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June 15, 2021




Strategy to address problems facing Turkish Roma is well-received

Istanbul , 17.3.2011 16:50, (ROMEA) A democratic initiative by the Turkish government to deal with the issues affecting minorities, including Roma, has been met with positive reactions.  full story

European Parliament backs resolution for strategy on Roma inclusion

Strasbourg , 11.3.2011 16:50, (ROMEA) This week saw a majority in the European Parliament adopt a resolution for a strategy of decisive measures to end the social isolation and discrimination suffered by Roma.  full story

Italian Roma offered generous incentives to return to Romania

Milan, 10.3.2011 16:32, (ROMEA) Roma in Milan, Italy are being offered generous sums of 15,000 euros to leave their camps and relocate in Romania.  full story

Monument to be built in Bucharest to recognise the Roma victims of Romanian slavery

Bucharest, 7.3.2011 16:40, (ROMEA) Romania’s capital Bucharest is to have a monument dedicated to the Roma who were slaves in Romania until the mid-nineteenth century.  full story

Mourners pay last respects to the first Czech Romani spiritual member of the Catholic Church

Cesky Krumlov, 7.3.2011 13:14, (ROMEA) Saturday saw the funeral of Vojtech Vagai, noteworthy for being the first Czech, Romani Catholic to serve the Roman Catholic Church.  full story

Controversy over comments about Roma by Hungarian far-Right leader

Budapest, 25.2.2011 16:29, (ROMEA) Gábor Vona, chairman of the radical nationalist party Jobbik, has recently come under fire for comments made about Roma in Hungary.  full story

Exhibition in Lidice on the pre-war life of Czech Roma

Lidice, 11.2.2011 14:26, (ROMEA) An exhibition outlining the lives of Czech Roma before World War Two will open on Wednesday at the Lidice Memorial in Central Bohemia.  full story

Roma artists required for Hungarian art project

Bódvalenke, 7.2.2011 16:35, (ROMEA) A new and exciting art project is currently taking place in Bódvalenke, North Hungary.  full story

Fire in Italy kills four Roma children

Rome, 7.2.2011 14:21, (ROMEA) A fire at a Roma camp in the suburbs of Rome has claimed the lives of four children aged between three and eleven.  full story

Sweden takes steps to document the maltreatment of Roma

Stockholm, 7.2.2011 14:11, (ROMEA) Sweden has announced plans for a report exploring the suffering the Roma endured in the country in the 20th century.  full story

Pubs in Poznan face claims of racism against Roma

Poznan, 28.1.2011 15:47, (ROMEA) Incidents of racism have been reported against Roma in the Polish city of Poznan.  full story

Recognition in Germany for the Roma victims of the Holocaust

Berlin, 27.1.2011 16:17, (ROMEA) On this day 66 years ago, the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet troops and as such, the 27th January is now an international remembrance day for the victims of the Holocaust.  full story

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