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May 9, 2021




Czech fundraising campaign begins for 25 evictees now living in a primary school gym

6.7.2018 8:33 The gym at a school in the Předlice neighborhood of the Czech city of Ústí nad Labem became a temporary residence last weekend for 25 people evicted from the Modrá residential hotel, which closed on 30 June. Thanks to the enormous efforts made primarily by Karel Karika, the Vice-Mayor of the central municipal department of the city, new rental housing was secured for all the residents of another residential hotel (Klišská) which also closed on 30 June.  full story

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Czech residential hotels close, 21 people now living in a primary school gym

1.7.2018 8:32 Yesterday the last tenants in the two residential hotels closing in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem moved out. According to those who attended the Friday coordination group meeting among representatives of the city, social workers and nonprofit organizations, of the 224 people in need of rehousing, 177 have accommodation arranged and housing for 25 more people was in the process of being sought.  full story

Czech landlord allegedly threatens to pull the plug tonight on evictees' amplified displacement party

27.6.2018 16:00 The people being evicted from the Klíšská and Modrá residential hotels in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic are bidding farewell to the neighborhood today with musical performances under the slogans "We Won't Go Live on the Street!" and "Black, White, Together We Fight!", holding a community gathering in advance of their having to move out on 30 June. The evictees want to draw attention to their desperate situation and to point out that the authorities have de facto created a real quandary when it comes to making social housing accessible.  full story

Czech city says 56 evictees still not rehoused, must move by the end of the week

25.6.2018 15:04 Of the two residential hotels in the Czech city of Ústí nad Labem that are closing their operations on Saturday, 56 people still need to be rehoused. There are 224 people officially registered as living in the facilities.

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Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister says nobody has to live on the street after residential hotels close

19.6.2018 12:38 The City of Ústí nad Labem is doing its best to gradually arrange housing for the people from two residential hotels that are closing at the end of June. According to City Hall, they have managed to find replacement housing for more than half of the people affected.  full story

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Residential hotels closing in Czech city, Romani tenants have yet to find substitute accommodation

1.6.2018 19:22 The inhabitants of two residential hotels in the Czech city of Ústí nad Labem that will close at the end of June still do not know where they will be moving. During their housing search they are encountering the need to pay deposits they cannot afford, as well as discrimination from landlords.
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Czech Regional Development Ministry may address traffickers in poverty with rent map

25.7.2017 9:43 Czech Television has broadcast an investigative reportage by reporter Richard Samko about a recent case of sophisticated trafficking in poverty that news server reported earlier this month. A Romani single mother of three young children contacted after the owner of the apartment they were living in (the A Property company) threw them onto the street from one day to the next.  full story

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Germany recalls last year's violent clashes between police and those opposed to refugees in Heidenau

18.8.2016 18:28 One year ago, Germany was shaken by the violence that played itself out in Heidenau. On the nights of 21, 22 and 23 August 2015, the small Saxon town was awaiting the arrival of hundreds of refugees for whom an accommodation facility had been quickly prepared there.  full story

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Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry's amendment counts on reducing benefits for residential hotel tenants

20.2.2016 20:28 The Czech Labor Ministry is preparing to reduce the amount of housing benefits disbursed to people living in residential hotels. The amount of the benefit should be calculated based on lower base rates than have been used to date.  full story

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Czech town of Kladno: 40 private residential hotels and no other alternative for the poor

23.1.2016 20:08 The shabby building has been wrapped in tape ever since it was condemned. Formerly an infamous residential hotel called the "Meat Factory" (Masokombinát), it is still standing in the Czech town of Kladno despite four-year-old plans by the town to either demolish or sell it.  full story

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Czech residential hotel with 200 tenants goes second day without power

5.1.2016 23:28 A residential hotel on Zelená Street in the Czech town of Děčín, which became a target of anti-Romani marches in the summer of 2014, has been without electricity since yesterday after several fuses blew. Around 200 occupants live in the building, a large portion of whom are children.  full story

One of the residential hotels in Ostrava on Cihelná street (2013). (Photo:  František Kostlán)

Residential hotel tenants petition Czech PM over discrimination against the impoverished

8.12.2015 18:26 "The poverty caused by the ill-considered amendments to the social laws is unlike any that has ever existed in the modern history of our country," reads a press release sent out by an informal initiative of residential hotel tenants asserting that the situation of the families with children, senior citizens and unemployed occupants of such facilities is so critical it could become a cause of social unrest. The tenants have written a petition to the Czech Prime Minister protesting against a planned amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress.  full story

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