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June 13, 2021




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Czech round table on Romani genocide memorial: Relatives of victims must have the last word

2.2.2018 19:36 Almost 30 people from various fields gathered on 26 January 2018 at the invitation of the Terezín Initiative Institute and the Museum of Romani Culture for a round table at the Institute's headquarters in the building of the former Jewish school on Jáchymova Street in Prague to discuss the possible creation of a Lety Platform that would, as a working group, discuss the form of the future remembrance site at Lety u Písku. In addition to representatives of both institutions (historians and professional staff) representatives of the Office of the Government, the Czech Government Council for Romani Minority Affairs, the Czech Culture Ministry, activists and naturally the relatives of the victims of the camp at Lety and the camp at Hodonín u Kunštátu sat at the same table to discuss the future of the memorials.  full story

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International Czech and Slovak Romani community rocked by mysterious death of nine-year-old girl in England

10.1.2018 10:16 Romani community members have been using Facebook to vigorously discuss the mysterious death of a nine-year-old girl named Janička who, on 2 January 2018, is said to have died of suffocation while playing in her room. Allegedly she remained lifeless for 40 minutes before medical aid was given to her.  full story

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TODAY! Livestream of discussion about segregation of Romani children after "Europe: Which Children Matter" screens in Ostrava

16.11.2017 15:18 On Friday, 17 November at the PANT studio in Ostrava the documentary film "Europe: Which Children Matter?" will screen at 16:00, followed at 17:30 by a discussion with human rights activist Gwendolyn Albert, director Jenne Magno, activist Edita Stejskalová and other guests about the inclusion of Romani children into mainstream schools. News server will LIVESTREAM THE FOLLOWING DEBATE.  full story

"Truth Matters": Media Education Weeks begin in the Czech schools

26.5.2017 7:24 On Monday, 22 May, an educational action by the People in Need - One World in the Schools organization (Člověk v tísni – Jeden svět na školách) called "Media Education Weeks 2017" is beginning with the motto "Truth Matters". The weeks will last until 30 June and are focused on Czech elementary and secondary schools.  full story

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Czech Human Rights Minister says Government might decide to buy pig farm on Romani genocide site in June

10.4.2017 7:38 The Czech Government could officially adopt a solution in the matter of buying the pig farm at Lety u Písku that currently stands on the location of the Protectorate-era concentration camp for Romani people as soon as June. Speaking during a discussion on the Prima television channel yesterday, Czech Minister for Human Rights and Legislation Jan Chvojka (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) mentioned the possible timing of the purchase.  full story

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Czech HateFree campaign will continue in a different form, Govt issues statement fully backing its manager

13.3.2017 6:55 The Czech Government's HateFree Culture campaign will continue next year in a different form. Deputy Human Rights Minister Martina Štěpánková informed members of the
lower house of the decision on 7 March.  full story

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Renáta Kováčová: Tragic death in UK of two Romani girls from Czech Republic sparks horrible online commentary

4.1.2017 7:30 Most of us have probably heard about the tragedy that happened on New Year's Eve in Great Britain when a driver ran into two young girls from the Czech Republic and then left the scene without providing them first aid. One girl died on the spot and the other also succumbed to her injuries later.  full story

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ROMEA to hold public debate on "Roma in the Czech Republic - obstacles, opportunities, options" TOMORROW

27.4.2016 11:14 The ROMEA organization will be holding a public debate, "Roma in the Czech Republic - obstacles, opportunities, options" on Thursday, 28 April at the National Minorities House (Vocelova 3, Praha 2). The event will have three sections, the first of which will focus on supporting the higher education of Romani people by providing scholarships.  full story

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