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September 22, 2021



Smrt Roma v Žatci

Renáta Kováčová

Renáta Kováčová on the death of the Romani man in Žatec: Exonerating autopsy results impossible to believe

22.10.2016 11:37 My head is still spinning from the idea that somebody can walk into a pizzeria alive, never to leave again. I am not afraid to say that I was also quite frightened and puzzled by the initial autopsy results according to which that young man died without any third-party involvement.  full story

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Tomáš Ščuka on the death of a Romani man in Žatec: We do not support antigypsyism and we insist on objectivity!

22.10.2016 10:59 In recent days, most of us been paying increasing attention to the sad incident in Žatec in which a 27-year-old man died after a scuffle in a local restaurant. To be honest, any such incident involving the unfortunate loss of human life makes me emotional and sad, especially when somebody young loses their life.  full story

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Lucie Oračková on the death of a Romani man in Žatec: Czech Police are not protecting us

22.10.2016 9:40 Many people are outraged by the recent death of a young Romani man at a pizzeria in Žatec. Basically this is not about whether the person who died was Romani, Vietnamese or from the North Pole.  full story

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The final hours of life of the young Romani man who died at a Czech pizzeria

22.10.2016 8:14 On Tuesday, 18 October just after 19:00, a conflict happened at a pizzeria in the Czech town of Žatec between customers and a young Romani man who died after a scuffle and intervention by police. News server has now mapped the final hours of life of 27-year-old M.D.  full story

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