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May 8, 2021



Commentary: Girl murdered in Prague, but suspect isn't Roma, so no extremist protest

Prague, 19.3.2011 15:03, (ROMEA)

Everyone has certainly already heard about what has been going on in the town of Nový Bydžov. A woman was raped there, and official claims are that the perpetrator was a local citizen who belongs to the Roma community. Of course, no one knows exactly what really happened. Even the local mayor doesn't know, but that didn't stop him from blaming all Roma citizens alike in the town for that crime - and "thanks" to him, Roma people living there now have personal experience of the extremism of Tomáš Vandas and the promoters of the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) who are so blinded by hatred.

I do not want to defend the horrible crime that was committed in Nový Bydžov. What that man did is heinous and he should be properly punished for it.

However, the question arises as to why all the other Roma should be punished for it as well? No one can change what has already come to pass, but we can influence things so that the extremist events of 12 March are never repeated.

You all have certainly learned of even more recent crimes in the Czech Republic. After being missing for five months, a little girl's dead body was finally found. No one is indifferent to this crime and everyone is expressing their condolences about it. I was personally greatly affected by it and I cannot even imagine what her parents are going through. First I must apologize for making use of this unhappy incident, but I must ask: If Mayor Louda and Mr Vandas are bothered (justifiably) by the rape of a woman in Nový Bydžov, why are they not also bothered by the rape and murder of a small, innocent girl?

Why isn't Vandas rounding up his party's promoters and traveling to Prague to protest in front of city hall and asking the local government of the neighborhood involved how it is possible that some pervert can kidnap a young girl without anyone noticing? Today people are afraid to send their children alone to the shop across the street. Why aren't Vandas and company going for the jugular of the person who committed this crime? Aha, I forgot - it's a person from the majority society. Such people evidently can do what they like - and Vandas is not the only one who believes that.

Many of the Roma people against whom Vandas is fighting would gladly join in protests against such crimes, because they have hearts and they are not indifferent to the consequences of such crimes. They would gladly fight for the safety of all children, Roma children included.

Gwendolyn Albert, Lukáš Burianský, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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