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September 24, 2021




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videoAntigypsyism and antisemitism rooted in European culture for centuries, experts discuss the causes of online hate

3.7.2020 10:58 The ROMEA organization held two online conferences, one about the phenomenon of antisemitism and one about the phenomenon of antigypsyism in the Internet environment and their historical roots, as part of the international project Remember and Act! (Re-ACT) together with the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH), LICRA and SYNYO. Both conferences and the subsequent specialized workshops were attended by roughly 40 experts from almost 20 countries worldwide, including Canada, Germany, Israel, Romania and Spain. Both events were organized as collaborations with the European Roma Grassroots Organisations network (ERGO).  full story

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LIVE BROADCAST TODAY AT 11 CET: Ceremonial awarding of scholarships for Romani secondary school students

19.10.2018 6:59 Today at 11 AM in the beautiful Brožíkův Hall of the Old Town Hall in Prague, the Romani Scholarship Program is holding its celebratory gathering of Romani students of secondary and higher technical schools who have become scholarship recipients this school year. The program is implemented by the ROMEA organization for a third year with the support of the Velux Foundation of Denmark, the Albatros Foundation and other supporters.  full story

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videoROMEA: Czech President has manipulated facts yet again - we can prove 70 % of Romani people in this country work

5.10.2018 14:22 Czech President Miloš Zeman is insisting on the accuracy of his remarks about unemployed Romani people. Responding to the hundreds of photographs posted to
Facebook by Romani people from their workplaces, Zeman said today that the initiative represented just one-tenth of the Romani population.
 full story

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First-graders from Czech school subjected to racist attacks online receive tablets thanks to ROMEA's fundraising drive

2.7.2018 6:15 Children attending the primary school in Teplice that faced a wave of racist online commentaries in the autumn of 2017 were given tablets and other small gifts during the end-of-year celebration that were bought for them by the school with the proceeds from the ROMEA organization's fundraising campaign on their behalf. At last Thursday's celebration, graduating pupils were given a sash to wear and were accompanied by the first-graders in addition to their teachers during the ceremony.  full story

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Jana Hejkrlíková, Romani doctoral candidate: We must see each other as fellow human beings

7.5.2018 11:31 Jana Hejkrlíková is studying in the Modern History Department at the Faculty of Arts at West Bohemian University, where she leads a Scouting division in her free time. While she may not appear to be a Romani woman, she was bullied in primary school because the children there knew her mother, who does appear Romani.  full story

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videoNorway: Romani online television channel "Nevimos Norvego" to collaborate with ROMEA TV

27.2.2018 7:08 In Norway the first Romani online television programming began at the end of January of this year with an online channel called Nevimos Norvego, and the Czech Republic's ROMEA TV online program, which was created in 2002 as the first Romani online television channel, will soon contribute to Nevimos Norvego's broadcasts. The Norwegian producers will publish articles, photos of events, and brief video reports on a daily basis and will broadcast longer video programs once a month focused on subjects connected with the Romani community in Norway.  full story

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Czech Republic: Unique "Memory of the Roma" project keeps historical memory alive through video

7.2.2018 7:33 Over a cup of coffee in her apartment in Rokycany, Czech Republic, 67-year-old Květa Tůmová Tomášová recalls the stories of her family, whose roots are in the Šariš region of eastern Slovakia. She talks about labor camps, partisans, the Second World War, the postwar migration to the Czech Republic, her childhood in Rokycany, and the classroom where she and her brother Mírák were the only Romani children.  full story

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