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May 8, 2021



Family from Vítkov has new housing

Vítkov, 2.9.2009 8:01, (ROMEA)

The family from Vítkov whose home was destroyed this April by a Molotov cocktail attack has finally found a new one. Since April the family has been living in a temporary shelter, but now it has purchased a house, Anna Siváková told

“We have finally purchased an older single-family home. It cost CZK 540 000. We have about CZK 100 000 left for repairs, on the health and hygiene side it mainly needs a new bathroom for our daughter Natálka. That is my main priority now,” Siváková said.

Since the attack the family has been living in a temporary shelter even though approximately CZK 700 000 had been collected on their behalf. Such funds are sufficient in that region to acquire modest housing, but Aktuálně.cz has reported the family encountered many obstacles with others not wanting them as neighbors. Some even wrote a petition against them.

“People in Need helped us find the new housing. We regret that various untrue rumors have been spread about my family,” Siváková said.

In mid-August, police charged four people in connection with the April arson attack. They have been taken into custody. A total of 12 people, nine men and three women, were arrested. The rest were released. Police have charged the four with racially motivated attempted murder. All four were at the scene of the crime. Some have confessed.

“I firmly believe the court will give them exceptional punishment,” Siváková said. “I want to look them in the eyes when the verdict comes through. Only monsters are capable of such a thing. My daughter has been affected for life,” she added sadly.

The arsonists attacked the home of the nine-member Roma family during the early morning hours of 19 April, throwing three Molotov cocktails into it. Three people were injured during the subsequent blaze. Two-year-old Natálka was the most critically wounded and remains in intensive care in the burn center of the Ostrava Teaching Hospital. She suffered second and third degree burns over 80 % of her body and her condition remains very serious.

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