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July 27, 2021




One of the Czech-Romani flag combinations designed by the artist Tomáš Rafa. [PHOTO:  Miroslav Brož]
One of the Czech-Romani flag combinations designed by the artist Tomáš Rafa. [PHOTO: Miroslav Brož]

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Finland: Owners of first Romani café say they want it to bridge cultures

15.7.2018 10:23 News server Yle reports that in mid-June the National Romani Forum in Finland announced that a business called Café Rom in the town of Kotka had become the first restaurant in the country to be owned and managed by local Romani people. Café Rom is located in an old portside cafeteria in Hovinsaari district.  full story

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Czech city with homeless evictees refused Govt Agency for Social Inclusion help, some local Roma petitioned against it

9.7.2018 18:35 The local assembly in the Czech city of Ústí nad Labem refused to collaborate with the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion at a meeting last month. Those in favor of the collaboration were just two assembly members from the movement "Pro! Ústí" ("For! Ústí").  full story

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Czech Television: Successful Romani families aid the community

15.6.2017 11:47 A Czech Government report on the state of the Romani minority last year has found that half of the Romani people in the Czech Republic are educated, fully integrated into society, and middle class. Now public broadcaster Czech Television has visited two such families living in the Ústecký Region.  full story

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Hungary: Protests criticize Government, including over Roma integration

26.5.2017 7:52 Thousands of people have once again turned out on the streets of Budapest and other towns throughout Hungary to protest the Government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his FIDESZ party. The demonstrations on Sunday, 21 May were organized by the civic initiative "Nem maradunk csendben!" (We Will Not Be Silent!).  full story

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Alexander Olah: Twenty years of poor Roma being integrated by Romani elites in the Czech Republic

11.4.2017 8:16 The law on national minorities in the Czech Republic - and basically the entire concept of minority protections - is desperately far from the actual needs of impoverished Romani people in socially excluded localities. The same applies (apart from the existence of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights) to the absolutely miserable provisions for the protection of these people from institutional discrimination.  full story

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Commentary: Paradoxes in the war on political correctness

31.3.2017 21:01 The war against political correctness is a long-term process that was begun in the Czech Republic by ultra-right extremists during the 1990s. Their motive was apparent: They wanted to legitimize racism and xenophobia so their own "politics" would be acceptable to the broadest possible circle of voters.  full story

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Civil society members of Czech Gov't Council on Roma Affairs visit Brno to discuss policy with Romani community

29.1.2017 8:36 Members of the Czech Government Council for Roma Minority Affairs and government staffers visited nonprofit organizations in Brno working with Romani people last Tuesday and so-called socially excluded localities on Brněnská, Cejl and Francouzská Streets. The visit was one of the first that the members and staffers of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic will be gradually undertaking during 2017.  full story

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Michal Mižigár: Inclusion is an opportunity for a better life

2.12.2016 20:38 Last month we marked the ninth anniversary of the victorious "D.H." judgment at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, in which 18 Romani people from Ostrava who had been unjustifiably reassigned to what were then called "special schools" saw justice done and defended their right to a quality education. I would like to share a story with you about why it is important for all children to have equal access to education.  full story

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Tabloid interview with son of former Czech President about inclusive education features untruths

26.11.2016 10:10 The Czech tabloid Blesk has published an interview with Václav Klaus, Jr., the son of the former Czech President who was once the principal of a private high school in Prague, featuring the headline "Inclusion is a crime against disabled children". Tomáš Hečko, who is the parent of a child with Down Sydrome and a media professional, has reviewed the piece.  full story

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Czech Education Ministry tracking Romani and socially disadvantaged pupils to prevent segregation

25.10.2016 13:58 As of November, the Czech Education Ministry will be researching how many Romani and socially disadvantaged children are studying in what kind of programs in both the mainstream primary and practical primary schools. The decision is in response to a judgment from the European Court of Human Rights in 2007 which found that the Czech Republic had discriminated against Romani children in education.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani scholarship recipients study economics, history, IT, languages and medicine

11.10.2016 14:29 Hundreds of young Romani people are studying at college throughout the Czech Republic. Frequently they are the first people in their families ever to do so.
 full story

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