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June 18, 2021




Gypsy families lose court battle over Olympics eviction

London, 1.3.2007 14:38, ( Gypsy families who are being evicted to make way for the 2012 Olympics today lost a High Court battle for the right to be re-located to an alternative site of their choice. The families of Irish and Romany descent face losing homes in east London they have occupied for almost 40 years to make way for the ?3.3bn Olympic Park.  full story

Plan to meet pitch demand

UK, 26.2.2007 17:54, (Cambs Time) FENLAND has the highest number of gypsy and traveller caravan pitches in the whole of Cambridgeshire, but 180 more will still be needed in the next five years.  full story


UK, 26.2.2007 17:50, (Ustiben Report) Rejection by the UK Government of final appeals from residents at Dale Farm has set the scene for a showdown in this five-year siege of Britain's biggest Travellers' community.  full story

Flamenco dancer is appointed Roma's ambassador to the EU

Barcelona, 9.2.2007 15:01, (Independent ) In the stuffy confines of the European Parliament, he cut an unlikely figure. A strutting peacock of a man, Joaquin Cortes is normally to be found stripped to the waist, dancing Flamenco in front of thousands of mostly female devotees.  full story

Documentary films on SEE social, political and human rights issues

EU, 8.2.2007 11:05, (Roma virtual network) The European Documentary Portal ( would be interested to publish stories about documentary films in production on various South Eastern European social, political and human rights issues.  full story

ERIO at the launching of the 2007-European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Brussels, 2.2.2007 16:53, (ERIO) On January 30th and 31st, 2007, the Opening of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All was held in Berlin, on the occasion of the first ministerial-level Equality Summit. The aim of the Summit was to gather all key stakeholders (European Commission, national governments and non-governmental organisations) in the fight against discrimination, in order to identify concrete approaches to bring about equal opportunities in practice.  full story

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