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June 24, 2021




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Almost 2 000 Romani people granted historic audience with the Pope

Vatican, 12.6.2011 18:03, (ROMEA) Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI called on Europe not to forget the "too-little recognized" pain caused by the annihilation of Romani people in Nazi camps and to protect them from future "torment". During his historic reception of almost 2 000 Romani pilgrims from 20 European countries at the Vatican, the Pope also called on them to integrate into society and start writing a new page in European history.  full story

Gypsies in Europe still face discrimination, Vatican officials say

Vatican, 4.3.2010 10:10, (U.S.Catholic) Undoubtedly the most discriminated minority group in Europe, the Gypsies experience the impact of firmly rooted stereotypes every day, said a Vatican official.  full story

Report from first world meeting of Gypsy Priests, Deacons and Religious

Vatican, 8.11.2007 10:33, (Fides) The First World Meeting of Gypsy Priests, Deacons and Religious Men and Women, held in Rome from 22 - 25 September issued a statement yesterday.  full story

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