100 pixels, located across the entire width of in the upper part of the page above our logo (on the main page and subpages)
  • A top graphic banner of 468 by 60 pixels located on our main page beneath the main six news items or beneath the most recent news item.

Non-standard sizes:

  • A top graphic banner of 305 by 144 pixels located on the right underneath the six video links on the main page.
  • A graphic banner of 305 by 144 pixels located on the right underneath the other news items under a section on a subpage.

Other advertising possibilities

  • A PR article – material inserted directly into the content section of in the form of an article labeled PAID ADVERTISING, 5 000 characters maximum, five photographs maximum.
  • Promo video – video located on the main page of on the right beneath the section with the most recent news items. We also offer video production services, with the price to be negotiated.
type of advertising price period
banner - interstitial CZK 4 000,00
banner 765(max 1000)*100 px CZK 800,00
banner top 468*60 px CZK 600,00
banner top 305*144 px
CZK 500,00 week
banner 305*144 px CZK 400,00 week
PR article CZK 1 000,00 article
Promo video CZK 2 000,00 týden

Advertising in the print magazine Romano voďi

(Price list valid as of 1 January 2010)

The subscribers to Romano voďi include public libraries, information centers, public administration bodies, non-governmental non-profit organizations, and government institutions. Romano voďi therefore reaches many more readers than its print run of 1 500 per issue.

The estimated number of readers for this periodical is around 5 000 per issue. Your advertisement could reach many people – not just staffers in the nonprofit sector, but also potential consumers of your products and services.

Print advertising price list

Inside pages

Full page CZK 7 000,00
2/3 page CZK 5 000,00
1/2 page CZK 4 000,00
1/3 page CZK 2 500,00
1/4 page CZK 1 500,00

Inside front and back cover

Full page CZK 11 000,00
2/3 page CZK 8 000,00
1/2 page CZK 7 000,00
1/3 page CZK 5 500,00

Back cover

Full page CZK 15 000,00
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