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July 29, 2021



Marian Kotleba

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Slovakia: Many youth support the ultra-right, study finds

12.12.2016 15:59 Many young Slovaks support the ultra-right party called Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS). Marian Kotleba, the Governor of the Banská Bystrica Region and the party leader, also enjoys great popularity.  full story

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Slovak MP says the Holocaust is a "fairy tale and a lie", police will not prosecute

8.9.2016 16:12 Milan Mazurek, an MP for Kotleba's People's Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS) and chair of the party's regional club in Prešov, will not be prosecuted for saying that the Holocaust is a "fairy tale and a lie". "I am not advocating for any regime, but we only know fairy tales and lies about the Third Reich, and six million, and soap made from Jews. What we are taught about Hitler is all lies," Mazurek posted to his Facebook profile.  full story

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Slovakia: Fascist politician seeks minute of silence in Parliament for WWII-era leader, doesn't get it

19.4.2016 8:27 Slovak media are reporting that the leader of Slovakia's ultra-right "Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia" (K-LSNS), Marián Kotleba, asked the leadership of Parliament on Friday to announce a minute of silence to honor the President of the wartime Slovak State, Jozef Tiso, who was responsible for the deportation of Jewish people from the country. Andrej Danko, the speaker of Parliament who is also the head of the nationalist Slovak National Party (SNS), refused the motion.  full story

Kotleba, Vandas a další členové Dělnické strany sociální spravedlnosti.

Slovakia: Anti-fascists ask Prosecutor-General to dissolve ultra-right party

16.3.2016 22:29 The organizers of the anti-fascist march in the center of Bratislava on 7 March against the ultra-right party called "Kotleba - People's Party Our Slovakia" (LSNS), which was attended by as many as 3 000 people after the party scored victories in the Parliamentary elections, are now calling for the LSNS to be dissolved. They have delivered a letter to Jaromír Čižnár, the Prosecutor-General of the Slovak Republic, asking him to take advantage of his powers and file a motion with the Slovak Supreme Court for Kotleba's party to be dissolved.  full story

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Slovak Regional Governor cancels theater production he doesn't like

16.3.2016 14:55 The ultra-right Governor of the Banska Bystrica Region, Marián Kotleba, has ordered the early closure of a theatrical production that he does not like, allegedly because it uses indecent expressions. News server reported that Kotleba's office had commissioned the play for performance at a teacher appreciation celebration in the town of Brezno.  full story

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Slovakia: Thousands protest Kotleba and clerical fascism in Bratislava

7.3.2016 23:40 Slovak Police say more than 1 000 people assembled today in the center of Bratislava before marching through the streets of the capital to protest the ultra-right party of Marian Kotleba, the People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS), which scored gains in parliamentary elections this past weekend. The march was gradually joined by others and organizers estimate it reached between 2 000 and 3 000 people by the time it ended.  full story

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Czech Republic should consider Nazi electoral gains in Slovakia a warning

7.3.2016 22:12 The election results in Slovakia this past weekend have sparked a great deal of response beyond the country's borders and have been commented on by Czech politicians and by Czech and international media. The elections overall were won by the Social Democratic party of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Směr–SD, but compared to the elections four years ago, that party has suffered significant losses in terms of its share of the electorate, and has lost its majority in the unicameral legislature.  full story

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