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October 21, 2021



Michael Kocáb

Michael Kocáb (Teplice, 2018). (PHOTO: Jan Mihaliček)
Michael Kocáb (Teplice, 2018). (PHOTO: Jan Mihaliček)

Former Czech Human Rights Minister says the entire country should campaign against denial of Romani genocide

11.2.2018 7:17 On Wednesday, 7 February, former Czech Human Rights Minister Michael Kocáb commented at a press conference announcing the results of the fundraising drive called "THEY WANT TO GAS THEM, WE WANT TO SEND THEM TO SCHOOL!" about the recent remarks made the chair of the SPD party, who is also the vice-chair of the Chamber of Deputies. He highlighted the responses of politicians who have objected to Czech MP Okamura's remarks, which in his view have crossed a certain line.  full story

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Slovakia: MP for fascist party criticizes recipients of state honors because of their origins and work

16.1.2017 10:17 Stanislav Mizík, an MP with the fascist party called "Kotleba-People's Party our Slovakia" (LSNS) has criticized Slovak President Andrej Kiska for awarding high state honors to figures such as film director Juraj Jerz and the Czech musician Michael Kocáb. The MP justified his criticism by stating that those honored were of Jewish origin and by disparaging their activities.  full story

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Slovak President gives state honors to 20 figures, including Czech politician

10.1.2017 11:45 High state honors were awarded yesterday in Slovakia to film director Juraj Herz, in memoriam to the longtime editor of the Romano nevo l'il newspaper Daniela Hivešová-Šilanová, and to the Czech politician Michael Kocáb. They were among 20 such figures honored by Slovak President Andrej Kiska at the castle in Bratislava.  full story

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Emil Ščuka asks not to be considered for Roma Spirit Award in the Czech Republic

27.10.2016 13:16 The Director of the International Conservatory and the Divadlo v Korunní theater in Prague, Emil Ščuka, has asked not to be considered for this year's Roma Spirit Award in the individual category. He has not said why.  full story

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Former Czech Human Rights Minister Michael Kocáb calls on Gejza Horváth to attend the Roma Spirit ceremony

24.10.2016 18:47 Michael Kocáb, the former Czech Human Rights Minister and head of the Roma Spirit project in the Czech Republic responded yesterday to the open letter published by Gejza Horváth, who has renounced his nomination for the Roma Spirit Award in the category of Romani Culture. Horváth published the letter two days ago through his Facebook profile in response to the death of a 27-year-old Romani man in a pizzeria in the Czech town of Žatec.  full story

Kocáb to address the fight against extremism and the "muzzle law"

Prague, 12.5.2009 12:22, (ROMEA) Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb (for the Green Party), the only member of the Topolánek cabinet to continue on in the new cabinet of Czech PM Jan Fischer, will focus particularly on the fight against extremism. He will also focus on the so-called "muzzle law", Fischer told journalists today after meeting with Kocáb in Prague.  full story

Lety pig farm solution not on horizon - Czech minister

Prague, 29.1.2009 16:31, (ROMEA) A solution to the case of the pig farm at Lety, south Bohemia, that stands on the site of a former World War Two concentration camp for Romanies, is not yet probably on the horizon, new Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocab (for the Greens) said today.  full story

Ultra right's event in Litvinov unacceptable - Czech minister

Prague, 26.1.2009 10:32, (ROMEA) Michael Kocab, the new Czech minister in charge of human rights and minorities, today labelled "totally unacceptable" the event the far-right Workers' Party (DS) staged in Janov, Romany-populated housing estate in the north Bohemian town Litvinov, on Saturday.  full story

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