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July 29, 2021



Radka Steklá

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Rumburk: Kohout's demonstrations harm the atmosphere in North Bohemia

Rumburk, 30.9.2011 11:53, (ROMEA) The Rumburk town hall is opposed to Sunday's demonstrations against rising crime announced for the towns of Rumburk and Varnsdorf by convicted con artist Lukáš Kohout. The town hall has called on citizens not to participate in the demonstrations, saying they will not serve to address problems, but only to stir up conflicts.  full story

Czech town calls for legal changes to curtail those who profit from social deprivation

Most, 26.9.2011 7:55, (ROMEA) The town of Most intends to respond to the fact that the system of disbursing housing benefits makes it possible for landlords to charge rents to their tenants on welfare that are higher than the usual market rents in the same locality. The town has decided to appeal to the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry to change the current practice of disbursing housing benefits.  full story

The Economist on Czech unrest: Nazi-era rhetoric, politicians also to blame

Great Britain, 26.9.2011 7:19, (ROMEA) The tense events of recent weeks in the Šluknov district of the Czech Republic are the topic of an article in the prestigious British magazine The Economist. In its reporting, published 22 September 2011, the magazine compares some of the slogans used by anti-Roma demonstrators there to the persecution committed by the Nazis. The magazine also links the unrest to the scandal around Ladislav Bátora, a bureaucrat at the Czech Education Ministry. For a brief time, TOP 09 party ministers refused to attend cabinet sessions in protest over Bátora's unsuitability as head of human resources at the ministry because of his ultra-nationalism. The magazine also describes the role Czech President Václav Klaus is playing in these events.  full story

Bill to subject welfare to collections passes Czech lower house

Prague, 25.9.2011 23:14, (ROMEA) On Friday 23 September, the Czech lower house passed a bill which would make it possible for welfare benefits to be subjected to collections. The bill makes it possible for welfare recipients to sign an agreement with the authorities to have their benefits attached in order to pay off any debts. According to Czech MPs Ivana Řápková (Civic Democrats - ODS) and Lenka Kohoutová (ODS), the aim of the bill, which has been criticized by experts, NGOs and the opposition because of its likely results, is to make it more possible to collect fees and fines from people on welfare. The amendment to the law on aid in material distress is now heading to the Czech Senate despite being criticized by the opposition.  full story

Organizer cancels tomorrow's anti-Roma demonstration in Rumburk

Rumburk, 23.9.2011 22:00, (ROMEA) One of the two demonstrations planned for tomorrow in Šluknov district will evidently not take place. The Czech Press Agency reports that the organizer of the demonstration in Rumburk, Josef Mašín, has canceled it and announced the cancellation to the town. On his website, Mašín says he made the decision after being subjected to specific pressure.  full story

Czech Republic: Anti-Roma demonstration canceled to no avail

Varnsdorf, 22.8.2011 21:24, (ROMEA) Last Friday a square in Varnsdorf became the site of a meeting of about 60 people who had come to call on the municipality to start concerning itself with crime and with the fact that Romani people are being moved out of towns all over the country and into the Šluknov foothills. The Šluknov Development Association (Sdružení pro rozvoj Šluknovska) has also written a letter to Czech PM Petr Nečas (Civic Democrats - ODS) demanding that he assist with the security situation there.  full story

First charge of racially motivated battery filed in Rumburk attack

Rumburk, 22.8.2011 18:06, (ROMEA) The first charges have been filed over yesterday's attack in Rumburk, Czech Republic, committed by an armed group of 20 people against a group of four. Police have arrested two Romani men whom they say were involved.  full story

Nový Bor violence sparks demonstration

Nový Bor , 11.8.2011 19:18, (ROMEA) A Czech group calling itself Homeland Security (Bezpečí Domova) is using the Facebook social networking site to convene a demonstration responding to a bar fight that took place Sunday in the town of Nový Bor. After non-Romani locals reportedly physically assaulted two Romani youths in the bar, the Roma fled the scene and then returned with reinforcements armed with machetes and truncheons, where they attacked several guests. Three men were injured, one of them quite seriously. "We want to demonstrate, in a peaceful way, our disagreement with the state of security protections in our town," the group's invitation to the demonstration reads.  full story

Who doesn't like Prague Pride?

