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September 22, 2021




The trial of the Gruppe S terrorist group in Germany. (PHOTO:  Still from the SWR 1 radio station's coverage on YouTube)
The trial of the Gruppe S terrorist group in Germany. (PHOTO: Still from the SWR 1 radio station's coverage on YouTube)

German judge's word choice causes retrial of arson incident against asylum-seekers' shelter

25.6.2018 10:55 The trial of the German neo-Nazi sentenced last year to nine and a half years in prison for committing arson against an asylum-seekers' shelter and other crimes must be redone. The Federal Court in Karlsruhe overturned the first-instance verdict of the state court and published its decision on 21 June.  full story

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Germany: Crime rates lowest for 25 years, apocalyptic visions of immigrant crime seem to have been exaggerated

29.4.2018 15:27 German newspaper Die Welt reports that recently published statistics for 2017 show that crime overall in Germany is at a record low - compared to 2016, the statistics demonstrate an overall decline of almost 10 %, the biggest in 25 years. The pessimistic predictions made by politicians who are opposed to receiving refugees, who have scared their constituents by predicting Germany would be devastated by crimes perpetrated by immigrants during the next few years, have apparently not come to pass.  full story

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videoGermany: Three assailants attack two youths wearing yarmulkes in the capital

22.4.2018 14:35 Deutsche-Presse Agentur (DPA) reported on 18 April that three unidentified assailants attacked two youths wearing yarmulkes, the traditional Jewish head covering for men, in Berlin. One of those assaulted was an Israeli citizen who filmed the incident.  full story

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Germany reports record-high number of politically-motivated crimes for a second year in a row

26.4.2017 7:18 Last year German officials received complaints about a record number of politically-motivated criminal acts, 41 549 total. The number of such crimes perpetrated by foreign nationals significantly increased by two-thirds year-on-year.  full story

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Model is shocked by Czech racists' response to him, incident now an international embarrassment

9.1.2017 7:26 The scandal of racist commentaries being posted to Facebook in response to the international Lidl retail chain's use of a black model in an advertising flier in the Czech Republic has drawn media attention in many European countries including Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. The news has reached the model himself, who lives in Hamburg, Germany.  full story

Germany: Pegida speechmaker charged with arson against mosque

14.12.2016 22:35 On 9 December the German media reported that the Federal General Prosecutor has filed charges against a man named Nino K. alleging that he committed arson attacks against a mosque during the week prior to the September celebration of the state holiday of German reunification. He is also charged with committing arson against the Congress Center in Dresden and planting fake bombs on a bridge there.  full story

Analysis: Refugee curfew relaxed in German town of Bautzen, opponents of racism assemble undisturbed

22.9.2016 7:54 One week ago the long-term tensions in the town of Bautzen in the German region of Lausitz, located just north of the border with the Czech Republic, escalated. The clash between neo-Nazis, police officers, and a small group of young refugees resulted in the refugees being chased throughout the entire town and was reported on by news server in detail here.  full story

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Germany: Merkel's popularity rising, anti-refugee populists losing favor

10.7.2016 18:48 German Chancellor Angela Merkel is enjoying her highest ratings since the beginning of the refugee crisis. A total of 59 % of Germans are assessing her work positively, the highest rating since last September.  full story

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Germany: Romani refugees at risk of deportation occupy cathedral in Regensburg

9.7.2016 20:48 On Tuesday, 5 July, a group of more than 40 Romani refugees from states in the Balkans occupied the cathedral in the Bavarian city of Regensburg on the Danube. The local Catholic parish has decided to leave the refugees in the building and is not requesting police to intervene.  full story

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Germany: Romani refugees occupy Berlin memorial to Roma murdered during Nazism, police intervene

29.5.2016 9:55 Last Sunday afternoon approximately 100 people occupied Berlin's memorial to the Romani and Sinti people who were murdered by the Nazis. The protest was held under the slogan "We Are Here".  full story

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