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June 15, 2021




The Czech Police intervening on 30 October 2020 against the man who threatened Romani community member Bartoloměj Girga and his seven-year-old son with a pistol. (PHOTO:  stills from video footage of the incident recorded by Mr Girga)
The Czech Police intervening on 30 October 2020 against the man who threatened Romani community member Bartoloměj Girga and his seven-year-old son with a pistol. (PHOTO: stills from video footage of the incident recorded by Mr Girga)

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Czech court releases murder suspect from custody now that all witnesses to shooting of Romani man have been questioned

16.8.2017 12:21 On the afternoon of 14 August the gunman who shot a 34-year-old Romani man at a housing estate in Chomutov on 27 May was released from custody. Inhabitants of the housing estate are using online social networks to share the incorrect information that he has been acquitted.  full story

Czech Police reconstruct murder of Romani man, shooter faces 20 years in prison if convicted

14.8.2017 12:25 Czech Police performed a reconstruction during the night of Friday 11 August of the May murder of a Romani man at a housing estate in the town of Chomutov. The re-enactment involved the 37-year-old man who has been accused of the murder, supervising State Prosecutor Vladimír Jan told the Czech News Agency.  full story

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Czech prosecutor to review police procedure in case of Romani man who died in pizzeria

1.4.2017 10:26 The regional-level Office of the State Prosecutor will be reviewing the case of 26-year-old Miroslav Demeter, Jr., who died on 18 October 2016 at the Panamera Pizzeria in the Czech town of Žatec. The father of the deceased has informed news server of the development.  full story

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video VIDEO: Father of deceased Romani man says he has filed complaint against suspension of investigation

2.2.2017 21:39 In a video interview for news server, the father of Miroslav Demeter, the Romani man who died under mysterious circumstances in October 2016, expressed his opinion of the fact that the Czech Police have suspended the investigation.  full story

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videoVIDEO: Czech Police proceeded incorrectly, attorney for family of deceased Romani man says

2.2.2017 21:03 News server has asked several questions of the legal representative of the bereaved in the case of the death of Mr Miroslav Demeter, the young Romani man who lost his life in a pizzeria in the town of Žatec after a conflict with other customers. JUDr. Michal Pacovský has assessed the procedure of the police to date for news server and described what he considers to be the basic misconduct that he believes police have committed.  full story

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Czech Police investigation of death threats against Romani celebrity continues, his brother targeted also

1.2.2017 7:05 Czech Police have confirmed to news server that they are continuing to investigate death threats against the Romani singer Radek Banga. The threats of physical annihilation and calls to "gas" Banga began to appear on his Facebook profile after he publicly criticized the success of the xenophobic band Ortel in the "Czech Nightingale" music competition.  full story

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Czech Republic: Investigation into Romani man's death continues as interethnic gulf widens

11.1.2017 7:13 Last fall was marked for thousands of Romani people in the Czech Republic by the mysterious, still-unclarified death of a young man, Miroslav Demeter, in a pizzeria in Žatec. During 20 demonstrations and memorial assemblies around the country and abroad, Romani people took to the streets with the aim of expressing their opinion that the case must be properly investigated.  full story

--ilustrační foto-- recovers mobile phone video of Czech Police procedure against Romani driver, case being reviewed by oversight board

20.11.2016 10:24 News server published the mobile phone video yesterday of an incident between a police officer and a Romani driver during a traffic stop at the beginning of November on the Máj housing estate in the town of České Budějovice after which the driver had to seek medical attention and was hospitalized with a bruised neck and suspected concussion. The driver had been attempting to film one of the officers involved in the traffic stop using his mobile phone, but the officer physically prevented him from doing so, took the phone away, erased the recording and smashed the phone itself.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani driver hospitalized after police tried to stop him filming them with his phone

11.11.2016 18:27 On Saturday, 5 November 2016 at around noon an incident occurred between the Romani driver of a personal vehicle and police officers who pulled him over at the Máj housing estate in the city of České Budějovice. After the driver attempted to use his mobile phone to film one of the officers during the inspection, a tussle ensued over the phone and the Romani man was then forced to lie down on the ground, where he was handcuffed.  full story

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Czech Republic: Funeral of young Romani man who died after a scuffle in a pizzeria last month

8.11.2016 9:16 Yesterday more than 200 people attended the funeral, held just after noon in Lenešice near Louny, for the young Romani man who died in mid-October during an incident in a pizzeria in the town of Žatec. The situation was monitored by police, who were also on patrol in Žatec at the scene of the unfortunate incident.  full story

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Patrik Banga: We Roma must not lower ourselves to the racists' level! Racism and threats are what we criticize

25.10.2016 15:26 Journalist Patrik Banga has posted to the Facebook page of the ROMEA organization calling on his fellow Romani comunity members not to lower themselves to the level of racists and to stop writing their own racist posts and calling for revenge in connection with the death of a Romani man in the town of Žatec last week. "Romale ... I am reading your posts on all of the discussion forums and on Facebook and I am sad. Many of us are calling for revenge, but you must remember that violence just breeds more violence. All of us want the same thing, and that is for there to be a proper investigation of what happened in Žatec. However, if we insult people, if we make threats, if we say racist things, if we use vulgar language, then we are just doing what we criticize others for doing. Please, let's not lower ourselves to the level of the racists," his message says.  full story

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videoEyewitness says assailants shouting racist abuse and beating Romani man before he died were in full view of Czech Police

21.10.2016 13:16 The video above is an interview with an eyewitness who saw part of the incident on 18 October in the Czech town of Žatec that resulted in the death of a Romani man. Eyewitness Miroslav Mašek says he saw the incident through the glass wall of the pizzeria.  full story

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Czech Republic: Five physically injured after Hitler is praised in local restaurant

10.10.2016 14:14 A physical conflict occurred between two different groups of people on the evening of Saturday, 8 October in a restaurant in the village of Chotutice near Český Brod (Kolín district). According to eyewitnesses, the conflict happened after a local customer declared he was sorry that Adolf Hitler hadn't managed to fully implement his "solution" for the "Romani question".  full story

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Czech Republic: Roma report racism to Facebook after calls for "gypsies" to be set on fire are posted

8.7.2016 8:34 A person presenting herself on Facebook as "Bára Fictumová" now awaits criminal investigation after two Romani people, the well-known activist Jan Čonka and journalist Patrik Banga, filed a report of criminal activity over a post on that page. Fictumová has sadly now become famous on Facebook by posting the following message:  full story

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