Prague, 10.8.2011 20:03, (ROMEA) The five-day Prague Pride Festival of Tolerance, which is offering its program not only to gays, lesbians and transgender people, but also to their families, friends and co-workers, has prompted verbal exchanges recently between those who oppose the festival and those who support it. Opponents of the festival are being recruited from among the extreme right or members of the Young Christian Democrats, while harsh criticism of the event has also been heard from the Czech Education Ministry and Prague Castle.  full story

Czech Republic: Yet another arson attack on a Romani home

Krty (Rakovník district) , 10.8.2011 18:41, (ROMEA) At 1 AM CET today a Molotov cocktail was thrown into house on railway property occupied by a Romani family in Krty, Czech Republic. One man suffered second-degree burns as a result of the attack.  full story

Planned EU tobacco regulations could cost many Romani people their only jobs

Brussels, 18.7.2011 17:50, (ROMEA) A new directive on tobacco products which the European Commission is planning to submit next year is said to directly contradict the EU's recently adopted Roma Inclusion Strategy, according to news server The new legislation would ban some ingredients and flavorings mixed into Burley tobacco and would also impact tobacco growers in Africa, lobby groups and MEPs warned last week.  full story

Hungary: New mayor from Jobbik party to manage town where inter-ethnic tensions continue

Gyöngyöspata, Hungary, 18.7.2011 16:57, (ROMEA) As of yesterday, the Hungarian town of Gyöngyöspata has a new mayor. Voters selected the candidate for the ultra-nationalist Jobbik party ("Movement for a Better Hungary"). The town's problems with ultra-nationalists, which resulted in the evacuation of Romani families and international embarrassment three months ago, may not be over.  full story

Montenegro: The money came and went - and Romani families are still unhoused

Montenegro, 18.7.2011 15:02, (ROMEA) Biljana Alković, Executive Director of the Roma Scholarship Foundation and a member of the Montenegrin Government's commission for monitoring the implementation of its Romani strategy program, has published an open letter stating that the situation of Romani people in Montenegro, including refugees from the 1990s war, is not improving. Alković says the implementation of the country's Romani inclusion strategy is being performed irresponsibly and is uncontrolled, as there is a complete absence of monitoring mechanisms in place: "Only a few weeks ago, five and a half years after the Decade of Roma Inclusion began, did Romani people and their inclusion acquire authentic, transparent representation in the government."  full story

Czech ombudsman's analysis shows every sixth job announcement is discriminatory

Brno, 21.6.2011 16:54, (ROMEA) A recent analysis published by the Czech ombudsman, Pavel Varvařovský, has revealed an unflattering fact: Of more than 1 200 job announcements published on the internet server, the largest web portal for job offerings in the Czech Republic, one-sixth contain at least one discriminatory requirement. Job-seekers are thus being pre-emptively excluded from employment opportunities. The analysis reviewed 12 044 ads published during the week of 1 -7 April 2011.  full story

Czech youths face up to 20 years in prison for setting homeless man on fire

Prague, 21.6.2011 15:12, (ROMEA) The Prague Municipal Court has begun addressing last year's case of three young men who set a homeless man on fire in the Bohdalecký Forest in Prague 10. They are also expected to plead guilty to committing an attack on another person. All three confessed after the crime was committed.  full story

Czech Police charge six DSSS adherents with promoting Nazism

Brno, 21.6.2011 13:53, (ROMEA) Six ultra-right sympathizers are facing charges of promoting neo-Nazism during a 1 May march through the city of Brno. On that day police arrested a total of 15 people, 13 of them promoters of the extreme right and two of them opponents of the extreme right.  full story

Berlusconi exploits Islam and the Roma in his attack on the left

Rome, 24.5.2011 14:24, (ROMEA) Five days before the second round of municipal elections is set to take place in Italy, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has said the left wing wants to change Milan, an economic metropolis of the country, into "an Islamic city full of Roma". The PM published the remarks yesterday on the web page of his party, the People of Freedom (PDL). "Milan cannot be allowed to become an Islamic city, a Romopolis full of Roma camps and encircled by foreigners whom the left even wants to give the right to vote," he said.  full story

Neo-Nazis plan march "Against Racial Violence" through Přerov, Czech Republic

Přerov, 24.5.2011 13:58, (ROMEA) Sympathizers of the extreme right will be rallying once again in Přerov on the last Saturday in June. Jiří Štěpánek, Vice-Chair of the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS), told the Czech Press Agency the rally is because of allegedly frequent racial attacks being committed by the local Roma minority. Representatives of the Přerov town hall have not yet received an announcement of the event but say they will probably not try to prevent it.  full story

Czech town may not build community center in Roma area after non-Roma uproar

Písek, 23.5.2011 15:13, (ROMEA) The planned construction of a community drop-in center at the Portyč housing estate in Písek, Czech Republic is now endangered. The building and sports ground for teenagers and youth was proposed as part of the town's Integrated Development Programme and has bothered certain residents from the beginning. More than 3 000 people have signed a petition against the center. News server reports that it seems the town is starting to back away from the plan.  full story

Critics say Slovak census not anonymous, Personal Information Protection Office agrees

Bratislava, 23.5.2011 14:42, (ROMEA) Concerns have arisen in Slovakia that the census data people are submitting could be abused. Even though the census forms do not include names, personal identification numbers, addresses or signatures, the separately attached code assigned to each form does make it possible to identify the person the form was issued to.  full story

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